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  1. Thank you for your responds - I've forward on to my friend.
  2. A friend of mine sent me the following regarding her Mortage - any advice would be welcome: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On 2/15 I called my Mortgage co to check the principal balance on my house. The last statement I had from January 17, 2008 said it was 817.52, woo hoo right? Less than a thousand dollars in principal due. Anyway, I am forwarded to a Law Office, a FORECLOSURE Attorney. I explained that I am NOT in default, and certainly not any where near foreclosure. I have made all my payments and only owe $800 on the mortgage! This is a good one, the mtg co. says my principal balance is 406.07, even less than my figures. They have actually turned over a loan to foreclose that only owes 406.07 TOTAL principal. Even with the rest of escrow and taxes for '08, I owe a grand total of $2102, and every cent I owe on the property is paid. Imagine my surprise...I call to pay off the principal and I find out I am in foreclosure...no default notices, no demand letters, NOTHING! Granted, I know it will not go to foreclosure. I have a payment history from the last year. If I had to I could pay the entire $2100. Apparently they said it went into default in April, and I did not make pmts from April to August. I have the western union receipts showing I did make payments. And of course they say they got them, one each and every month, but ABN Amro was bought out by Citimortgage in September. So, apparently even thought they showed I was 4 pmts behind, they took ONE Payment each month from me for 8 months...(ya right, they are going to let you fall that far behind and only make 1 payment a month) So now I have to wait for the atty to get the pmt record from Citi and sort out the slip up. In the mean time...I am so upset by this whole thing I have had constant heart palpitations and a unceasing migraine. I have spoken to the V.A. because it is a VA loan. They rec'd a notice of default in August. I asked for a copy of that since they are the only ones who got any notice at all. It states that I fell into default in April. I have all the records to show the payments were made, I just can't do anything until I hear from their atty. The VA said this is not even a foreclose-able amount, it is a 'write-off' amount because it will cost more to foreclose than what I actually owe. I told her "I don;t want to write it off, I want to pay it off" But Citimtg is so STUPID, they won't discuss it with me. I told them if I don't hear from them this week I am going to the TX Attorney General.
  3. NEVER EVER EVER sign your name - ALWAYS print... and send CRRR
  4. How does your CRA look? What are your scores like? Hooter - HSBC/Discover are good ones to try for
  5. Here is my question: They say the letter was sent by another company (ok - I'll buy that) BUT if that is the case and we (the consumer) have disputed with the other company with limited CD isn't Gordon King in violation? Would that me 1 violation or 1 everytime he called and left a message???
  6. You must have gotten very lucky - I've disputed the same way and they came back "connected to something" or what ever wording they use. Was your old address attached to any TL?
  7. so to figure out your overall take all balance by all credit line? Download the spreadsheet in my signature. just download - to many people around me right now - i'll fill it out later... THANK YOU
  8. so to figure out your overall take all balance by all credit line?
  9. How do you find out your Utilization %?
  10. I keep a spreadsheet of my scores and i put the date & time when I pulled the report.
  11. Same thing happened with me but it was with ScoreWatch. I had subscribed to SW for about 4-5 months and hadn't gotten any B* on EQ since. 2 DAYS after canceling SW I got B* on EQ. I don't believe in coincidence though. Might be those 2 inq were schedule to fall off?!?!?!
  12. When I first got into my credit problem I kept telling my boys (now in their 20's) NEVER GET CC!!! and now look at me my credit is getting cleaned up and I have 3 new CC and 1 store CC.... I've charged $300 on 2 of the card (but plan on PIF) and then only using each on once a month and doing the PIF.... Mom is BAD
  13. Search the net for CC for bad to fair credit - you should be able to find one or two that have no AF and fair ARP....
  14. Has anyone used Credit Keeper? It looks almost like TU
  15. First USA & First National

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