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  1. Hi all, I thought I'd share an interesting series of events from the last couple of months. In late October, much to my surprise, I received a notice of Change of Terms from Chase, which consisted of raising my 8.99% rate to 21.99%. To decline the new terms and close the account, I had to reply by Nov. 20. It was a no-brainer to go ahead and write the letter. Not using the account (because it's closed) and paying lots of principal (because the rate stays low) helps to get your balances down. So having written my letter, I received a reply on Saturday saying that it was an error on their part, and that they hoped I'd keep the account open at the old 8.99% fixed rate. I think they were hoping I'd miss their notice and keep the account open at the new, higher rate. They were obviously not anxious to close the account. And they were quite right, it was an error on their part. Given the right information and awareness on my part, their shady tactics wouldn't lead to their desired result. They basically picked on the wrong guy. The moral of the story, if there is one, is that if you stand up against unfair terms and tactics, sometimes you win.
  2. This is only a few years late on their part, but Target notified me they would upgrade my store card to a Visa. The limit will go from $200 to $1000. A little bit of progress there.
  3. There are no useless facts. All information is meaningful. Mindfulness has no limits.
  4. RichGuy

    Amex Clear

    I think the Clear card is just another gimmick. I saw right through it.
  5. I used my Citibank MasterCard at a local Waffle House less than a year ago. Only because I was very hungry, mind you. The food wasn't that good, except for the waffle and the grits.
  6. RichGuy


    You shouldn't carry a balance with Aspire at that APR, but UNUSED credit from them can be very useful. It can not only lower your utilization, but also increase your average age of accounts. As with most subprime cards, you're basically renting a positive tradeline from Aspire. It comes complete with an account history and lots of unutilized credit. If it's your largest tradeline at $9,600, and one of your oldest, then it's worth renting for a few more years at $49 per year.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I'm a lot more optimistic after reading those experiences.
  8. I guess that having an AmEx Gold card could finally pay off for me. This week, I got two identical letters from AmEx telling me I'm preapproved for the Blue card. Since I need to lower my utilization as much as possible, here's my question: How can I get a limit of $5000 from them instead of the standard $2000?
  9. What do you mean by that, RG? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, nicer debts would be manageable debts, debts that don't make excessive demands on my budget or my attention. They would be compliant debts that let me do what I want. They would be faithful debts that don't cheat on me. They would be low-payment, low-interest debts that I incur on equal terms with creditors of good moral character. I'm hoping that some debts like that show up in my mailbox in the near future...
  10. Now I'm getting really curious. How can money change your family tree? And how much money does it take?
  11. RG!!!!!! Miss ya...where ya been?? Vegas I bet... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Regrettably, I've been mostly at work. I'm trying to eliminate my high-payment and high-interest debts, hoping that eventually some nicer debts drop in...
  12. I found the original topic (which was debt, by the way) to be an interesting one.
  13. .... Pay attention to Nicnac. She knows all about sending mail... ....
  14. .... Congratulations, Quilty, that's great news!! I hope you take good care of that account. Just remember, the purpose of an Orchard account for most people is not to get lower interest rates or higher credit limits. The purpose is to rent a positive tradeline for a couple of years until you can get something better. If you get good use from the card along the way, so much the better.
  15. .... Just another unwanted duplicate message... ....

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