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  1. I have a score in the 500 range. Want to get a secured credit card while rebuilding my credit. Can you recommend a good list of secured credit cards? Please share a link or location. thanks!
  2. I previously started a journey to improve my credit but can’t find my previous content. I want to obtain the 4 credit reports. I know that I shouldn’t use the free reports. Is there a place to find the cost. I visited their websites and they only want to sale the credit scores. Also I have read many templates on what should and shouldn’t be included in a letter requesting a copy with my personal information. Is there an up to date templAte , with Credit bureau information and pricing? Or links? thanks
  3. I have probably three (3) entries of tax liens on at least one or more of my credit reports. 1. State tax - individual, - Satisfied, my taxes were filed in another state because I moved. 2. State tax - individual, - satisfied, paid 3. State tax - individual - $3K balance - monthly payments I am planning to send letters to the CBs to have them removed. I looked online and see that Federal taxes will remove negative information but not states. Has anyone had any success with getting personal state tax - lien negative information removed? If so, what was your process? Thanks!
  4. Hello Fellow CB members, I was planning to start with a few dispute letters tomorrow. However, I think i should start with removing my old addresses information and making sure that my new address appears correctly. I am planning to send a copy of my license, utility bill, birthdate and SS number with my address removal letters. Issue: I pulled the free credit reports, so i think the CRA now have 60 days instead of 30. Should i wait for their removal before i begin my dispute letters. The free reports are going to slow my pace down, significantly, if I wait for their response. I am planning to send a letter every day until i have addressed all disputes for the next few days. Can you give me some advice on my strategy or how to improve my plan? Thanks, Debtstopay
  5. Hello everyone, I am in the process of writing a few credit repair letters to the three credit bureaus. The last time I wrote a few letters, some years ago, I think i recall at least one of the credit bureaus required that I ONLY use a dispute form and one at least required a copy of my drivers license, utility bill. Can you please verify which credit bureaus require a letter or dispute form only and type of identification. TransUnion Experian Equifax Thanks, Debts to pay
  6. thanks for the credit karma referral. I will check the website.
  7. Thanks, what is a "real TU 08 FICO score". It was an approval but they changed the conditions and gave me a very high interest rate but they offered me 10.99% for balance transfer for 6 months. I will take what I can get and use the best to my advantage.
  8. I am looking to start monitoring my credit scores. And, I want to do it on a budget. Which company has the best offer for all three scores? and or should I use the FICO scores? If so, which company should I use? I recently obtained a Discover cc and I was told that they would sent me a copy of my FICO score monthly. Is this the real FICO credit score? Is there a good plan or pattern to utilize to monitor and improve my credit score weekly or monthly? Thanks for answering all of my questions in advance. Any advice or recommendations would be helpful. My current FICO score from Discover as of 11/18 is 642. I would like a 720 score by June or earlier. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a utilization spreadsheet? I want to keep track of my utilization and credit score at a quick glance daily or weekly? Is there a company that will allow me to see my FICO credit score daily or weekly? Any coupons? Thanks!
  10. I am paying off several credit card balances. I want the creditors to update this information immediately. Which address do I write to get this done immediately? Would it be the correspondence address for disputes?
  11. I got behind with 1 of my cc (barclays). Before, I could make a large lump sum payment, they closed my account. Is the account considered a collection account or just closed? I was told over the phone that I should continue to make monthly payments to them every month. I would like to make a settlement offer it is considered a collection account. Is 70% a good amount to ask for a settlement offer today.
  12. I sent a payment to the CA this week. Not knowing that they would be able to report the information on my credit report now. I have a background check coming up in a week or so. Don't know what to do. The balance that the collection office is reporting is not correct. I need it to not be reported on my credit report. Should I send a validation letter to them today? Also, i have been requesting them to remove about every 6 months or so. I need this to permantly go away. I really want to take them to court to get it resolved. The account is as old as 2000/2002. The original credit treated me very bad too. I tried to settle with them for months and years before they closed the account. I didn't keep any old records from the account. Then about 2/3 years ago, the CA has been putting in on and off my report. If I write my attorneys general office would they support my story? Since, i made a token $10 payment. I am prepared to settle the balance from the orginal creditor amount. However the CA has more than trippled the balance and I can't afford to pay it now. My background check will not go through if I had an unpaid collection, such as this on my report. What can I do very fast?
  13. I mailed a money order. Any other options to prevent them from placing the information back on my report due to the recent payment?
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