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  1. 715 (-3) New account posted.
  2. Interesting. They must not have made the transition yet. Until I was laid off earlier this year, I was an employee. They are going through a re-branding, and stated it would no longer stand for anything.
  3. Currently, it stands for nothing. Their name is officially HSBC. It no longer stands for Hong-Kong Shanghai Banc Corp.
  4. You mentioned you are in Illinois. You can reach out to the Illinois Department of Insurance for assistance.
  5. My son/daughter has really bad cold, trying to get them to use Kleenex to wipe their nose, but they keep using their hands. BTW, said son/daughter helped making the cake. Sadly, true story. yeah, I don't do pot lucks.
  6. Please note, once you finance into an FHA Loan, the only way to remove the PMI is to refinance again into a conventional. Not stating what you should or should not do, just making sure you know you can no longer get rid of PMI with an FHA loan.
  7. You can pay at any time. Sometimes I make a purchase, get home, log into my banks bill pay, and the payment hits the account before the charge. No problems on my end.
  8. Sounds like you may be a victim of Identity theft. Consider filing a Police Report, and the notifying the credit bureaus of the ID Theft.
  9. If you owe the money to Verizon, and they still own the debt (Not sold to Convergent, the only guaranteed way to keep Convergent from reporting is to pay Verizon Directly. If you pay Verizon directly, you may be able to negotiate with them if you pay it, they remove it from your cr.
  10. If you chose to go the refinancing route, find out if there will be any fees associated with changing lien holder on the title. In my state it is $65, so your $200, becomes $135.
  11. Who is listing the collection on the report? A collection agency or the doctor? If a collection agency, pay the doctor directly,, they will usually then pull back from the CA and it should disappear from your report.
  12. Perhaps a mod can move to credit forum for more views.
  13. A paid collection looks as bad, or possible worse, than an unpaid collection. It can look worse if the entry has not been updated in a while, thus not looking new. When the payment is made, it is updated, and looks newer, an thus, can lower your score. If you so desire, you can see if the entity reporting will delete the trade line once you have paid it. Make sure to get it in writing they will delete if paid.

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