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  1. Is there anything I should be aware of when offering on one of these properties? Other than it has to be lender approved.
  2. I am a sales rep. Sounds like he wants to talk to you to create a "personal" relationship. Or perhaps he won't get the commission if he sends you the info. For fear that you will contact another rep when you are ready to do business.
  3. I am tying to get an FHA loan. My father has a lot of assets as well as excellent credit. and is co-borrower on the loan. Is the rule you have to have 20% down to avoid PMI? What about just having excellent credit? Or having 20% instant equity?
  4. Just wait until her "nesting" instinct kicks in. I can't blame her for not wanting to clean. When I was pregnant with both of mine it was all I could do to have the energy to get out of bed. But when it got close to time for labor. I cleaned every inch of my house like they were going to be living in a bubble. Sorry ,
  5. Thanks, I have never heard of the program you mentioned. The broker said that the rate is not locked. The first rate she gave me was around 6.75. Where do I go for info on the bond program you mentioned? I don't know if I would qualify my scores are around 600 and I am using a co borrower. My income is around $38,000
  6. This for an FHA loan. I am hoping the seller will pay the closing costs. Loan amount: $135,769 Interest rate: 7.125% 360 months Items payable in connection with loan Loan origination fee: 1.000% $ 1,337.63 Appraisal Fee $300.00 Credit Report $18.00 Processing Fee $400.00 Automated underwriting $30.00 UMC Courier Fee $50.00 Adm. Fee (underwriting/Doc fee $595.00 Title charges Attorney fees $500.00 Title ins. $340.00 Title binder $175.00 Government recording $ Transfer charges Recording fees $75.00 City county Tax Stamps: $408.00 Ga. residential per loan fee $6.50 Items requires by lender to be paid in advance: Interest for 15 days @ 26.5029 per day $397.54 Mortgage Insurance Premium $2,006.45 Hazard Ins. premium $535.08 Reserves deposited with lender: Hazard Insurance Premiums 2 months @ $89.18 Mortgage ins. $55.73 Taxes and Assessment Reserves 4 months $459.68 Estimated prepaid items $3,487.93 Total settlement charges $7,405.06 Total estimated funds needed to close $4137.45 Monthly payment $1,129.94
  7. Really? The original pull date by LANDAMERICA (ALLIANCE) was May 25th, 2007; but there was a repull (they used another agency LANDSAFE on June 13th? If thats the case, why did they pull again???? Here is the record from MYFICO: Inquiries affecting your FICO score Total: 09 Times Date Company making the inquiry June 13, 2007 Alliance Mtg/Landsafecredit June 05, 2007 Fia Csna May 25, 2007 AllianceMtg/Landamerica Credit Svc May 21, 2007 Municiples Employees C May 16, 2007 Cit Bank/Dfs May 14, 2007 Onyx Accep May 04, 2007 Bank Of America May 02, 2007 Alliance Mtg/Landamerica Credit Svc April 20, 2007 Alliance Mtg/Landamerica Credit Svc And I thought I had a lot on my plate lately, I seem to remember a previous post that you had made it through underwriting, another about a cash-out refi, one about doing two mortgages at the same time, one about a string of auto loan inqs and one in the Auto forum about just buying a new Maserati and BMW. Good luck, makes my one little mortgage seem not so worrisome.
  8. I am looking to buy a house and when I pulled up the Tax Assessors records it's listed like this. owner name: Smith, Jane c/o mailing address: Jones, Patty ( then gives the house address it is the same as the location we are looking at) The reason I am asking is that the person that is selling the house (by owner) is the person listed as the mailing address. At least that's who I have talked to thus far. So would the person I would be buying from be the owner. Jane Smith? Also under sale info it says Grantor Jane Smith, Grantee Patty Jones so I am confused as to whom owns the house. I hope this makes sense to someone. Because when I just read it again it kind of confused me.
  9. Thanks, Co-signer is Dad and his credit is excellent as well as his income.
  10. If you don't mind me asking I see that you are getting an FHA loan. The price of the home I am looking at is 137,000 I am wondering if my income is enough. What is your income? Just wanted to see if I am close. If you would rather not disclose I understand. Thanks
  11. I forgot to ask can I include child support as income.
  12. I make about $40,000 per year I am trying to qualify for $135,000. My monthly obligations are $180.00. I am just wondering about the income being enough. I have an excellent co-signer. My scores are around 599
  13. Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without this forum.

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