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  1. Why do CRA delete every positive TLs nowadays if the account has been closed for over 7 years? Is there a way to avoid this? I had some wonderful TLs that disappeared.
  2. Currently my monthly payments are $100 per month. Let's say I pay it down the principle from $6,000 to $200. Do you think the "monthly" payment amount will drop accordingly and spread out over the 60 months period or would it remain the same and hence the principle would be paid off in 2 months?
  3. For the best impact on one's credit score, what is the best way to pay-off a personal signature loan (APR 10.99%) Principle = $6,000 to avoid paying too much interest? Loan term = 60 months.
  4. Knight

    DCU Loans

    Sometimes the hardest things to see, are the ones right in front of you. 😂
  5. PENFED technology is really something else. They must still be using tape mainframes for their operations. I transferred cash from an outside bank to PENFED. 48 to 72 hours for the normal bank to bank transfer. No problem. But then they turn around and hold "the cash" for 5 business days. So the whole transfer ended up taking almost 2 weeks with the weekends. A CU that is worthless to bank with. Really.
  6. Mine updated too. 761 The highest I hit so far.
  7. Knight

    DCU Loans

    Anyone has experience with DCU loans? If so, how do you pay for them online? The account does not show under accounts?
  8. Why would there be an issue with buying a car with a CC? Dispute?
  9. Knight


    Does SDFCU verify income before approving for a credit card?
  10. Knight


    I have a Mac. So yeah, I had an Apple ID for quite sometime.
  11. Tried that and clicked on "View Fico Score" on the bottom right side but still showing July score. How did you get the September one?
  12. Knight


    This is amazing. If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, then your apple card will just sit there as an ornament on your credit file.
  13. Knight


    How do I get my account number and expiration date?
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