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  1. For the Capital One account which fell off your report, do you know when it became delinquent and was never brought up to date?
  2. The time frame where a creditor may seek legal remedies for a debt (varies by location) is different than the time frame for reporting, which is 7 years 6 months from the date the account first went delinquent, and never became current again.
  3. Is this related to a medical debt or some other kind of debt? You also mention there is a judgement lien against you. That implies a creditor already went to court, sued you, and won a judgement. A quick google search looks like judgements in WI can last up to 20 years, and can be extended beyond that.
  4. If they meant settle less than full amount owed, and the amount forgive was $600 or greater, then a 1099-C could be issued.
  5. Sears closed its last Sears Department Store in Illinois at Woodfield Mall yesterday.
  6. When I built a house, the first year tax bill was $600, year 2 was $2,800 (house for partial year), then in year 3, a full year with a house, it went to $7,500. So yes, plan for large increases in RE Taxes the first year or two.
  7. Most judgements are allowed to charge a state "limited" interest rate until the account is paid for. Also, a judgment usually is the result of being sued for the debt, and the company who sued you for the debt, can be allowed to recover attorney costs. This could account for some (or all) of the difference between the $1,600 original bill, and what you will end up paying.
  8. Not sure how you feel about PenFed, but they always have the 0% for 12 months for the dreaded 3% fee.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I am a bit spoiled, in my "pushed" payments process the next business day, even with Discover.
  10. You can always "push" a payment to Discover from your bank's bill pay system. Discover will accept and apply the payment even if the card shows $0 due.
  11. Did you receive the money from the loan? Did you pay the money back? How is the loan reporting on the paper copies of your credit report?
  12. Have you offered something less than what they say you owe? If Midland owns the debt, they paid pennies on the dollar, so they may be willing to take 50%, 40%? What could you offer in a lump sum?
  13. I saw them in the mid to late 90s at the Riviera in Chicago. He certainly did Spin Around during his performance.
  14. So, you don't receive: Pay stubs W-2's 1099's Then some mortgage company's may take a copy of your most recent tax returns, as well as a request a 4506-T (tax transcripts from the IRS). If you don't file taxes, then perhaps you might be able to prove using bank statements. As for address, use the address where you receive mail.
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