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  1. There is nothing in the FCRA that requires CRAs to maintain older data and I suspect they do not. Since you are also entitled to the data in your credit file has anyone ever gotten this expanded file? Should have popped up all over the place given the relatively low limits on salary or loans. It's a unicorn. I requested my "complete full factual" file from the credit bureau and received nothing dating back more than a decade, and then only positive information past the seven year mark. I too had to complete the government SF86 for a clearance. Perhaps LN has more information. The credit bureaus did have some very antiquated addresses from decades ago, but no credit information. I would think keeping all that information from decades ago would prove very difficult and expensive, but perhaps they do store it somewhere.
  2. I recommend sending them a notice of death and having your mother send a debt validation just in case she lives in a state where the debt of one spouse can be attributed to the other. Once they have the debt validation request, in theory they cannot sell the debt to another company. Sorry about your loss.
  3. The date of the first delinquency with the original creditor starts the three-year clock in Virginia.
  4. Just wondering how many of you folks kept your Amex Zync cards and didn't perform the product change. I kept mine as it's setup for automatic payments. I used it the other day and the clerk said, "I've never seen one of these." Has it been that long?
  5. Just wondering how many of you folks kept your Amex Zync cards and didn't perform the product change. I kept mine as it's setup for automatic payments. I used it the other day and the clerk said, "I've never seen one of these." Has it been that long?
  6. Well that Amex Platinum comes with a $450 fee for the card on an annual basis. That curbs many from applying for it.
  7. I never advocate sending a "FOAD" letter to a collection agency. If I receive a dunning letter, it's always met with a debt validation request. Even if it's out of date for collection, it's the best method of dealing with the debt. They cannot continue to attempt to collect on a debt after receiving that letter in the first 30 days. At 11 years out, there is very little chance they have paper on the debt. You've tied their hands. Ignoring isn't a good option since they can keep selling the debt to others.
  8. Your date of first delinquency is in 2011, correct? You need to offer the month to know when to begin the debt validation and dispute process. The original creditor can stay on your report as long as the original creditor shows a charge off and a zero balance. Additionally one collection agency might show the same account with a balance. Once you reach the five year mark, you can send an unknown debt validation letter to the collection agency. That starts the process with them.
  9. It's likely due to a thin file. A couple new inquires combined with a couple new accounts will impact a small file far more than one with more creditors. My wife and I just had several hard pulls to finance two mortgages on separate properties. We averaged about 30 points drop after the accounts posted. The good news is that in six months your scores and ours will rebound. Credit is meant to be used. The cost of using it is temporary lower scores. Any banker will tell you that credit scores over 720 will get you about anything you want, go to 750 and it's extremely easy. Good luck with your new cards.
  10. Discover increased mine by a whopping $1500 to $10,500. Of course that still is the lowest limit by far.
  11. There are extremely few instances when you get arrested for failing to appear simply because of credit issues. When this country formed one thing the founders intentionally excluded were debtor prisons. That said, you might want to consider seeking legal advice if you are served. We have a forum called "Help, I've been served" where you can get more information if it gets to that point. You might also want to discuss the approximate value, how much is interest, etc. There is also something called being "judgment proof." I am sorry to hear about your health issues. Best of luck to you.
  12. It might come down to you placing the number on the ignore list. A similar thing happened to my wife years ago. It irritated her and her pain became my pain. I contacted the consumer affairs division of the attorney general's office in the state where the pest resided. The calls immediately ceased.
  13. Navy Federal has a method for determining eligibility. Here is the link: https://www.navyfederal.org/how-to-become-a-member/how-to-become-a-member.php He would already have to be a member for you to have eligibility. Here is what is says if you indicate a family member is a member....Congratulations! If you have grandparents, parents, a spouse, siblings, grandchildren or children who are already part of Navy Federal, you're eligible for membership.

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