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  1. Glacier

    Does this exist?

    I have a card from Discount Tire, I think it is called Car Credit, that can be used at Gas Stations, and Discount Tire. There may be some rewards on gas, I am not certain.
  2. Glacier

    Fee to lower interest to meet government standards?

    Have you attempted to use another broker? Each broker may have different fees and costs. Also, rates are based upon the perceived creditworthiness of the borrower, so rates cannot be arbitrarily lowered. Also, are you applying for a special mortgage program? What "government standards" do you need to meet?
  3. Glacier

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Citi Double Cash - Approved $4k. FICO 702, BK7 in 2010., but I did not BK on Citi.
  4. Glacier

    Hunter Warfield collection advice please

    The amount has likely increased due to late charges and interest. Does Hunter Warfield own the debt, or are they just the collection agency? Is all the information reporting correct?
  5. Glacier

    My broken Car was impounded in Texas

    Maybe ask an Admin to move this to the main credit forum for more views. However, your plan of attack would depend on who owns the debt at that time, and who the letter was from.
  6. Glacier

    sticky mortgage situation

    I believe he would have to refinance into is name only. Does the divorce decree mention he needed to do that?
  7. Glacier

    New game for GF

  8. Glacier

    Money going down the sewer

    A typical HELOC does not require you to use the entire amount. It is a line of credit, where you can apply for the $10K and use the $5K to fix your issue. Then you only pay interest on the $5k balance. Similar to credit cards.
  9. $4,500 increase, instant. From $20,500 ===>>> $25,000. My largest CL at the moment.
  10. Glacier

    New game for GF

  11. Glacier

    New game for GF

  12. Glacier

    New game for GF

  13. Glacier

    New game for GF

  14. When Beanie Babies were popular, I made a profit of $25,000 on them. Fortunately, I saw the decline coming, and got out while ahead.

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