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  1. Not sure about the stores, but for home office layoffs there are no more severance packages.
  2. Not sure about credit wise, but since neither house has been rented for over 2 years, you may not be able to use rental income as income when calculating DTI, so adding a new mortgage may be difficult that way.
  3. Since you are wanting to pay your mortgage off early, you should add the amount of the interest to your principle payment each month. Ask WF how.
  4. How to handle depends on Type of Creditor; When was Date of First Delinquency and never Caught Up, what is SOL for your state?
  5. I have used Cars.com; AutoTrader and even used KBB and Edmunds to receive offer from Dealer. Right now I am considering selling a car via Carvana, as it appears to offer the most $$$. Of course until the money is in hand, I won't know for sure.
  6. Happened to me one as well. Mentioned it when I went to pick them up, and found out the eye place I go to will match certain online retailers. In my case Walmart is the only one who sells my lenses (they are a specialty), so spending a few minutes to print out the prices usually saves me $300 a year. My prescription never has a rebate, as it are only made by one company.
  7. I used to be in the insurance industry. The only time I saw a mortgage protection (or auto protection) insurance come close to being better than a term life policy (for the life of loan) was for individuals in high risk professions (think first responders) where traditional life insurance may also be very costly. I would usually suggest a Term Policy for about the mortgage balance for the life of the loan, it usually was more cost effective. What was even better, if one could find the term policy with decreasing payout over the term.
  8. Does the card use average daily balance for 30 days or 60 days? A while ago, some cards did 60 day average daily balances.
  9. I've only used Target Optical in Store. I found them cost effective when did not have the useless VSP. (neither my contacts or lenses for glasses are covered due to my specific eye wear needs).
  10. 715 (-3) New account posted.
  11. Interesting. They must not have made the transition yet. Until I was laid off earlier this year, I was an employee. They are going through a re-branding, and stated it would no longer stand for anything.
  12. Currently, it stands for nothing. Their name is officially HSBC. It no longer stands for Hong-Kong Shanghai Banc Corp.
  13. You mentioned you are in Illinois. You can reach out to the Illinois Department of Insurance for assistance.
  14. My son/daughter has really bad cold, trying to get them to use Kleenex to wipe their nose, but they keep using their hands. BTW, said son/daughter helped making the cake. Sadly, true story. yeah, I don't do pot lucks.

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