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  1. I am not sure how the process exactly works, but I am aware that Illinois does has a 10 day Drive Away Tag you can obtain. I've only known of people obtaining this via a dealership, but I am sure it can be done via the Illinois Secretary of State.
  2. Perhaps in addition to doing collections for the hospital ,they also handle the hospital billing system.
  3. You should start by ordering paper copies of your reports from the four credit reporting agencies, as what is on Paper is what counts. What you see online, especially on third party sites may not be 100% accurate. Also asking Mod to move to main Credit Forum for more views.
  4. You would apply for a mortgage for investment property. I would suggest reaching out to a mortgage broker.
  5. You could try writing a letter to the creditor asking for a "Good Will" removal of the 1 late payment, explaining why it occurred and that the loan is now paid off. I would not use any form letter for Good Will you find,. If you wish to send a letter, a carefully crafted letter specific to your situation, explaining the situation, and you did not follow up to make sure loan was paid off, sent to the CEO of the company (via snail mail or email), may provide the results you wish. Also it may not. The affect of one late payment on your file reduces over time.
  6. 87 Month Term? 7 and 1/4 years? Re: Auto Loan Approvals APPROVING BANK: Idaho Central Credit Union BUREAU PULLED: EQ Auto Score 8 CREDIT SCORE: 686 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: HP CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: WA NEW/USED: Used (Certified) YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2022 MAKE: Honda MODEL: CR-V Hybrid MILEAGE: 9,341 FINANCE/LEASE: Finance PURCHASE PRICE: 40,880 AMOUNT OF LOAN: 46,399 TERM CONTRACTED: 87 months APR/LEASE RATE: 8.3 MONTHLY PAYMENT: $715 ANNUAL INCOME: $80k MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Rebuild was a success! This was the goal when I started my rebuild last year. I was a bit surprised at the score pulled as I was in the 720 range when I pulled my 3B last month. I wasn’t really planning to buy now but the combination of features (fully loaded), lack of miles and color was too good to pass up. Plus my current vehicle was approaching the mileage when big repairs could happen. Don’t love the rate but didn’t have all my ducks in a row and didn’t think the car would be on the lot long so didn’t want to wait. Will look to refinance with DCU or PenFed (existing relationships) soon for a shorter term but better rate.
  7. I always answer questions on loan applications truthfully. If I filed in the past 18 months, I would say yes. If not, then no.
  8. BMO owns DC US and Discover owns DC in the remainder of the world. The DC cards are issued in each country by a bank under license with Discover.
  9. Diners is Active in other parts of the world as part of Discover Financial Services.
  10. I used Penfed for my HELOC, and they pulled FICO8
  11. Amazon Prime Visa - New Card for Me, approved $30,000 Starting Line.
  12. You have until Wednesday, 4/26 to use your coupons!!!
  13. I heard Wendy's has a "Mercury Retrograde" menu with free items available in the Wendy's app, so maybe not all bad if you like Wendy's
  14. Stayed the same at 781
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