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  1. Unless you want fraud charges...? If you gave them your SSN, and they have a collection on you, you can still fight them, but you can't use the "it's not mine" excuse. It'll just be a longer process, chalk it up to lesson learned.
  2. Well I am going to send them the FCRA re-insertion schpiel, show me how and where it says I owe you the interest amount. I would also state that I am willing to settle the interest amount for 10%. If they won't settle, I will agree to pay them $10 a month. If it can't be reported, can't be charged interest and I am making payments then what can they do, annoy me? I'm a stubborn SOB and not giving in to their crap. I didn't have to pay the charge off, but I made good of it because I did incurr the debt. Wish me luck, will keep you posted. thanks, Da chief
  3. I was told by a senior member on here long, long ago, that if you're not embarassed by the amount of your first offer to settle, you are offering way too much. Who's to say they won't settle for $500. Keep in mind, that if you settle for $500 the other $8900 is now taxable income for which you should get a 1099 and the IRS will surely come after.
  4. The money was applied to interest, as I used to check on my reports, I would see the balance go go down each month. charged off in May of 2004. There was no interest balance anywhere, I sent money orders everytime, that I bought with my atm card. They had no access to my banking information, but I made sure each money order was in each bank statement so that I have a paper trail. If needed I could have the bank bring up every payment with the corresponding money order serial number and then match it to my bank statements. I can account for every payment should they decide to try something stupid.
  5. It was charged off in May of 2004. I am going to work on a letter. It's beyond the SOL in Alabama, the bank is in Indiana, the truck was repossesed when I lived in TN I am going to send them a letter stating that all further communication be done in writing. Does Alabama law state a payment restarts the SOL, from where I have looked I saw nothing like that.
  6. Hello All, I've done my searching but can't find anyone or any post with a similar issue. A while back, I had a repo on a truck, the bank actually did everything right. I could not use any of Whychat's advice to gain any leverage on them. They sold the truck at auction and applied the sale's money to the account and left me with a balance of about 10 grand. It went to collections, then I made an arrangement to pay the OC. It was a charge off but I continued to pay and I finally got it paid off last month. At the same time it fell off of my reports. The agreement I had was verbal but was understood by the OC that all my payments would apply to the outstanding principal balance. They stated that interest would continue to accrue on the principal balance. Well now that I am done with the principal, they appear nervous. They called and said they could do a settlement on the reamining interest's balance of 75%, which is by their estimate around $4K. Also, that it would state "settled for less than full amount" on my reports. This is where it gets hairy. Since the prinicpal was paid off, they cannot charge me interest on interest. They have no agreement in writing saying anything that payment on that interest is expected, unless the original sales contact would count? I am wondering if they are able to re-insert or if the re-aging process could be started on the outstanding amount? What would happen if I didn't pay, I mean they've recovered the full amount of the loan, so from here out anything they get is profit. I believe that they have screwed up in our agreement and that there is something there that could give me a nice bargaining chip to settle for a lot less than the full amount. My main issue is that I am going to be applying for a mortgage in a few months and I really want this to be dead and buried. My scores are in the mid 700's except for equifax which I need to clean up and just remove a few errors and accounts that should have fallen off already. I hope my plight can be remedied, thanks for any and all help in advance. da chief.
  7. I am going to reply to the IRS with the "I don't agree" box checked and send them a statement with my side of the story. After speaking with a couple of people, I have been told be prepared to pay the amount. I will get it back if I prove my side. I was also told to try to negotiate for a lower amount. I have been at the same address the CA never sent me any correspondence other than the initial "we want you to pay us $10K for this debt you owe us because we bought it from someone else for pennies on the dollar" letter. I sent them a validation letter and never heard from them again. I am going to look for a tax attorney. I will keep everyone posted on the case thanks for the support CB'ers Da chief
  8. Hello all, its been a while, I got home yesterday and surprise I get a letter from the IRS stating that I owe $2500 on a tax return from a couple years back because of a debt settlement. The CA never sent me anything, especially the 1099 that would go along with a settlement. As I recall this is how it went, I sent a validation letter and never heard from the CA again. The reporting period for the debt ended a few months ago. The IRS says that I can pay the amount without penalty, or I can submit proof to them to the contrary. How do you submit a 1099 that was never issued, much less received? How can I prove that the CA made the mistake? All I have is a copy of the validation letter at best? I know that the CA is just willing to help me out (insert sarcasm here)! Any ideas? Thanks Da chief
  9. FDCPA, FCRA violations abound!! da chief
  10. da47chief


    Their CC uses upper and lower case letters for your name, it will not allow you to write CID in the signature block. Cannot be used to purchase FICO scores Luv ya GEORGE!!
  11. I haven't been here in a while, but did they start with the little people or the big credit lines, GEORGE doesn't count as he got robbed.
  12. Well folks we all knew it was coming, I got an email from AMEX saying that they were reducing my credit line by $2,500. It doesn't really bother me since I am not needing credit for anything anytime soon. I have a good mortgage and that was my last major purchase requiring my scores to be up. I wonder if they pull my scores for the bailout??? Just giving you all a heads up of whats coming!! da chief
  13. Finally!!!! I got the message, $1,200.00 expected to mail out June 20th. I really hate that "expected" notation, but now I have hope! da chief
  14. I still haven't received anything, still get the error message, anyone else still re-arranging chairs on this sinking boat? last two # 54 Lisa? you have any luck yet? da chief
  15. You know its not like we, at CB, are sitting here and aiming hate at each collection agent, his or her family, and their ancestry. I understand that some people may have mishandled their credit so badly that collection agent may be the only job they can get. You, "BOAnt" are a troll. There is no disguising it, you ask questions that incite more rhetoric than is necessary. You are trying to pawn yourself off as naive and inquisitive, I do not know what you are looking for in here. You almost sound like you want sympathy for CA's, but then you aggravate us with replies like the one about waiting out the statute of limitations. WTF? I find it hard to believe that you have perfect credit or pay cash for everything, if either was true then you have come in here to instigate. You have done well, this time. I will never give you any credibility and pass up on your posts as deceptive, ficticious, and fraudulent. I along with many other CBer's have made credit mistakes, had I known CA tactics sooner, I wouldn't have paid twice for those mistakes. I am current on all my debts. I do have a couple of baddies to fix, but without CB I wouldn't have been able to buy a house, a truck, or get the best interest rates on my loans. So this place is not about cheating, lying, or swindling. Its about learning! So you can kiss my dog's effing flowers!! da chief

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