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  1. Glacier

    How can I best pay off my mortgage early??

    Make sure you ask your mortgage company how the extra you send it is applied. Some may apply to next payment, which may not save you interest, but some, like mine, apply to principle, so will save me some interest over time.
  2. Glacier

    DCU FICO - January 2019

    Posted today... Still a 708
  3. Glacier

    Enhanced Recovery reported 2/5/2019

    If the account is yours, and the amount is correct, if you can call Sprint have them pull it back and pay them directly. However, just because it may be out of SOL, it can still legally report for 7 years 6 months from Date of First Deliquency.
  4. Glacier

    Enhanced Recovery Collection reported 2/5/19

    You may want to ask the Admins to move this topic to the main credit forum for more views and possible responses.
  5. Glacier

    Too Early for Cleanup?

  6. Glacier

    Which new wallet should I keep?

    Have you decided?
  7. Glacier


    So, I wonder if the OP ever got the A/C, and used this company, back in 2007. hehehe
  8. Glacier

    DCU DENIED my CC application

    I would concur. I was offered DCU lowest rate at the time of 2.49%, negotiated price of car, told dealer I had DCU, Dealer came back with 1.9%, which was MFG Financing Rate, and kept all rebates.
  9. Glacier

    DCU FICO - January 2019

  10. Glacier

    DCU DENIED my CC application

    I did do an auto loan with them, very easy. I did a pre-approval for an auto loan recently with them, but even at their lowest rate, the dealer beat the rate. I did get the CC about the same time as Discover, in about 2014. The DCU CC is at $5,000, and it was a HP for the CLI I got. I have tried several times for a CLI, but they seem to "lose" my application for one. My Discover is at $25,000 through auto increased and SP Increases.
  11. Glacier

    Should I pay OC or CA?

    You should be able to pay Comcast directly. Also, I would try an pay Progressive directly as well. Usually better to pay the OC.
  12. Glacier

    DCU DENIED my CC application

    Is there a reason you want a DCU CC? No rewards to speak of, and to get a CLI is a pain.
  13. Then I would go with #4. Makes most financial sense.
  14. So you will not be using the equity towards your new house? What is the ongoing issue?

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