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  1. I clearly recognized the comment, thus my sarcastic response which was obviously not recognized, LOL! Clearly centex is a PIF consumer and is more familiar with credit card legal documents than most.
  2. You can find this information in your credit card agreement and disclosures!
  3. Got to love the TARP banking cartel and their interest rates! The fact is that the majority of Americans are revolvers and would be far better off with a low APR credit union card than a TARP bank card. Statutorily, credit unions can only charge a max APR of 18% which is why this is the typical default rate for CU credit cards. And come to think of it, the default rate on my CU cards is typically LOWER than the prime rate on most of my TARP bank cards, LOL! I do PIF, however I currently have three CU cards currently BELOW 8.00% APR in the sock drawer just in case, which is less than half of that 17% average charged by the TARP cartel.
  4. "Cards without raised numbers".....well that sure is a mouthful, the proper term your are seeking is embossed. And I don't like embossed cards, hopefully they all soon become completely extinct.
  5. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is calling on carriers to block robocalls by default without waiting for consumers to opt in to call-blocking services. To encourage carriers, Pai is proposing rule changes making it clear that carriers are allowed to block calls by default. Call blocking by default isn't explicitly outlawed by the FCC, but Pai's announcement today said that "many voice providers have held off developing and deploying call-blocking tools by default because of uncertainty about whether these tools are legal under the FCC's rules." In a call with reporters this morning, Pai said the uncertainty stems from a 2015 FCC order in which "the FCC suggested that its rules and regulations would not prohibit call-blocking services to the extent that consumers opted into them. Many members of the industry perceived that interpretation to make illegal, potentially, the blocking of calls by default."
  6. LOL! How very Beta of you...... And this dude did get a very bad deal, I would have requested a 50% refund.
  7. Yes I am fully cognizant that we can no longer obtain or have JCB cards here in the USA, however I was a bit surprised by how many different cards they issue globally and there are some real winners here for oddball card contests! https://www.global.jcb/en/products/cards/ I also find it rather ironic that if any of us lived in say Bangladesh, Laos or Vietnam we could obtain a JCB card, yet this is NOT an option in America! And this JCB web page still lists two cards available in the USA in error, but I wonder if JCB is contemplating their return here?
  8. LOL! These companies never do......
  9. Just thought I would post this resource since it appears to have been somewhat updated. https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/cfpb_consumer-reporting-companies-list.pdf
  10. Not this nonsense again... Total waste of CB bandwidth, no wonder this Forum is so quiet these days....
  11. The Peoples Temple Credit Union, since cv loves CU's and Kool-Aid
  12. No doubt a dumb move, however we have all inadvertently left something we forgot in a vehicle. Hope they catch this thug who is using the stolen credit card, those photos of him are really clear.
  13. The four largest U.S. banks had almost $4 billion in charge-offs from credit cards last quarter, and just $656 million from all other consumer lending. That’s the biggest gap since at least 2009. Card charge-offs now make up more than 80 percent of total consumer credit costs, up from 67 percent three years ago.
  14. And don't have ALL of your cards/revolving accounts report zero balances across the board! Have just one account report a balance of $2.00 for a FICO Score boost.
  15. Very true, however in regards to FICO 9 Scores ONLY, FICO will ignore fully paid collections and they would no longer adversely impact your FICO 9 Scores! But you never know what FICO version a creditor will utilize, thus with FICO 9 creditors, your scores will likely be much better, with ALL other FICO versions, your scores as PotO mentioned will likely be worse!

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