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  1. Ouch From # 0 To 8. Woke Up Faster Then A Cup Of Expreso!. Got a Call into Risk Management. I deal with them many times a week in my profession. Hopefilly its temporary. Three months ago I reached My "B" continued for three days then nothing until this wakeup and alert notice. I have not ran report(s) as recommended in the "B"-Wang Edition here. I was waiting for a cooling off period. Anyways. Lets setback and wait.
  2. It all is based on "Criminal-Intent" So tell me how anyone can justify multiple accounts with a "Vendor" without being branches. I would first look into your company rating and your spending patterns. Then I would report findings to the client. If for instance "ABC Inc" had 7-accounts listed at the same mailing address and three of them were maxed-out I would see a pattern of fraud especially if no payment(s) or minimum payments where paid to continue the scam. I then would pull up a satellite of the area and address of the applicant company and if residential, I would recommend a local drive by and door knock to establish authenticity of the business. I would pull local State, and Federal record searches would be crossed referenced to see if the applicant is listed with Secretary of State as an officer on any other corp(s) or LLC's. Then we would pull D&B reports and start checking credit ability throughout credit already shown granted to them. The report(s) to client would also include delivery stats which can be obtained through UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. All which love to give the Private Investigator their two-cent(s), and Opinion of the suspected business. Then after all is completed a report is presented to the Fraud Department that ordered it. Then the rest is up to them. Most of the time they will recommend a civil action and other times they will recommend to file a Fraud report within the State. I say this because I have been involved with more then 60-plus cases over the last 5-years and the number(s) are going up. So don't think the creditor is stupid. They could be working cases as we speak. I know I have a couple from some of the creditor(s) mentioned, and I am not the only Private Investigator as a member of this site. I know Citi has most of there fraud department monitor and watch for potential new scams that are brought up on this and/or other site(s). “CB†has surely helped the creditor(s) in stopping fraud. They are the first to point out new-scams. As a Retired Law Enforcement Manager, I would say thank you and all of you keep up the good work. Now remember, if it is posted on here the major creditor(s) are always going to look at areas to best prevent fraud. So please know surely that creditors are now requesting site-visits, and back-ground of suspected businesses. I have four I was given to work on this week. I also know a large firm that is working on over 200-similar cases given to them. The outcome I am sure will be evident very soon. "The Shadow"
  3. Hi: "fxdam72" Yes I do know many, and I have already ran it by some associates in the Phoenix Office of FBI. They are going to look in to it, and get back to me. If I hear anything I will let you all know.... However remember this site shows an input and hit record since March-2007 so I would say they have packed up and left many of cities since then. Until they close the site they will keep farming it and that means "New-Straw man" and "Victims. So let's all be careful and remember how important our money we have is, and don't fall for these unscrupulous sites offering fortune(s) that are really impossible as they reference. Stay safe and have fun! "The Shadow"
  4. For those that need to do research check out this site good resources I use it everyday and saves me money on my databases. http://www.blackbookonline.info/
  5. Again One More Time. I just went to the site you mention. I find the site to be very suspicious to say the least. Now as an Investigator, I find it a scam-site 100%. I base this on years as a Detective on the LAPD working Major crimes, and as a Lieutenant running the financial crime division in the same agency before retiring. This site is a blue print store-front site that is famous from India, and Nigerian 419-fraud(s). Some local Joe/smoe is very concerned by now. One of those names you have in your research, I would bet is a straw person. Who for a fee accepts the payment takes a short amount, and sends it out abroad. That person has a money laundering problem facing him now that he has cleaned the money. And most likely now he has victims with his name out there. That will be where you get your money recovered from. It is not your fault he was absent and minus common sense. I also would contact the suspect’s bank and ask to verify a check in the amount of $9900.00. Then I would ask for Bank Security even though they wont tell you anything you can get the name of there fraud investigator, and inform him of your suspicions. Be sure to note your conversation in fullest. Then if/when criminal investigations proves there is more victims with losses you can then go back, and show the bank was fully informed of your suspicions and any report numbers you have filed. I also would be cranking out certified letters to every address in this and to every name you have to bring the suspicion of Fraud to their attention. By doing so you have documented and perfected any civil action that may be in the future for damages that you have lost, based on any and/or all there involvement. It’s called perfecting your position in a prosecution and/or mitigating your case. Remember keep an accordion file on this with all letters you have and/or sent out. Use return receipt requested green card(s). Or you can just chalk it up to a lesson…Me I would hunt them down and not for the money. I am sure you feel violated inside, and that will not go away until you resolve this. Good Luck
