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  1. Have been bombarded with Discover mailings the past month or so. Finally bit and applied. Instant 4500 line. Scores are close to 700 with a BK 7 from 2010. Did not have Discover on the BK.
  2. Barclay's rewards. Made a call with a question on the account and informed the agent I was going to put a large charge through and could they do line increase.as I did not want utilization to be too high. Was at 2700 and asked to go to 3500. Approved on the call Did a hard pull but not concerned with that. Since July receivednew cards-- 4000 from DCU and 5000 from Cap One. Merrick also came through with a small 400 bump. Chapter 7 is now ,more than 4.5 years so things are looking up. For me the CLIs have gone along way to reducing overall utilization thanks to CB for all the good ideas.
  3. Been with them for 6 months. No problems. Payroll check hits a day early and SS deposit is 5 days ahead.. No CC as yet
  4. wondering about this myself. Have one CU account now and it's credited on the day it is issued.. Just joined DCU and we will how it works with them. BTW joining DCU was easy and quick. Used a local branch with no issues--- 3.5 years post Chapter 7
  5. Very happy with Virgin's $35 monthly plan. 300 phone minutes and unlimited text and data.
  6. jimbob

    Barclay Card

    Had this card for two years following a BK 7 in 09. They started me with a 1700 line and have had no bumps since. Have noticed the place on the on line statement that allows you to ask for the increase. Has anyone had success with this and do they do a hard pull? Overall utilization is very low thanks
  7. Received one t wo years after Chapter 7 discharge. No fee.
  8. Wait a bit to hear from Barclay's Got a pre approved in the mail and applied on line. Said I would hear from them. Got a $1900 line with no fee-- 2 years post Chapter 7.
  9. Just got one in the mail today. I am exactly 2 years post Chapter 7 so it appears that this is what they look at. Just might give it a try.
  10. Actually there are a number of corporations that have issued them one being MIT that hit the market in May with $750 million. It's not a new thing
  11. Needed two new tires so I chanced an app with Firestone. This is a year plus after a Chapter 7. Approved for $1000 no idea as to Fico. In May received an Orchard for $750 so I guess I am making some forward progress!
  12. Just received an Orchard card with $700 limit and a $59 annual fee one year post Chapter 7. First new line of credit. So far so good as a back up card is a big help.
  13. Interesting results from Citi. I hit the CI button a month or so ago and got a decline. My utilization is rather high. Not too upset as they only did a soft on TU. I checked my account on line and noticed that the limit was increased; finally got the notice in the mail. In the meantime I applied for a line of credit through an emailing. Got the usual, we will let you know. Just received approval for 11K at 9%. No idea who they pulled but I assume EXP. My DW has consistently received increases without asking as has DD on her student card. I'm pretty happy with Citi. Jimbob
  14. Be careful of Citi. I checked the available offers online and it brought up a form to fill out. I did not fill it out but they checked TU anyway and denied me. Not sure if it was a soft inquiry but it was annoying. BTW I am very happy with Citi as is DW. In fact they recently upped her CL by 4K + without her asking YMMV
  15. The 7 year clock will not, or at least it should not, reset if you pay or dispute. They may try to change the date but that's why it's a good idea to keep all the old credit reports.

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