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  1. @StarkRaven$ - Just a heads up on Navy, since you would would use your relatives service as a way into Navy, you will need to call them to join/apply. I did that a couple weeks ago. They do say their membership team may reach out for your relatives documentation, but will tell you how to get if they do. My opening CL with Navy is $25k.
  2. If there is something incorrect with the way they are reporting, you can dispute the inaccuracy with a thoughtfully worded letter based upon your circumstance. If the inaccuracy cannot be fixed then perhaps the account will be deleted from your credit file. OR You could reach out to the creditors and see if they will accept payment for deletion from your credit file. Neither option is guaranteed to work.
  3. Just checked for fun, $25,000 for 5.98% max term 36 months.
  4. As long as all the reporting on the card is positive, it should stay on your report for 10 years. I'm not a fan of paying for things that do not benefit me, and for me, I would not have a benefit of the card, so I would close it.
  5. I received the letter as well, despite having already closed the account prior to the first potential date of change over.
  6. I'm a fan of saving Money, so if Barclay's won't be fully paid prior to the expiration of the 0%, and the balance needing to be transferred, I would put it toward Barclay's and lower the upcoming transfer fee.
  7. If you don't give them any direction, in my opinion, they will do what they can to have you finance with them, which could result in multiple pulls. I chose to give direction, and am prepared to walk if they don't agree. Overall, I'm not too concerned with multiple pulls, as for scoring purposes, multiple pulls I think with in 7 or 14 days for auto finance are counted as one, I just don't like my information being shopped around.
  8. For me, if the Manufacturer has a subsidized rate, that is lower than market average, I tend to tell the dealer, I will only accept manufacturer financing, and they have complied. For the car I currently have on order, there will be no special rate from the manufacturer, so once I need to, I will look at rates of the various banks and cu's I have a relationship with, and chose one, and obtain pre-approval. I will then head to the dealer, tell them the rate, and they can try to beat the rate with the manufacturer. Last time I did that, they chose to just let me proceed with my own financing.
  9. 745, -10, who knows why, and don't really care.
  10. I decided to just close my HSBC card before the transition.
  11. I've called them, they claim added sometime prior to 2021. I asked to be transferred to fraud/internal investigations, as I did not authorize this, and something may be wrong in their system. Gave a report, have not heard back.
  12. Replacement Citi Double Cash card, along with one for the person who is Authorized user on my Exxon/Mobile Gas Card issued by Citi, but NOT on the DC. Citi has no clue what they did.
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