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  1. Went in to pay my Fidelity Amex account and noticed a pending transaction from Galaxy Brasil LTDA for $128.64. This is their version of Direct TV. Called the Fraud Department and they have closed this card and are issuing me another one. I checked over on FW and others are having this issue too. Check your accounts - don't let fraud charges be the Grinch of your Christmas
  2. If you are buying NFCU gift cards - you will not get rewards. They shut that down. If you are buying VGC's from stores, NFCU is M$ friendly. I've used them in the past, but have more lucrative cards now.
  3. YMMV -- works for fixed $100 VGC & MCGC, not the variable ones. Good thing about this promo is you can use it in September & October for fuel points
  4. Thanks for answering. Makes sense -- geesh I was trying to do some *couch MS*. Luckily I have some grocery stores that will sell me $500 VGC with a CC so I'll hit them up this weekend.
  5. Anyone else having issues with gift card mall? I've had two orders cancelled in the last two days - different cc's. I've been buying from there occasionally over the past year and have an account there. Was trying to put some spend on my Fid Amex before the closing date to get more CB. I had to clear fraud alert yesterday on Fid Amex and again today. Tried Citi DC and same thing -- cancelled. Guess I'll have to actually go to a store *gasp* and buy one.
  6. Someone on FT posted this as well, and suggested it was new language added recently. From other posts, it appears that the Target POS does not automatically detect gift cards, and enforcement is up to the cashier. As of now only Target GC's are hard coded not to work. Right. I just used two Vanilla VGC's at Target yesterday and they worked flawlessly. MCGC's also work well at Target.
  7. LOL. We rented a car a few weeks ago for a trip and they gave us a Chevy Cruz. This was the most uncomfortable driving car I have ever been in; lots of engine noise too . . . yuck!
  8. I had a 2007 Mazda 3 (bought new) had 101k miles on it - automatic transmission went out, sway bar links disintegrated, 4 sets of new shocks/struts . . . I wouldn't buy a Mazda again. I traded it in and got a 2015 Toyota Corolla and absolutely love it!!!!! Tons of standard features, but best of all it has gray interior. Mazda's all come with black interior or a horrid tan interior. Love my Corolla!!!
  9. I've had no problems with Navy - running about $10k per month on CashRewards (via Target & Buxx & Go) . . . Barclay and FIA Amex also are fine with about $10k per month.
  10. Got my Fidelity Visa yesterday in the mail. It was expiring 5/15; so they sent the new one with the chip. The documentation sent with it states it is a chip and signature card, not chip and pin.
  11. I started doing MS to pay off the last of my student loans; then kept on going. I only average about $200 extra cashback a month, but it's going into my Roth IRA so I'm happy I don't have any 5% cashback cards. Currently using: Citi DoubleCash/Fidelity Amex/Navy Federal Cash Rewards.
  12. I had been loading 2500 at a time for months before I made this thread Even amounts mean nothing I agree - even amounts mean nothing. It's really goes by what your spending pattern is. I don't think Amex cares if it is a $800 load or a $801.73 load; if it's not your spending pattern, that will cause a FA. Just my 2¢
  13. I've been using my Fidelity Amex for a couple of month's now on Serve. Works great - you do get 2% CB as it is considered a purchase. I also have SoftServe so I load $1500 per month for $30 per month cash back

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