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  1. I got 5k from GEMB with 0% for 12 months but it is only for City Furniture located in Florida.
  2. I requested one just last week and was denied. My statement cut on Friday and they had increased the limit by 900.00. The account is at the 6 month mark.
  3. Applying wasn't my problem. As long as I was denied I never heard a thing. Them I found CB As I started cleaning up my reports and started getting approved, they came out of the woodwork.
  4. I am not sure but I know you can open a bank account with Bank of America without a SS# or green card. You might want to try them and check. Good Luck
  5. Pre-approved for offers of Blue, green, gold, and hilton, applied for blue and denied
  6. Wow, what is so bad about it?
  7. HSBC closed my 3k visa since I didn't use it.... Well that is just fine by me now. I was just approved for a $5300 CL Discover Motiva Card
  8. I am pulling all of my other cards out now. I think I need some sugar or something....
  9. Yeah, it may seem like a long time but I really try not to use credit unless it is a larger purchase. The balance was 0.00. No late payments or over the limit. Just inactivity.
  10. About 6 months, maybe a little less.
  11. I am so angry! They didn't even send any notification of the closure. Score Watch emailed me of the change in the account. When I called they told me it was closed because of inactivity and it is their policy not to reinstate. I could reply after 18 months! I asked them where in the term and conditions did it say the account would be closed if not used in a certain amount of time. The Rep. told me "look for the section that says we can closed the account for any reason at any time". I was floored!
  12. I live in Florida and just switched back to Geico from Liberty Mutual. I saved $300 every 6 months. I got 50 off for being a member of Penfed. They also give the same discount for NFCU. I am in both but they said I can only use one of them.
  13. Well I heard about the transfer rate. I am a card holder with only a 2k limit. So I called last night to ask for a credit line increase so I could do a bt. Wouldn't you know..... I am also Egyptian!
  14. I actually am the administrator of our Corp. Amex accounts. If the company is setup as mine is, you will not have any problems. I do have to submit an application for ever card. However, the bill is paid directly by the company and so the account is considered guaranteed. I have ordered cards for employees that have only had their SS# issue a week before and some that have had 10 collection accounts.
  15. From their site: American Agencies "American Agencies, Inc. specializes in professional commercial, medical, and retail contingent collections."

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