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  1. Rapid is Hooters. I got the same pin number letter in the mail today and the phone number matches the number to activate the Hooters card.
  2. I've tried credit pulls but couldn't find any results as to who they pull.
  3. DH and I both recieve this offer several times a week. It's a decent offer with 0% on purchases until March 2007. Here's the question...we Bk'd Providian in Oct 2004. They've combined with WAMU right? On my reports the Providian is listed as Providian/ WAMU. I'd like another tradeline for DH. Don't want to waste the inquiry though if there is no way he'll get it. His scores: TU 589 EQ 621 Ex 689 Any thoughts?
  4. chris_momof3


    Congrats! Think they would approve it JCpenny's was IIB? How about the other GEMB cards like Walmart and Sam's?
  5. well, DH got approved for Target. I don't want to try Providian because we IIB'd them. Would I get Hooters? Patelco denied me for a car loan back in March. Any other suggestions?
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new here. I haven't posted much but have been reading, reading, reading. I have a few questions. I'll give you a few details so you can help me decide what to do next. DH and I filed BK7 in Oct 2004/ discharges 1/2005. Scores as of March: DH~Transunion 589 EQ 621 EX 689 Me~TU 668 EQ 658 EX 684 With the help of CB, I've been busy disputing with the CRAs. I've gotten quite a few baddies deleted or atleast correted to read IIB. I don't want to buy new scores for a while. We won't be applying for a mortage or anything big for a while if ever. Our current TLs: DH: Mortage, 2 joint car loans (mine and his) he has Cap One card $5000 limit also Household for $2000. He's an AU on my Sears card for $2800 limit. Me: the mortage, the same auto loans (one was before BK, one after) Orchard Bank $1000 limit, Sears $2800 limit and I'm AU on his household account for $2000. My question is: what new cards should we apply for? We have a long credit history with many old, closed accounts that are positive. I'm continuing to dispute incorrect things. I can only do so many at a time cause it's a time consuming process. Who should apply for credit, both of us? Any direction from here is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you! Will write and send out the letter CMRR tomorrow. Should I call them at all or stay off the phone?
  8. I disputed this on line with experian as no knowledge of this account. What to do next?
  9. I've been working very hard to clean up my credit reports post BK in 2005. I cosigned for a Yamaha credit card for my nephew in 1998. The original purchase was paid for and the account closed. Nephew then purchsed another bike in 2002. I signed no paperwork and this account has a different number than the one I signed for in 1998. Tonight, while review my experian account on line, I noticed a new 30 day late posted for Yamaha (this is a HSBC card) for nephew's account (the new number). I called the Yamaha number, they said I was not associated with this account but to call HSBC customer service. They still list me as cosigner. I don't know where to start with this. I'm just sick over it because I've been working so hard and I'm so careful to make all my payments on time. Please help!!

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