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  1. Hege - I did attempt to call the last two executives I knew (had direct lines) at TransUnion. One took an enticing early retirement offer this summer and the other is out on disability, so struck out there and honestly have not pursued this further, however Citibank just denied me again and I am awaiting another stupid letter. Thanks for your efforts and I sense some real shenanigans from Citi here. I find it rather curious that a frontline CSR would state that Citi uses all the historical data they have on you, including data that would be obsolete per the FCRA, then Citi claims this new score is coming from our TransUnion reports which must be FCRA compliant. Obviously TU can no longer list your BK or include it in scoring you! Also curious why my score was 926 compared to 920 for you, as you should be outscoring me on probably any scoring model out there. Maybe the BK, but again TU can't use that, Citi must be utilizing an internal scoring model and simply lying about that fact, for whatever reason. Final data point, my TU FICO 8 score is currently 820 so you do outscore me there! Glad you filed complaints Hege, please keep us updated.....
  2. I currently have two cards, each one from a different CU that presently have standard rates sub 5%, so I wonder why CoVantage is not really competitive here...... This reminds me, I should charge something on these cards for some usage, I don't use them, however they are part of an extensive portfolio designed to cover all contingencies! Much like my fire extinguishers, never plan to use them, however they are always there just in case......
  3. Why is anyone even dealing with Patelco?
  4. SmartlyPretty - So sorry to hear about this situation, talk about stress and then compounded with a year full of Covid!! There is a lot to read here, but as I understand the situation, you purchased the home, it's YOUR house, you are making the mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, etc. but the deed is not in your name, correct? Now I am NOT a lawyer but have some insight here for your from a similar personal experience. First, it's your house and you should be able to get it into your name for the current mortgage balance, thus you would only need a mortgage for this amount. You have all the documentation of mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, etc. and this should be totally sufficient to make your case. You should not have to "pay" a higher home price due to appreciation, that belongs to you as this is your house that you have been paying for! In the law, there are ways to substitute for that lack of a formal written contract or agreement. And it appears the agreement is that this is YOUR house (except you are not on the deed), thus you made the mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, etc., which one would reasonably do, if the home was theirs! They primary way to enforce your ownership rights is thru the legal doctrine of promissory estoppel: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/promissory_estoppel https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/promissory_estoppel.asp You may also want to read about detrimental reliance as it is a component of promissory estoppel: https://uslawessentials.com/detrimental-reliance/ Thus if you purchased the home in 20?? for $X with parent and the promise/agreement was it's your home, your family lives in said home and makes the mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, etc., then it's your home and to obtain title/deed, you should only have to pay-off the current mortgage balance, you have been the one paying the mortgage! Losing the home appreciation is a detriment to you, you own the home and you relied upon this fact to make the mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, etc., and if the home is yours, then the appreciation is also yours, it's an inherit part of home ownership. Anyway, I am NOT a lawyer thus I am going to just stop here, hopefully Centex joins this thread and opines, but you now have some legal info to research. But in my opinion, this is your home and your are entitled to it for the current mortgage balance due. Good Luck!
  5. Never good to make assumptions..... PotO is a senior U.S. Military Officer and NOT a Pfizer employee!
  6. Hardly limited to sub-prime lenders.... The opening segment answers your question in depth, however it's worth watching the entire story even though it's from November/2004. FRONTLINE: Secret History of the Credit Card https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/showscredit/
  7. The American Bankers Association reported in 2019 that as consumers exhibit good payment behavior, issuers are responding by slowly increasing credit lines; however, issuers are also slowing the pace of new account openings, particularly for prime (credit scores from 680 to 759) and subprime (scores less than 680) borrowers.
  8. Poop Dog has also been all over TV lately selling Corona Beer.... https://www.marketingdive.com/news/corona-taps-snoop-dogg-for-first-campaign-unifying-family-of-brands/583683/
  9. Gone since March 25, 2019.... IIRC PotO said it was work related, he will know for sure, hopefully he chimes in here!
  10. So he fled the Titanic for the safety of the Navy! Also reminds me of that old adage: If you can't beat them, join them!
  11. Another TARP poster child displaying their banking brilliance....
  12. What are the top FICO factors adversely affecting your scores right now?

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