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  1. wiser

    DUNS Report

    I have been charging with the Staples. How many net 30 accounts do I need to open, and how much should I charge of things that I really don't need now. How long will it take before they report to DUNS. Wiser
  2. wiser

    DUNS Report

    I have been reading and I have tried w/Staples several months ago. I really don't have a need for a net 30 account. However, I may reconsider. But it would be like gettign supplies that I don't need now. I have tried Dell and Office Depot ..but they wanted to use my personal line. Any advice, I am reading but I have not seen any other things to do while waiting. Would someone point me in the right direction. My goal is to get a line of credit and or a major credit card, ASAP. Wiser
  3. I checked my DUNS a few mintues ago. It appears as though the Staples biz account that I have is not showing up on the report. How do I get them to report. And should I request additional lines of credit elsewhere? And who is more likely? My goal is to get a secured line of credit or credit card for an upcoming project ASAP. In the meantime, I need to build a strong credit history without spending much money or credit. Any suggestions, I only have 1 biz credit account with Staples now. I applied for Dell and Office Depot shortly after applying for the Staples, but was asked to secure with my personal informaton, which I declined. Wiser
  4. wiser

    Credit Score

    I have had a Staples card for awhile now. However, it is the only biz credit that I have. I need a major credit card? How do I find out my score for biz credit? Anyone know of any recent takers for biz credit cards with a history such as mine? Wiser
  5. Hello everyone, I have been reading through the threadlines on obtaining new credit. The last date shows "2005". Would it be possible to start a new thread about getting biz credit in "2008"? Also, why is it that it takes a very long time to get a response from a question in this forum? I really appreciate "Creditboards". However, the timeliness and dates within this forum don't seem to be current and as responsive as the others. Thanks, Wiser
  6. wiser

    biz score

    hello everyone, i need a credit card processing tool in my biz name. Looking at Quick Books and Bankamerica. Don't know my credit score, i only have 1 biz account w/staples. how do i determine my biz credit score. And any suggestions on who may approve me? Wiser
  7. i live in Maryland. Does anyone know the statue of limitations for reporting credit information for the state of Maryland? Wiser
  8. Would someone please let me know if these addresses are correct for disputing my personal address and information by mail? CREDIT BUREAU ADDRESSES FOR SENDING DISPUTE LETTERS Equifax Credit Information Services PO BOX 740256 ATLANTA GA 30374-0256 800-270-3435 Trans Union Consumer Relations PO Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022-2000 800-916-8800 phone Experian NCAC PO Box 9701 Allen TX 75013-9701 800-583-4080 phone Wiser
  9. Is anyone able to answer the question without me having to go back and read something that I missed. Wiser
  10. Where do I process my decision to "Opt out" online? Wiser
  11. wiser


    How many points would/should I expect from removing 1 or each credit inquiry? Wiser
  12. Okay, Which of the 3 CRA's will remove old address information? by phone, online dispute or mail? Please list the best choice Equifax old address removal -phone -online -mail Transunion old address removal -phone -online -mail Experian old address removal -phone -online -mail Wiser
  13. Okay, it looks like I need to start with my personal informaiton, housekeeping. Does that affect my score and should I really begin there instead of getting to my inquiries, which does affect my score? Please explain. Wiser
  14. wiser


    hey, recently, i hired the service of a credit repair agency. they had me sign a retainer agreement. Will they send thie retainer to my creditors requesting a settlement offer or removal/ And would the credit bureaus acknowledge this retainer as a legal power of attorney giving them permission to communicate disputes?. Also, would the 3 credit bureaus accept a retainer agreement signed by me to allow them to do an investigation of the dispute? Is this legal? homely

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