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  1. Did you receive the money from the loan? Did you pay the money back? How is the loan reporting on the paper copies of your credit report?
  2. Have you offered something less than what they say you owe? If Midland owns the debt, they paid pennies on the dollar, so they may be willing to take 50%, 40%? What could you offer in a lump sum?
  3. I saw them in the mid to late 90s at the Riviera in Chicago. He certainly did Spin Around during his performance.
  4. So, you don't receive: Pay stubs W-2's 1099's Then some mortgage company's may take a copy of your most recent tax returns, as well as a request a 4506-T (tax transcripts from the IRS). If you don't file taxes, then perhaps you might be able to prove using bank statements. As for address, use the address where you receive mail.
  5. You can ask if they are willing to settle without issuing a 1099, but they are supposed to issue if the amount if over $600, and both accounts would be well north of that, so I don't think the odds are good they would agree.
  6. You can also talk to a mortgage broker and/or realtor to see if there are any down payment assistance programs in your area.
  7. If you don't receive regular pay stubs or w-2's, then generally tax returns.
  8. Many issuers, when a charge dispute is filed, issue a "temporary credit" to the account while the investigation takes place. At the end of the investigation, may times around the 30 day mark, the credit becomes permanent, if found in the cardmembers favor, or credit is reversed if found in the merchants favor. So, the question is, when you disputed with the credit card issuer, did they mention they were issuing a temporary credit or a permanent credit?
  9. American Express does keep an internal blacklist. So, if you caused a financial loss to American Express on any of the three accounts that were paid through the DMP, you may be on that list. If you are on their internal BL, if you apply, they generally do not pull a credit bureau report, and deny you based upon prior experience. If you did cause a financial loss to American Express, you may be able to enter their "Oasis" program, whereby you will repay them for the financial loss, while obtaining new credit with them.
  10. I have not been to BLVD, but clients have said they enjoyed it.
  11. 762 - Same as last month
  12. Hugo's Frog Bar serves the same steaks, if you are interested. Also, if you are up to going outside of the city, there is a GIbson's in Rosemont.
  13. did you personally guaranty the tradeline from Citi you are considering defaulting on?
  14. If I remember correctly, NFCU will blacklist someone who causes them a financial loss.
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