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  1. There are two complaints. Charging interest when it is not in original contract/agreement. The second is charging interest after Governors orders. That's why they are going to investigate the CA which is what I wanted in the first place. I appreciate your opinion. However, the Office of Commissioner did not deem my complaint stupid.
  2. This is in-state. I received notification from both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma. I emailed the Office of the Commissioner in Las Vegas. They responded by saying they will do a full investigation. They said they just needed proof this happened after March 20, 2020 because sometimes CRA's are delayed. The supervisor of the Financial Institutions Division of Dept of Business and Industry said charging interest after March 20, 2020 is indeed not complying with Governor's order. I emailed them a screenshot of the alerts. In addition, they are doing an investigation on whether or not Quantum can legally charge interest.
  3. In Nevada, the Governor informed all Collection Agencies they are non-essential business. As of March 20, 2020 He states all collection efforts with Nevada consumers/resident must cease effective midnight until April 16, 2020. Yesterday, I get a credit alert saying that my collection balance with up $1.00 (Interest). If the CA must cease all collections, did I catch them with a violation? Or, am I just reaching!! I printed out the letter from the Department of Business and Industry-Financial Institution Division.
  4. I recently was approved with NFCU for an IRRRL VA loan. My middle score was around 620 and I have a BK from 2015. I was approved for a 3% interest rate. The problem: They took over 3 months for it to close. I called my broker and she said refinance should only take 2 weeks. Especially if there is no money out. So I went with her. Unfortunately, she couldn't beat the 3% but I was paying 5.75%.
  5. This Is great info. So, I should sue the Apartment complex or the CA? What's interesting is I personally know a lady who works for the carpet company.
  6. Yes it was $250 for security deposit.
  7. They charged $800 for the carpet. The blinds were $35. They claimed there were red stains they couldn't get out.
  8. Indeed!!!! Sucks because it's the only collection on my reports. I couldn't find anywhere where the agreement said they could charge interest though.
  9. The original amount is 1085.00 now its up to 1174.00
  10. Unfortunately I did not get a copy. They took the notes down. I know... comes to bite me later.
  11. Thanks for replying INDY and Centex. There was no litigation. It never went to court. As a matter of fact, I never received the initial collection letter from the CA. It just appeared on my credit report. That's when I sent a validation letter and all they sent back was a itemized list of damages and their cost, the rental agreement, and another itemized copy of all the rental payment history. I moved out around Oct, 2018. I have already disputed with CFPB. My main complaint was they never sent proof of the move in checklist. I was there for 2 years.
  12. I have a CA charging interest. The collections originated from "damages" from an apartment I moved out of. They automatically sent this to a CA to collect. I disputed this based on the move in checklist listing carpet damage which is the majority portion of this bill. The CA still can't provide the move in checklist. However, my concern is they have been charging interest on this collections. I can't find anywhere in the rental agreement or any contract for that matter they can do this. How would anyone here with experience in this matter handle it?
  13. Im thick skinned. I deserve the criticism for using Lex law lol. I got lazy, and canceled within in two months, realizing how foolish it was.
  14. When you say "he" are you talking about me? I just discovered this recently. Yes, somehow Lexington must of got this to report that way. I stated earlier I did not care about the garnishment. They are less than 200 bucks from being done with that debt, which should be next check. I only cared about the reporting. I simply asked how would anyone handle this? Yes, I have been a member for awhile but rarely active.

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