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  1. Hey yall I've been looking and I cant find out. Does the FDCPA apply to the Government? Reason I ask is 7 years ago my daughter went into the National Guard and was a delayed entry. She completed basic training and just prior to AIT she blew her knee out doing PT. She was discharged because of it. Her last year she went to a private high school that WE paid for her tuition from 2007 - 2009. So we are trying to find canceled checks to prove we paid for it in the mean she has been disputing the debt and they have not proved she owes a debt but have started garnishments on her without providing proof despite the fact that she has disputed. They are telling her its up to her to prove she paid for the school. Appreciate any input.
  2. Ahh ok. Thanks they were from 2009
  3. I just disputed as incorrect and they were deleted. Early gift for me. They were some baddies also. I was so pumped so I check on MYFICO and I had a 15pt DROP!! Im hoping it should rebound quickly. Thoughts?
  4. CA is Account Control Bureau out North Louisiana. I gonna send off a DV letter today. Should I mention that she was minor at time of placment and they should remove immediatly?
  5. My step daughter now 20 is looking into buy a car so I told her lets pull your FICO and see where you stand. Clean report except for the fact that she has a medical collection that was put on her report when 16yo WTF???? we are in Louisiana can they put an item on a report at such a young age? We have no idea what its for fixing to DV but any other ways to tackle this?
  6. Did you hear anything on the PFD on Payliance?
  7. Jigs same here have a old check from 2008 that was paid but Payliance is trying to collect on the NSF fee of $30.00. Account was originally listed as TigerTranz sent off DV they deleted then replaced with Payliance. Validation was in the form of copy of returned check. Sent PFD they refused.
  8. 8 MONTHS???!!!!! Do you have confirmation from your bank that the money order was not deposited?? Put in a request with your bank to have the funds refunded to you as not received/lost. Have you rechecked your credit reports for that item?? Yes have checked and funds have not cashed and items still on credit reports.
  9. Received a letter today from them about a returned check from 2yrs ago totaling $314.89 This is a portion of that letter " We have not independently verified this claim, but rather have relied on the information provided to us by our client. The fact that this account has reached out law firm leads me to conclude that you have not decided how to deal with this obligation. Please remit payment immediately". OMG are you for real? Ill be sure to send a D&V in the morning. Anybody ever had any dealings with these guys? Looked them up on line and found a site that dealt with complaints about them and it was a ton. One complaint the lady stated the CA was a law firm not a CA. Whats the sayin about a duck? Also noticed they did a hard pull on all three as well.
  10. Hey guys 8mo ago I sent a cashiers check from the my bank to the OC for a bill that was clearly and validated as mine. Did the medical letter as per Why Chat's instructions sent it return receipt and all that jazz was signed for and got my green card back. Its been 8mo and they have not cashed the check and every time I sent three letters CMRR and haven't heard anything back any ideas?
  11. Thats what I thought I just wasnt sure grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!Was hoping I was wrong.
  12. He people hows everyone been. Its been a while since I been in the credit repair game and cant remember and cant locate the info on here. Can OC and CA list same account on CR? Both showing past due and in collection account?

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