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  1. Hello All, I haven't posted or visited the forums in quite awhile now... so forgive me if this question or topic is already posted... I'll read it after I post. A few years ago I was a regular to these boards, I couldn't go a day without logging in to see what was posted and I faithfully fought my way from a low 500 score to a mid 600 for both me and my husband... following the advice given here we were able to get approved for an FHA loan for 30 yr @ 4.78%...We were also successful in getting a money sucking "fake" law firm to give us a $1,000 for violating the FDCPA...I love Creditboards, and Im glad I remembered my password! but enough about me My question has to do with the economic bail out....Like everyone else I've been watching the government spend billions of dollars to buy up bad debt mortgages and putting the blame on the lending practices of the companies involved... which don't get me wrong, they deserve it... We all saw that coming!! But what I don't hear is any blame being thrown at the CC companies who continue to hike up interest rates-because they can- and are allowed to keep forking out the credit to consumers who can't afford them! When it's a mortgage company it's bad but a credit card company it's ok?? Believe me I understand that people need to be responsible for their own actions and getting yourself in CC debt over your head is stupid, I've been there and done that!! But why isn't the OCC doing anything now to regulate the CC companies, they've been getting away with preditory lending and modern day loan sharking for too long... You won't see Capital One needing any bail out... trust me! I think that we need to look at the big picture, people who are loosing their houses to foreclosure may get help from the government to stay in their homes...but they will be living house poor and filing bankruptcy from all their credit card debt... So tell me how is that going to help the economy?
  2. Hi All, We bought our first home 2 years ago we have a 30 yr FHA loan @ 4.875% through Countrywide. Everything was going smoothly until my husband lost his job and then I did too. Then we both had major medical problems pop up, him dental, me MS. So to compensate we ended up overextending our credit cards and got an additional Carecredit card and a 0% Countrywide CC. We'll needless to say as we speak, we have $12,114.19 in credit card debt and we are right now $2,300.00 behind on our mortgage payments. We are on a repayment plan right now with Country Wide that is an additional 500 bucks a month on top of our $ 1,183.00 pmt. On the upside we both have very good jobs now but, I need some advice badly, I don't know what to do next or even where to start... I've been reading about home equity loans, which seems like the best way for us to go. I don't want to just jump in blind but we need something quick. Any thoughts? Oh and if I have my loan with CountryWide will they do the HEL too? TIA
  3. Hey All, it's me again I got another update, your gonna love this one... We won the second suit by default, I guess they must have been afraid to step foot in the state! Now we play the waiting game for the money... {{{Hey deadbeats, when you gonna' pay up???}}}
  4. Ok, it was the CA I linked in first post, had to sign a disclosure and it was in the mid 4 figure range. That's just one, I wasn't expecting the lawyer to file against another CA involved that was unlicensed too. I'm sure they got smacked with a hefty fine already from my state's DOB already!!
  5. Bah, whatever!! Frick Froom Frah, Fry CA Fry!! It all sounds good to me, lol. I'll give details when I get home...
  6. Hey Guys, it's been awhile since I posted but I just wanted to update with some good news! Here's my original post: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?s...opic=144947&hl= It's now official, they folded like a house of cards and I won my lawsuit! I never expected it to end so quickly, they were collecting without a license and used an attorney's letter head illegally, gotta love that papertrail eh?! Thanks Everyone, just more proof that CB rocks!
  7. 1. Guy named "Vinnie the Razor" 2. Lead pipe 3. River 4. You didn't see nuthin. That's derived from the Capco techniques; if you can't beat em, join em. "The following tradeline is inaccurate, incomplete, and a serious error in reporting, violating your requirements under the FCRA. Delete it or I'll break your kneecaps". Yous Gotta love it, I've been watching the Sapranos on demand all month and that plan don't sound so bad ride about now. Know what I mean?
  8. Hmmm... that's really strange. Well thanks for trying!
  9. 888-786-1860 Got a message yesterday to call Bill Giavanni at this number. Better to be safe. But I can't find anything on this....?
  10. In any business where you have to trust some other business's numbers for some reason, the contract should allow for an audit (IMHO). Auditing isn't just a function of the IRS, it's a function of "internal controls" in many businesses as well. Nobody should be surprised or get excited by this ... if you were a Hollywood film distrubtor, would you want a theater chain to be letting a lot of patrons sneak into your movies without paying (considering that the theater chains make nearly zip on the tickets, but loads of money on the concessions)? No, so you audit if you get a whiff of something fishy... Good point, that makes sense. I'm sorry I can't help myself, CRA anti-consumer activities always makes me lose my cool!
  11. Are you serious?... OMG the CA/CRA contract allows for an audit! WTF, might as well make them all a legit part of the government. Do any other businesses get away with half the crap they do? Soon they'll have Secret Agents of the CRA
  12. What's the difference between a vacum cleaner and a collection agency? The vacum cleaner only has 1 dirtbag! Difference? Why, there is no difference! They both suck!! OMG that is too funny!! I wonder if there is a collection agency named Hoover Collections?
  13. It's a great feeling when you see the results, isn't it? Don't forget to give yourself a big pat on the back for all the hard work! Congrats wonder!!!
  14. Fishycat, Like bella, and plenty of others here, myself included, we have been there and done that. Welcome to the club! The good news for you is that your young! We're all here saying "if I only knew then what I know now..." Just listen to the words of truth and experience and this will pass in the blink of an eye! If worse comes to worse this will happen... Hopefully, it doesn't come to that for your wallets sake, but I can tell you that for $5,000., you can expect it. IMO, there are no wrong questions... Heck, your coming here and asking is your first step in the right direction. At your age I would of ripped up the notice and worried about it when they attached my pay! Ask me how I know... I suggest that your next step should be to try to prevent this judgement. Trust me FICO no like it! Here's a few questions for you, how old is your debt, what CC, and who are you getting letters from?
  15. Hey all, I've got a question, our HUD settlement statement shows about 1k less then we actually paid. When I questioned this amount at closing the attorney explained that there was an adjustment for taxes and whatever else. Now that it is tax season I'm here scratching my head because the way I see it I may have been able to deduct that 1k on my taxes. What can I do now? is this common?? TIA

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