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  1. We use a company called TransNartional BankCard. There are very few companies out there that will work with FFL's and TNBC has been great with us so far.
  2. I'm a FFL/C3 dealer myself. I've got wholesale accounts at over 10 places and none of them that I have report that I can tell from looking at DNB, EXP, or EX. As you probably know there are some wholesale dealers out there that won't deal with "homebased" FFL's. so you have to pick and choose which ones you go with. If I can be of any assistance let me know.
  3. I'm going this route to. Prior business I was able to buy through Ford with no PG. I have 4 reporting to DNB now with 100% and not sure on the others but they show trade lines reporting.
  4. I'm the owner of a gun shop. I'm a fully licensed FFL and I'm a Class 3 dealer (meaning I sell suppressors, SBR's, SBS, AOW, and fully auto weapons) I'm also an instructor and I teach concealed carry, tactical pistol, tactical rifle and tactical shotgun classes through my business.
  5. Boy do I love these type of threads. I see links are being posted about the bad things officers do. Why not post the good things officers do? Since it appears those won't be posted I'll post just a tiny few for you. Cop saves woman life http://www.fox11online.com/dpps/entertainment/must_see_video/caught-on-camera-cop-saves-womans-life-nd12-jgr_4599889 Cop saves 3 people's lives http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/01/25/suffolk-cop-saves-three-lives-in-as-many-weeks/ Cop saves baby with CPR http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/30/ed-pakula-cop-saves-baby-_n_1719195.html Cop saves 5 week old from choking http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/1172133--durham-cop-saves-life-of-choking-five-week-old-baby Police save 2 lives in same hour http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-06-09/news/32145172_1_esu-cops-police-unit-psychiatric-evaluation I can go on if need be.
  6. I'm fixing to have a CMR done and in the process of doing a business plan to submit for a Indoor range. I'm setting on 3.5 million dollars right now for a 16 lane split indoor range. 8 lanes for pistol (25 yard) and 8 lanes for rifles (50 yard). Over all 18,000sq ft building with 10,000sq ft being range, the rest will be divided into a retail shop (since I hold a FFL and SOT license) classroom for teaching and a lounge.
  7. Never understood why departments/officers got upset over flashing of headlights. People slow down because of it and that's what we want.
  8. That's the point of a community watch. You make it everyone's business. Especially in a gated community.
  9. And yet we arrest people who have broke into or attempted to break into houses and all they were doing was just walking down the street. Z didn't know what this person was doing.
  10. I do. Once law enforcement arrives on scene you step aside and let them do their jobs. Once again, how are you going to "observe and report" if your setting in your vehicle? As for the "guildlines" it's just that, a guildline. That is what they would like for you to do, not what you have to do. Its there to guild people who have no clue on how to go about setting up a neighborhood watch program.
  11. Well I'm glad I don't live in FL if they are telling the people who are suppose to be watching your house not to do anything other then just sit in a vehicle. As for the statement, overzealous I can see. However, with what you posted Tutko doesn't say he shouldn't have followed the person, he says and I quote " "]"If you see something suspicious, you report it, you step aside and you let law enforcement do their job," no where does it say you should't follow someone to see what/where they are going. As for carrying the gun, of course they are going to say you shouldn't carry a gun, that's a liability they don't want. But he didn't break any laws by doing so either.
  12. Why not? I didn't realize there was a law stating that you couldn't walk around your neighborhood following someone who was acting strange, afterall that is what Community Watches are for. Not to just sit in one locatino and hope the little section your watching from your vehicle doesn't get robbed while the rest of the neighborhood is left unprotected. Also as stated before, following someone isn't against the law. The minute one or the other laid hands on the other person then it became assualt at which point things start in motion. Now there are factors that have to take place before deadly force can be used. FL's laws are a lot like NC's laws when it comes to self defence. The key to this case is going to be the inital interaction between the two and what started the fight and if anyone else believe's anything different then well I'm sorry for you.

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