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  1. I was moving so fast this morning I thought I had replied. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, we are closing on a house in the morning and I just got the closing costs at 5 pm. The title company was closed so I couldn't check on the costs. We are paying cash for the home and buying it from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. My question is we don't have state or city tax stamps here in Michigan that I know of so how are they charging for it? Is this something that's done thru Homesteps? They are using a company called eRecording Partners Network. Deposit or earnest money $1,000.00 Contract Sales Price $174,500.00 City Property Taxes $1,478.08 County Property Taxes $750.42 Compliance Fee to Keller Williams Realty $195.00 Recording Fees to eRecording Partners Network $18.00 City/county tax/stamps to eRecording Partners Network $191.95 State tax/stamps to eRecording Partners Network $1,308.75 eRecording Service Fee ($3.50 per doc) to eRecording Service Fees $3.50 Home Warranty to America's Preferred Home Warranty, Inc., $250.00 Sub-totals $178,695.70 $1,000.00 Balance Due From Purchaser $177,695.70
  3. Thanks for your input guys! I'm not hiding anything, my scores are actually pretty good 710- 708 and 659 The only thing bad I have are 3 judgments and that's what I was trying to dispute off everything else on my report is fine. Actually I'm kinda shocked my scores are that high with the judgments on there. They are all default judgments thats why I was going to dispute the addresses off. Being that it could go either or maybe I will just leave them alone, It would be awful if they deleted my tradelines. What about the 45 vs. 30 day thing? Even though I put I was denied credit, I don't know how TU is still sending the order to the free annual credit. I pressed cancel when I saw that and immediately came here.
  4. Hi everyone it's been a while, but I have a quick question. I have done so much reading that my eyes can't stand to look at the computer. Anyways I have seen some say not to use the free credit report cause the CA's can take up to 45 days with your dispute vs. the 30 days if you pay or are denied credit. Not sure which one is correct so I decided to use the denied credit option instead. I logged onto TU and put down that I was denied and it is still taking me thru free annual credit report. Does this mean they can take the 45 days instead of the 30 and does that I am using my 1 free annual report even though I put denied credit? I also have to dispute on EF, does anyone know if they have the same procedure? Oh 1 last thing I read that I should delete old addresses off before disputing, problem is all of my credit that's established is as an authorized user from someone at an old address so if I do that will I be shooting myself in the foot? Would it actually erase the tradelines by erasing the address?
  5. Hi, I've been here for almost 1 yr. can you also get admin to increase my permissions? I can't PM either. Thank you!

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