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  1. Just based upon those numbers, and just looking at Interest Rates, I would pay off rental #1, then the balance on new mortgage.
  2. If the 6/24 is how many accounts you've opened in the last 24 months, then not sure you can get another Chase Card. They usually don't approve if you are over 5 new accounts in 24 months (5/24).
  3. With no money to pay, your best hope is that there is something wrong with the way the accounts are reporting, and you write a detailed letter to the CRAs with what is wrong, and hope they get deleted. This may or may not work, and may or may not occur in 30 days. You would have to find errors with both the collection agency reporting and the original creditor reporting. However, a quick google search shows the SOL for Virginia is 5 years, and so writing dispute letters may have unintended consequences.
  4. 756 (-19) Not sure why the decrease, reasons for my score remained the same. Oh well, not looking for credit now, so all good.
  5. I tried my hand at being a SHIPT Shopper for a little while part time. I will say, when the requested items are not there, I always did my best to let the customer know and offer the substitutions. However, since time is tracked, the shoppers could get penalized if they waited for responses too long. If a customer never contacted me back, my best judgement would be would I want item B substituted for Item A. In your case I would not have chosen those subsitutes for the hot dogs or Italian Sausage. You may have gone hungry, because I may have just said Not Available. Very glad the substitutions worked in your favor (free, food you would eat!!)
  6. The $5 payment would not have brought the account current, so it till should fall in Mid 2023. However, there may be some states where a payment of any kind can restart the Statute of Limitations for potentially using legal means to collect the debt. That would be the concern about the $5 payment.
  7. The Charge Off from the Original Creditor remains on your reports. Portfolio can only remove what they put on.
  8. And I feel blessed I locked in my 15 year refi at 2.375% in Jan 2021.
  9. Hedge posted that so you could try some of the pre-selector sites to see if you may be able to be approved, should you complete an application.
  10. There will be letters to be found in various areas of this board. However, the best letters to use are the ones you write yourself, and are written to the specific items you are disputing on your credit report. The generic cut and paste letters do not work.
  11. Opting out is mainly opting out, only masks you from creditors looking for customer and selecting them for pre-screened (potentially pre-approved) offers that you would get in mail/email. Opting out does not prevent creditors from checking your credit when you directly apply for one of their credit products.
  12. Sounds like you've tried this, but a well written letter to the executive office, explaining how the mistake occurred and what steps you have taken so it does not reoccur (for example, setting up auto pay), may be worth a try. Not sure how Ally responds to Good Will letters.
  13. No risk, no reward. Inquiries don't matter. If one of those two cards would be a good addition to your portfolio, and your spending patterns will earn you good rewards to off set the annual fees, then you should apply.
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