  6. Hello: The magic will be reading everything you signed with this company. Then I would go online and file a consumer-fraud complaint with the "AG's" office (Arizona Attorney General). That way your tax dollars are at work. I have not check the database but I would be curious if they are registered with "Arizona Banking Department" since they are offering credit building and that is clearly in there jurisdiction. I would try and exhaust my free avenues first. As for looking for a civil attorney to take the case on a contingency would be a million dollar chance, and you are then moving in to civil action and making it harder to press criminally. If it was me I would go follow the money that is what the "AG" will do. However file the internet fraud complaint form if you have not already. Also you will need to notify the US Postal Inspectors Office for mail fraud since documents where sent to you for your signatures. You have a great criminal case but nothing will open the door to recovery until you file a crime report. I would start with my local county attorney’s office “criminal prosecution Investigatorâ€. B)Good Luck
  7. Hello Victim I am sorry to hear about your loss. I will tell you this E-bay has alot of scammers there just like your local newspaper does. I am a Fraud investigator and former Police Lt. From Los Angeles, CA I now live in Tucson, AZ and I want to let you know that over the past 5-years I have personally been involved with the prosecutions of about 25 fraud suspect to the fullest extent of the law. One who sold over $700k of fraudulent Super bowl tickets and another couple who victim of fraud was one of your states government State Representatives for over 100k in bogus Rolex auctions, and failed to deliver the product. At least you are covered by the Credit-Card company ie “Mastercard, Visa, AMX etc. You will get all your money back…However you will never recover the mental "rape" of your mind the Fraudster took from you. You will have to learn from that one. Remember you were very luck and this happens every 1-minute of the day everyday of the year! Nick “The Shadow"
  8. Hi Money: Sorry to hear about this...You have been given some great advice from the posters here especially that you are a victim of some type of "Fraud". First thing's first you need to send a certified letter return receipt requested stating your demand I would ask for a 10-day demand from the date of the letter. Then you have perfected your cause for a civil action. Then I would file a complaint with the Internet fraud section of the "FBI" available online. That is just to have for your records. Because it will take some time (Month(s) for reply) During all this try, and get everything you provided to them receipts from the bank, and the copy of the forms you signed will be very helpful. Hope it turn(s) out ok. By the way I am here if you need me. I am a private Investigator specializing in Internet scams and mostly E-Bay "Frauds" I will do what I can here in Arizona if you need some information. P.O. Box’s are not to difficult to check with the right contact(s). Also since you have echoed your concerns here about this company...I'm sure it has been well received since many of "Fraud-Investigator(s)" monitor this and other site(s) daily to stay up to date with what is going on in the credit world. I have found this site very rewarding while starting my business after 25-years of Law enforcement in Los Angeles, CA. I have been able to provide services better for my clients and not worry about the old "If I Had the money" I would be able to grow my business. I thank all these posters for keeping this site a clean and respectable site. Again I can be reached through this board if you need some information and/or you need help in any way...Free of charge. Nick
  9. I am now happy here. "Breeze" is keeping the yard clean so we can all learn and research important issues. I was a member of a previouse credit-site that is no longer and one reason is stuff like this was aloud o remain with no control. I respect this board and am glad and pleased to set back and take in the "Legal" and honest advise that will keep us all from going in the wrong direction. Safe advice is sometimes the best! So learn like I have had to lately set back and watch. You later will understand, and be glad we have people like "breeze" here to know when to stop the thread. Again if you applied for the credit then the inquiry is yours and that is what this is all about on "Creditbords" showing and helping us to be more responsible so we can earn our second chance at being more responsible with our credit.

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