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  1. Yes, I remember the good ole handwritten method. So it's going to be the Hancock way then. Thanks guys.
  2. It's been awhile since I've done any disputes but need to clean up few items. Do you folks still advice "the paper route" where you send handwritten letters to the CRAs or would you rather do it electronically now?
  3. BTW is OpenSky upgradable to unsecured cc like the Cap1 QS?
  4. Thank you folks. Do you recommend them to open any store cards? JC Penney, etc...
  5. Hello, It's good to be back after a long hiatus. Boy I've been going through threads and discussions for 6 hours now and I can't put my finger on the correct answer. I am trying to help someone new in the country build their credit from scratch. They had applied for a Cap1 platinum to no avail. I know store cards are a good start but which one. Some of the info I read seems outdated. Can you guys help? Also they need a Credit card because they travel a lot and need to rent a vehicle from time to time. Finally, I am glad this topic brought me back here because I needed to brush up on my credit knowledge. Thank you all.
  6. Domain name for chexsystemsvictim.com has expired. Does anyone have the list?
  7. You have to be a member to have the card. yeah just read it in the TC
  8. If you're not a member of COSTCO, how much would the annual fee be on this card?
  9. You can always put a fraud alert on EX or whatever. if you do so, can you lift it up anytime and how long does it take? How about freezing EXP? how long to freeze and to unfreeze?
  10. so is applying on the phone the same as applying in store
  11. btw, I was going to check my FICO on myfico but it seems pointless since it's FICO98. Should I still check.
  12. I know this topic has been treated immensely in the past but I'd just like to have the most updated info. So here we are: is it better to go to the store to apply or is it the same as applying over the phone? If you are given a CL can you call and ask for an increase right away? I have one card reporting UTL at 42%. It is now at 25%. Another revolving acct went down from 28% to 6%. should I wait till they all report the new UTL then apply. Also another inq will hit the year mark on my report by april 30. The only one on TU. assuming they will pull TU. Would this make any difference or do you guys think wally is so stingy any way that it doesn't matter? thanks
  13. This doesn't make sense. You have much higher scores for the utilization rate you are at. BTW, 791 is a KILLER score. I am sure your credit limit is not $4000?!!!! If the software is telling you to keep your utilization rate below $1,200, that is usually 30% of your limit. FICOs are maximized at below 30%. Ideally below 10%. The new FICO formula is supposed to punish higher utilization rates. So if your scores are in the top 700s, and if for the next month, you decide and keep your util. below 10%, you would probably hit 840 scores. This can only be explained by the fact that you have a long credit history (>20 years) and a very good mix of credit (installments, car loans and a mortgage) and of course a pristine CR. If that's the case, you can do two things: 1. don't use the cards for this month and have them report a util of around 7% like happiness said. 2. maybe ask for CLI from ur creditors. make sure they don't HP your report. If you go from 4k to 10 k, then 3k will keep you in the correct range. Disclaimer: BTW at 791, you will get the best rates out there. No need to do anything with your credit IMO. I don't think you'll see any benefits. You probably can do a docs only loan, if those still exist. In the end I salute you for having such wonderful scores. You are yet another case that proves to us that having too many TL is not necessary to hit the 800 mark.

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