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  1. Does anyone here have epilepsy? I had a few seizures back in 2009, then they seemed to be controlled. Last year, they increased tremendously and haven't been controlled since. I took Depakote in the past, but stopped because of pregnancy. Before the pregnancy, I had only like 5 seizures in my life. Now it is well over 100. The baby is six months old on June 2, 2014. I am back on Depakote and Vimpat now. I have been referred to an epileptologist because my neurologist says surgery is probably necessary. I'm wondering if anyone has tips on dealing with the epilepsy or has been through it?
  2. Umm because a part of me was hoping I was. I guess that is wrong. Plus having been through pregnancy myself, I figured I could help others with issues I faced during pregnancy. My cousins wife is a member of the board and suggested I join it because I have helped her with a lot of her concerns with her pregnancy. So I did thinking maybe I could help someone in the process. Unlike what you all seem to think, I do think of others and I am rather helpful with certain things.
  3. Also, I did a search on google for my username and did not see the link that was posted come up. So, does the cyberstalking apply? If so, please get a life.
  4. Oh, you can all breath a little easier. My OBGYN recently informed me it is highly unlikely I will ever conceive again due to various female issues I have been having. Miracles can occur, but I doubt it will happen. So I won't bring anymore horrendous beings, which is what you all seem to think my children are, into the world. I love my children and want what's best for them.
  5. I was looking for advice and opinions on whether the text would be sufficient. I wasn't looking for cyberstalking and criticism. In the past, I have really appreciated the help and advice I got from some folks on this board. To those people, thank you.
  6. Umm I post on message boards, mostly this one because I thought people were helpful here. I am not admitting to anything because I'm not a compulsive liar. Believe what you will, but I know the truth and can simply wish the stuff I have posted was a lie
  7. Vibrantecho, I wish the stuff was made up but it's not
  8. If you don't believe me then why do you reply. You seriously need a life for essentially cyber stalking me like that. What a loser!
  9. Umm, is it really any of your business if I choose to have more kids or do not?
  10. BTW, sorry I forgot about getting off the birth control for that one month span. My youngest is seven years old now, so I have been on it for quite a long time.
  11. Some of you people really need a life. My husband and I had discussed getting pregnant around that time, but decided against it. My female issues were caused by fibroid tumors if I remember correctly. In any case, WTF does it matter to you if he and I want to have another child.
  12. No I am not pregnant, and I do not know where you got that info. I have been on birth control for quite some time since my youngest was born. I have switched them, but never gotten off them. So I do not know the big news. You tell me.
  13. The attorney has filed the paperwork, but they do not hear custody matters until Thursday in this court. So I will go to court this Thursday most likely. I do not have a time yet, but I will be calling for that tomorrow afternoon. As far as the father, he supposedly wants a "break" according to his mother and wants to resume primary custody of the kids in a few months when he gets back on his feet. The kids do not want to go back to him, though.
  14. My attorney was available today and is in the process of filing the paperwork for custody now. I'm thankful and relieved, but still in shock somewhat I think.
  15. Yes I am the non custodial parent, but I guess he wants to change that. I'm still in shock I think.
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