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  1. Ran into a huge snag in my finances a few months ago. I paid my mortgage 30 days late. I also had 4 cc accounts pay 30 days late and 1 cc charge off and go into collections. Before this happened my credit scores were in the low 700's. Now I'm in the high 5's, 580-598. Since all this happened, I have regained my footing in my finances. But, I will not lie. It is still a struggle. Here's my plan. I have over 60% equity in my home. I would like to refinance with cash out (directly to creditors if needed), in order to pay off all debt possible. I should be able to do this while still staying u
  2. CPPSAVINGS for worked me today - 6/9/2009
  3. OSI was purchased by NCO late last year.
  4. Tho, I have already removed them from my reports. I do believe they deserve your salute. And, another on your way back too. Oh! MI AG worked for me!
  5. You can if you want. The FTC will send you a letter basically saying thank you and they compile consumer complaints for possible future use. The BBB may try to help, but Asset may not care. The Mi AG has the claws to rip them to shreds and is the one complaint Asset took seriously.
  6. i use TU's TrueCredit for daily monitoring of all 3 reports. I know there are others out there, but TU's is reasonably priced and i like the format and daily pulls (if needed). I'm sure others have their favorites, you just need to find one you like. GL
  7. Of course you're allowed to give legal advice. You have a free speech right to do so. Pay your taxes and don't jawalk. There. I just gave you legal advice and I'm not a lawyer either. Now that I have that out of the way .... I have been following this with some interest and spent about an hour researching Sullivan, etc. Sullivan just makes it clear that under FDCPA the reporting of the debt to a collection agent is a covered communication, right? But under 1692(e)(8) doesn't that have to be a "false" communication? How is the communication of a debt, even if beyond SOL for a partic
  8. I agree and no restrictions on gas station used (shop for price). Some will even CLI or completely unsecure after some good history.
  9. If they're all reporting positively and all closed except the current one. Why dispute them? vod, I LOVE your smiley. Awesome! Thank You.
  10. If they're all reporting positively and all closed except the current one. Why dispute them?
  11. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me. It could only have any teeth if your willing to go to Texas and file a suit. Thats if there are no residency issues.
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