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  1. I've moved a lot out of my house, and abandoned a lot of items because I didn't want to pay storage. I'm living in a uhaul type trailer that is designed to haul 4 wheelers with no windows. I have my matress on the floor in there, I use the bathroom at the local mini market, shower at the gym, use the laundramat, and eat fast food. Life is good!!! SCM
  2. I filed a dispute of around 30 positive accounts reporting on EX cuz they were based on the address I'm trying to get off the report. before I dispute the BK again. 12 were deleted. The others were updated or remain unchanged. Since they won't be coming off any time soon, I went ahead and re-disputed the BK saying "my wife filed BK". The LN file is frozen so they will have to pull Pacer to verify as others have said. Worth a try?! TU finished a dispute a almost 2 weeks ago and had the results available online 'til a couple days ago. The day that dispute was completed, I filed one about th
  3. I got an alert from EQ Gold monitoring informing me of a change to my report. The one Patelco account was reporting as closed with no balance and showing a negative payment history. EQ updated it to say open with $25,000 limit and no negative history. Can't argue with that. That bothered me cuz it, at one point was the only baddie on the report. But now, Discover and Western Federal CU are both reporting charge offs. It seems like EQ automatically changes the reporting when they manually review it. I am not about the dispute any accounts on EQ because I'm grateful the BK is gone. The over
  4. The frequently mentioned Liberty bank baddie is now deleted of EX and gone from all reports. As I mentioned, I disputed 30 positive closed tradelines on EX cuz they were linked to the same address as the BK. 5 were Citi cards (3 deleted and I updated), and 3 were Chase (all deleted) 2 were Spirit of America (remains). The rest are still under investigation. Once the dust settles, I'm going to re-dispute the BK, now that I have LN frozen. SCM
  5. I just sold a BMW I bought last year for $1650, tax, tags, auction fees, out the door. I had about $2500 in it cuz I bought a mirror and tires and got it insured and inspected. I got $3750 after driving it for 15 months (made $1250). I could have sold it long ago, but I didn't even think of selling it til recently. I wanted to keep it. So, basically I got the money I had into it back, and the profit paid for the '02 Mercedes that will be delivered tomorrow. I will be flipping the Benz as soon as I go over it and make nice. I should be able to get $5000 SCM
  6. I got my letter from LN in the mail yesterday too saying the same exact thing. I guess I didn't read it thoroughly cuz I didn't see the pin. I was in a hurry getting ready to sell a car at the notary. Congrats. I hope it helps with your tactics. I'm holding off on re-disputing the BK until all the disputes on accounts that have the BK address on them are completed. Should be less than a week, then I'm going to try to redispute the BK on both EX and TU. Who knows. Maybe EX will be more cooperative cuz of the data breach, like LN was. SCM
  7. Good Luck Leykis101grad! If you never disputed before, you may get favorable results from TU. I doubt any LUV from EX. From hundreds of posts I've read, a BK on EX won't budge. But it can't hurt to go through the motions and expect for a miracle. I've got dozens of accounts, open & closed, that have the old address number tied to them, that I should have gotten rid of, before trying, in addition to not having the LN froze, so disputing the BK at this time was just plain stupid, and destined for re-cofirmation. SCM
  8. My EX is on ice, for years, but the existing creditors pull AR's so it's still important to clean it up. Plus, I eventually want to apply at banks and CU's that pull EX. Some that I have now were because I unfroze the file so they could pull. USAlliance, First Commonwealth, and UNFCU, off the top of my head. SCM
  9. Baby steps. According to CCMP, I no longer have any recent derrogatory info on that report. For years, it's been saying 2.5 years since most recent, and lately, for a while, .1 year. And, I anticipate they will eventually delete the Liberty Bank baddie that's in dispute cuz it's been deleted from the other 2 bureaus. 2 Citi bank positives are deleted and one updated. I redisputed 30 negatives that came back verified or updated saying "no longer responsible for this account". I know it sounds lame but it worked for somebody on another thread here on CB. I suspect they will reject as frivolous.
  10. Leykis101grad. Thanks for sharing that valuable info. Knowing that TLO isn't used by the credit bureaus, I will re-dispute my BK with EX and TU. As many have said, EX will probably still verify with Pacer, if I can even get them to re-investigate. But I may have a chance with TU. I should have gotten the LN freeze first, if I had know how easy it now is to do so. SCM
  11. Apparently the LN pin can be used to unfreeze? I will let you know when I get it and read the instructions. I was almost able to view my LN file online but I answered one of the ID verification questions incorrectly. The one question was "you opened a loan in 2014". was it a b c (unistar cu or none of the above?". I said none of the above cuz I forgot that my USAlliance loan reports as a loan from Unistar CU. I don't undersatand why they ask financial questions to confirm ID on a background check database/
  12. Creditors can't pull LN? Which ones do? What about the credit bureaus? can they still access the LN file when it's frozen because of permissible purpose? You have a good question? I presume when we get the pin and freeze letter it will tell us the duration of the freeze. I should have gotten the LN freeze before disputing the BK on EX. It might be harder to get a re-investigation. Does anyone know if TU even uses LN or do they use TLO instead? SCM
  13. nubie5000. just fax the dL, SS card, and utility bill showing the new address to them with a cover letter stating your dispute of the old address. I had the same issue, numerous times, but the address is now gone for a couple weeks now and I doubt it will return. I'm disorganized or I would give you the fax number I used weeks ago. I will try to find it later and post it.
  14. Newsflash!!!!!!! After reading a post from shanes76 about how he called LN and simply asked for a freeze on his file, and they took his info, and did it, no sweat, I tried this morning. Same result. Just call 888-497-0011, ask the rep to put a freeze on your LN report, and they will, no questions asked. At least that is how it went with me. The rep said the request is submitted and I should receive a confirmation letter and a pin letter in the mail within the next 7-10 business days. Maybe this is a window of opportunity due to the data breach, that will eventually close? SC
  15. I just read a post in another thread by shanes76. He called LexisNexis and requested a freeze on his LN file and within minutes was informed his request was submitted and he should receive his confirmation letter and pin letter in the mail within the next 7-10 business days. So, because it was so easy for him, I decided to try, and guess what? I had the same result. I should have done this before I disputed the BK on EX and TU cuz I don't know if I can get them to re-investigate and, even if I do they my use Pacer instead, especially EX might, from what I've read. I think I still have a s
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