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  1. I wonder the same thing. I also wonder why they ratejack people, it's like they are asking to get stiffed by forcing people to file BK or otherwise just give up. Do they wan't people to file BK & get little to nothing paid back? Seems like I'd charge a halfway decent interest rate so I would be more apst to be paid back than to have the people just give up and let it charge off or file BK.
  2. Wow, good for him, I hope he wins.
  3. 7 yrs. is usually the case for judgements, other public records such as some BK's are the ones that can stay for 10 years (or more). The Fair Credit Reporting Act [15 USC Section 1681c] (a)Information excluded from consumer reports... (2)...civil judgments...that from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limitations has expired, whichever is the longer period. The last part, meaning it could stay on longer than 7 years I believe has to do with renewing judgements, which varies by state.
  4. One other thing, neither the court who granted the judgement nor the company who won the judgement is the one who put this on your CR in the first place. The CRA's hire companies/individuals to physically go to the courthouses (or online if available) and gather the info about judgements to put on people's CR. So maybe that will help ease worries about the judgement dissapearing. Also, what month in 2004 was the judgement? Maybe it fell off due to the 7 yr mark. It is 2010, 2004 was 6 yrs ago, but that could possibly be it, I've had baddies fall off my CR's before, due to age & not disputing, that weren't quite at the 7 year mark before. Depending on state laws though, the creditor who was awarded the judgement may be able to have it renewed. It all depends on your states SOL's regarding judgements. If they have it renewed then it may pop back up on your CR's one day.
  5. Well even if they were going to renew the judgement, it doesn't seem like they would have the one that was on your reports deleted. But who knows. Stranger things have happened. Regarding the address, for example on mine I used to have several variations of the same address on my CR. If there was one small variation, and that address variation was the one associated with the judgement it could still cause a deletion *possibly*. Like maybe one said 123 Elm St and another variation of the same addy was 123 Elm Street, that could do it, again *possibly*.
  6. Thanks, I have been trying to find out info about this about Chase all day. I think I will wait til next month or maybe March to try it w/them. They ratejacked all but 1 of my cards. I'd like to take the one with the highest limit & highest APR & move most of the limit to the one they haven't ratejacked. (& they didn't ratejack my Biz card either, but that's totally separate anyway.)
  7. Sorry to hear it SG. Juniper has the wierdest reasons. I remember once being declined by them a long time ago due to 'rent or mortgage payment too low'. Since then I had Carnival & US Air w/them and I closed them both. I have had a lot of CLD's too, on other cards, for no real reason. & 1 closed by BofA for absolutly NO reason whatsoever. It sucks.
  8. Equifax ScoreWatch does sometimes. Well in a round about way. It will notify you when your score goes up or down. When you get the notification from them stating your score went up, it may or may not say it was due to the deletion though. Other than that, I don't really know of any. But I have been out of the credit repair scene for a while now. EQ SW is a real FICO score. This is only with EQ though, not with EX or TU.
  9. Creditors are Ratejacking, CLD'ing, & Closing accounts right now for NO reason whatsoever, just because they can, still. Even if people have never been late on any account, are not maxed out and everything is just peachy on their CR. So if they are doing it to people for absolutely NO reason whatsoever, then I'd say the chance is pretty good that they will do some type of AA if they see a CA or other baddie pop up on the CR. But I have been wrong before.
  10. Sears was one (I think the only) store card that I could not ever get approved for. I was rejected by them when my scores were all mid to high 700's, back when I was getting 15K+ CL approvals with prime CC issuers. I have no clue, but I was rejected by them more than once. But as usual, YMMV. WalMart would probably be a better shot with those scores. I'd probably wait til I was at least at or near 600 though. Just my $.02
  11. One possible explanation is perhaps that particular Costco has had a lot of fraudulent Credit Card transactions.
  12. One thing that *could* have made it fall off is if you had the address associated with the judgement deleted. Not saying that will always happen, but it has for me in the past.
  13. "IF" they will do a 5 into 1 or 6 into 1...GO FOR IT or Maybe do a 2 into 1 TODAY and another one on FRIDAY That will eliminate 2 of 5 or 6 I think it could possibly back-fire doing so much at one time GOOD LUCK Thanks for the reply George (& nice to see you again ). I'm mainly concerned about the one with the highest CL, which happens to be the one with the highest APR. I am just hoping this doesn't cause them to raise the APR on the Disney (the one that is still at 10%).
