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  1. If you are still paying on the car, and you decide, you may be able to cancel the GAP, get a pro-rated refund to the balance of your loan.
  2. KBB does not buy and sell cars, they aggregate data, and use the data to come up with their "value." When I went to sell a vehicle outright, they had an option of getting cash offers from dealers. Those offers ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 below what KBB said I should be able to obtain from a dealer as "Trade-In."
  3. One potential reason for the large increases in filings is that many states implemented a moratorium on filing of collections lawsuits in the spring/early summer when the pandemic began. Those are now ending, so I would presume, they continued to prepare cases to file once they were able to again.
  4. You may get more views if you post in the Main Credit Forum.
  5. Glacier


    When I refinanced, the lender that I used, required me to fund my escrow (No option to roll into the loan, and I would not have done that anyway), with a balance approximate to what the balance of the escrow was with my original lender. Once the original lender received full payment of the mortgage, the original lender sent me a check for the escrow balance I had with them. The balance of the escrow was not transferable between lenders.
  6. If you keep for a rental, most lenders usually require 2 years of rental income for that to be counted as income for your DTI, so look to see if current income could support the 2 mortgages.
  7. Mine was a 1973 Chevy 3/4 Ton pick up.
  8. I have been using ESET for years privately with no issues.
  9. We had one last Friday and sadly a repeat again today. It is obvious some start very early in the day. Considering our policy of not going back to work, or currently working after/while having an adult beverage, I'm sure if they spy on the webex, there may be some discipline.
  10. When I went to finance a new Civic in 2013, with 20% down, I was 3 years post discharge, with a 668 score, and Honda said no, due to the BK. Not no to the special rate, but just no.
  11. We switched to Teams last year. No one is happy with it.
  12. I have one of those, and just love it!!
  13. Not sure about the stores, but for home office layoffs there are no more severance packages.
  14. Not sure about credit wise, but since neither house has been rented for over 2 years, you may not be able to use rental income as income when calculating DTI, so adding a new mortgage may be difficult that way.
  15. Since you are wanting to pay your mortgage off early, you should add the amount of the interest to your principle payment each month. Ask WF how.

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