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  1. For me it does not make financial sense. Without a landline phone, the only option I have for internet is the cable company. I have the basic 60 channel package with cable. If I could only be billed for the 5-6 channels I watch, that would be awesome (they're not basic channels, I like things like Discovery, MSNBC, Court TV, Animal Planet, YES). HOwever it would cost about the same for cable/internet as internet alone
  2. Kohl's would also be another place to start.
  3. ClaraTabby


    I used to work for Kohl's (for 6 years, I quit last year) when credit soliciting became the be all end all for your raise (regardless of not being in a position where I was in contact with the customers). I started out with them with a $700 limit (my credit sucked then, I was 19.... I think they started me high because I was an employee) Yes the coupons, sales, etc are excellent. I agree with that. As for the MVC..... you have to spend $600 or more per year on the Kohls card to become one.
  4. When I opted out, all the inquiries from everyone but Crap 1 started, however Crap 1 is more agressive since I opted out when it comes to the inquiries. And I still get offers in the mail from them despite the opt out. I'm tempted to use them for the cat's litter box and then send them back to show them how I really feel about their company. If I wanted something from them, I would approach them. I don't respond to solicitations anyways.
  5. Choover, I did opt out, but Crap 1 still runs inquiries on my credit report on almost a monthly basis. Do you think a nice letter or phone call to the bastards will solve my problem
  6. I have zero Crapitol One cards....... here's the reason. I had my checking acct cleaned out in 2000 by a (former) friend after I wrote her a check to pay her back. She used my acct info to pay off her Crap 1 debt. When I got the statement, I called up CO and had a word for them. The CSR told me "I don't care who's acct it is as long as we get the $$" They obviously did not care that it was fraud. Yet these same bastards keep doing about 4 soft inquiries on my CR each month. I have about 30 in the last 6 months, because they want to "offer me credit" Is there any way to get these salamanders to keep their greedy paws off my credit report? I have no intention of EVER doing business with them.
  7. marcustx, I mean age 18. I hope I am worth more than $18. Macuser, I love that "cat scan" pic in your sig. I'm going to see if my cat will pose for such a picture.
  8. I've been an authorized user on my parents CC since I was $18. FWIW it's a Citibank AAdvantage card.
  9. Maybe a mod can move it there? I just got my TU report today, and even though the score section was blank (I'm cheap), it said they use Vantage SCore as opposed to FICO.
  10. Update. I got an update on this acct from TransUnion and it was deleted. I wonder why the OC verified with TU and not EQ. Now I wonder what will go on with Experian. Small victory.
  11. They can also go to a company called Certigy, who sells them off to CAs. Be careful with them too, and the CA will report on your credit report.
  12. I havent had a landline since 2002 (and I don't miss it), and I always put my cellphone # on credit apps. If they absolutely insist on a landline #, I will put my parents landline # even though I don't live there.
  13. It first went delinquent in 1999, the date of last activity (when the thing was paid off) was in 2002. I also dipsuted this with Transunion and Experian, but I havent heard back from them yet. Hopefully they will not confirm the acct with them and it will just fall off. EQ basically backed away from the whole thing saying "this acct is currently being reported as closed" and to take it up wtih the OC. I will be calling them or sending them a letter (from this board, it seems that letters sent CMRR are the best way to go) Any clue in what to say in the letter. Thanks in advance for all your help on this
  14. 4/2002 ETA that is the date when I finally paid them to get them off my back (and to keep them from talking to my mom)
  15. I can't remember if it was the CA or OC that was collecting on the acct. I was only at that college for one school year then I moved back home to work and go to school locally. As far as I know, the acct went delinquent in 1999, and it's being reported as going delinquent in 2002. In 2002 they all of a sudden contacted me about it and coerced me to pay it over the phone (they wouldnt give me any other options besides check by phone). That's about all I remember about it, and I remember my mom telling me to pay these people, and they infomed her about my debt (also violation). I will be contacting the OC about this one, but unfortunately the report does not list the full acct #, and I really don't remember an acct # that is that old. That is the only baddie on my CR....... I have 2 30 day lates on other accts, but everything else is current..... For the record my current cards are Citibank AAdvantage (authoirzed user, my mom added me to her acct when I was 18....... the acct has been opened sicne I was 12). $25K limit, current balance of $2802 (my mom pays it off monthly). Ford Credit....... joint acct with my dad (cosigner). The car was paid off in 2002, about 6 months earlier than scheduled Discover....... $3600 limit, pay off monthly Kohls.... $1000 limit, rarely used anymore (I used to work there) NY and Company...... $650 limit, pay off monthly when I use it Victoria's Secret........ $500 limit, pay off as soon as I use it.

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