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  1. HSBC is considering the pulling out of the "Retail Market" in the US, which is the branches, and for "common folk" if you will. They would still keep a presence for the 1%, which includes Private Banking, and Wealth Management.
  2. Have you considered any of the luxury vinyl plank flooring? I am looking at redoing flooring in my condo, have while some seem okay, others look cheap. My desire is to do the kitchen, living room, dining room, entry way and hallways in the same flooring. I am the first floor, and on a concrete slab so the current granite tile on the kitchen floor gets mighty chilly during the cold Midwest winter months.
  3. The stores around me that offer this service, the workers are not allowed to ask for tips, but if offered, they may accept.
  4. The best way for us to help you is for you to obtain paper copies from the four major CRA's and see what is listed on your reports. Also what types of credit are you applying for?
  5. When I filed BK, I kept a vehicle, did no reaffirmed the note. The CU who held the note did not report to the CB's after the BK. They said if they reported it could be considered continued collection activity, and the account was listed IIB on the Credit Report. . It was way before I found these boards, so I just accepted their answer.
  6. Sounds like a nice car. I too prefer AWD when driving a higher HP car, but learned to drive on RWD as there were no AWD cars when I was a teen.
  7. @cv91915 Just curious if you purchased anything, or what your latest thoughts are?
  8. What were the reasons given for denials?
  9. If you are still paying on the car, and you decide, you may be able to cancel the GAP, get a pro-rated refund to the balance of your loan.
  10. KBB does not buy and sell cars, they aggregate data, and use the data to come up with their "value." When I went to sell a vehicle outright, they had an option of getting cash offers from dealers. Those offers ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 below what KBB said I should be able to obtain from a dealer as "Trade-In."
  11. One potential reason for the large increases in filings is that many states implemented a moratorium on filing of collections lawsuits in the spring/early summer when the pandemic began. Those are now ending, so I would presume, they continued to prepare cases to file once they were able to again.
  12. You may get more views if you post in the Main Credit Forum.
  13. When I refinanced, the lender that I used, required me to fund my escrow (No option to roll into the loan, and I would not have done that anyway), with a balance approximate to what the balance of the escrow was with my original lender. Once the original lender received full payment of the mortgage, the original lender sent me a check for the escrow balance I had with them. The balance of the escrow was not transferable between lenders.
  14. If you keep for a rental, most lenders usually require 2 years of rental income for that to be counted as income for your DTI, so look to see if current income could support the 2 mortgages.
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