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  1. Not my copy (found an image link in the thread you linked) but here it is.
  2. And the magic disclaimer: "This site is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and as such you are not permitted to use this site for any FCRA related activities or checks." Wonder how well that will hold up once they get on regulator radar, especially with the scammy background check ads they're serving up.
  3. I got offered zip point sh*t but app'd for Platinum and BCE; instant approvals for both and BCE was exact same limit as Costco.
  4. Just got my paper statement with the rewards coupon for 2016. Noticed the following text: SERVICE ADVISORY: We expect that you will no longer be able to use your current American Express card for any purchases beginning in mid-2016 because it will be discontinued. You can keep using your Card and earning rewards as you do today until then. Please call 1-888-246-1076 if you need more information. I take it that since I haven't been pushed any preapprovals or the like and this is my only Amex, that there's no PC offer forthcoming and if I wanted to retain an Amex, I'd have to apply. Since D* is dead (but had it on this card back to '89), I don't see myself taking the INQ.
  5. This isn't Usenet in the 1980s. Nitpicking doesn't make your bank brown nosing any less ridiculous either.
  6. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Got D* (self, not anything fancy like for an AU) to '89 on a TE opened in 2014. It's not going to be much use to me transferred to Citi and now there's no point I see in opening a charge since it won't *D. So it appears I am to be Amexless once again unless there's a monster sign-up bonus. Great information in this thread!
  7. Easy fix: clear transactions in the order received. I'm amazed at the degree of bankster apologetics happening here. By the way, have never had an overdraft, so I'm not sure why posts here have been implying that I have just because I dislike unfair bank practices. The advice to avoid debit cards is good--and joining a credit union and avoiding banks and their fee harvesting (calling a spade a spade) even better.
  8. Bottom line: banks shouldn't be allowed to shuffle transactions to maximize NSF fees and people shouldn't be allowed to "willingly" open accounts containing traps in the form of such one-sided terms. This is the kind of thing that is the very reason we have regulators: because banks have shown they cannot be trusted not to bend consumers over barrels and have their way with them. Filing the complaints is a legitimate way to bring the situation to the attention of regulators and is within the rights of "victims" of the practice. The fact that the banks have to spend time and money responding is just the icing on the cake.
  9. Another way to look at is to file complaints about taking advantage of a consumer in a precarious situation, bring it to the attention of regulators, and consume the resources of the offending institution in responding to same, helping to incentivize regulation and fair business practices. But that doesn't have the appeal of making the smug and self-superior feel good about themselves. (edit, accidentally a word)
  10. Yes, that's part of the problem in the OP's situation. But the bank processed transactions so as to maximize overdrafts. And the CPFB (though apparently not the justice of the peace or the Red Cross) has been looking into the practice: http://www.forbes.com/sites/halahtouryalai/2013/06/11/yes-banks-are-reordering-your-transactions-and-charging-overdraft-fees/
  11. Ah, sarcasm, one of the last refuges of those with nothing pertinent to contribute.
  12. Terms being agreed to do not exclude them being one-sided. It's not "everyone's a victim," but there does seem to be some victim blaming in your tone.
  13. Stuck at $13K for here. Card pretty much sockdrawered except for PayPal--don't want to expose more than one card to those crooks, and if I had to lose one, well, Discover would be no great loss .
  14. If a bank rearranged transactions to maximize NSF--even if their one-sided terms said they could do it, I would still send written complaint to the state AG, CPFB, and Comptroller of the Currency just to make them spend more than they got from me responding to the inquiries. And of course make sure to badmouth them by name anywhere there might be a wide audience . And then I would of course move everything to the nearest credit union.
  15. Sweet, thanks! Registered four cards and am looking forward to visiting my favorite liquor store that Saturday!

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