  14. Thanks for the TTT Linx. Just another bump to the top to see if anyone in the evening crowd might have any recent experience with reallocating limits with Chase.
  15. IME, Amex has not been an a$$hole to me the way BofA, Citi, & Chase have. BofA being the WORST & they used to be my fav. So YMMV as usual. Amex is my Fav. I never ever ever call Amex, I think this may be the secret to avoiding problems with them, but I could be wrong.
  16. Only CLI's on GEMB Cards. WM, Dillards, Old Navy etc. For some reason I cannot get one on Sam's discover though. & yes I use it fairly often & generally PIF if not the same billing cycle, the next. Then again, I haven't tried for CLI's with BofA, Chase, Citi, USAA, Amex, etc. I have a strong feeling it would bring about adverse unintended consequenses with the first 3. & with Amex & USAA I'll wait a while.
  17. Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking. I guess I'll wait til mid Feb & give it a try, don't have much to lose trying anyway.
  18. I have 5 or 6 Chase cards. They ratejacked the one with the highest balance. Well they ratejacked them all but 1. One is still at 10%, which seems like 0% when compared to 30-ish percent. If I hurry and pay off the one with the high bal & high interest, will they let me move the limit (most of the limit that is) over to the card with the lower APR? If so, should I wait til after Feb 10 to do it? Any input greatly appreciated. TIA eta: I guess this really isn't a conversion questions as much as it is a reallocating question.
  19. Strangely enough, I never had a problem w/CS before in the like 3 or 4 years I've had it (don't think, maybe once). I read this thread, then went to check CS & got this message: "Our system isn’t responding properly. For immediate assistance for enrolling in Credit Secure, please call Customer Service at 1-866-617-1893. " Go figure.
  20. I agree, but if you call the Target on Old Wake Forest Rd in Raleigh, NC and ask them if they really card everyone regardless of age, they will say yes. This just started the past few months.
  21. BUT...STORE POLICY DOES NOT GET TO OVER-RIDE CREDIT CARD POLICY No ID on signed credit cards They did not believe me that was in their merchant agreement with MC, actually thought I was crazy to even suggest that. In addition they did not care even if it was, checking ID was their policy which they think overrides it. Oh there's a lot more to this story. I'll post it, it was a nightmare. It was the worst shopping experience of my entire life. I truly hope the girl got fired. Normally I'm not like that, but this girl needed to be fired on the spot, this went way over and above checking for ID, although that was the crux of it.
  22. So I've been researching CC Companies & which are the best in helping you should you ever have a problem. I don't read good things about Chase. I know BofA is awesome at everything (IME), but I got a BT on there. Sorry for being so anal about this but this was a fairly major purchase and I do not want to be SOL. I think I will run back to CC tomorrow and ask them if I can return & repurchase immediately on my Amex. It's worth a try.
  23. Kohl's. The one on Falls Of The Nuese Rd in Raleigh, NC. Call them, ask the customer service lady if it's their store policy to ask for ID when accepting MC/Visa/AMEX, they will say yes, then ask to speak with mgr., he will say yes too.
  24. The Liquidation Co at the CC by me isn't asking for ID's. Made 2 purchases there. One was a pretty penny, even the smaller one was about $150. No ID asked for either time. Less than 1 month ago I was in there and bought a single ink cartrige for about $20 and had to show my ID. I actually didn't have it on me. Luckily the girl took my Sam's Club pic as ID, but the whole ID thing is wearing on my last nerve. Best Buys don't ask for it, but they do want to see your receipt when leaving. Now Target will not sell you any alchohol without an ID. I don't care if you are 110 years old, literally, they won't let you have it. And I have a mother of all ID Requesting nightmare stories at Kohl's I'll post about someday.
  25. When I said 'just take it back', I meant the CC Co taking the $$$$ back from the merchant. That said, IIRC, once when I was reading Amex's policies regarding these types of things, in some cases they actually might ask you to send them the item, lol.

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