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  1. Navy now has all of my primary checking accounts, customer service is truly stellar. Recently called Navy in the middle of the night, NO offshore service center, NO third party contracted call center with limited info and NO sorry we are not currently open/available!! Spoke to a retired CPO now working for Navy Federal in their Pensacola call center. Awesome dude who provided me with some incredible customer service!
  2. Good luck with Citi.... I have NEVER spoken with anyone on the phone @ Citi that had a sufficient enough command of the English language to ever get anything accomplished with them and that always results in a visit to the local branch whose décor and paint was last updated in the 1970's. The only thing missing is shag carpeting.
  3. Alex Miller, a 26-year-old state government employee from Denver, has a metal card, too. Cashiers at Chick-fil-A sometimes take notice when he pays with his blue metal Capital One Venture card, he said: “It’s a status symbol.” CrapOne in conjunction with "status symbol" is definitely an oxymoron! LOL!!!
  4. This is truly sage advice from Shifter! Do exactly this, I did not have to do this and forgot to mention this strategy, especially since the OP has a clean EQ report!
  5. You will absolutely receive your highest starting limits from Navy FCU, start with them first. Navy pulls TU for new card applications and monitors your monthly score and handles CLI requests via EQ FICO 9 (Base score not Bankcard) which they also provide to you monthly. The key to maximizing limits with Navy in the first year is to get a card, use the crap out of it, always PIF and after six months, apply for a second card instead of a CLI on the first card. They will at least match the starting limit of your first card and this is almost always higher than any CLI you would receive on your first card.
  6. I honestly don't know if I could bring myself to the point of closing an $80K card, even if it was CrapOne!
  7. In reality this move was probably a promotion that included a nice bonus!
  8. We all know this, however ID theft in thus far NOT the issue in this thread and you obviously missed the fact Hege was just be a sarcastic jack*** who has posted this same moronic comment hundreds of times which is completely counterproductive to the purpose of CB.....
  9. The OP made NO reference to ID theft and the question asked also did NOT pertain to this issue....
  10. Yep.....US Bank is definitely quirky! FWIW, a recent visit to my local US Bank branch had them pushing the Altitude Reserve card on me and I subsequently asked if I could transfer some of the CL from my REI card to whatever starting CL I receive on the Altitude Reserve and they stated "no problem" however I never trust frontline staff. I think you can convert your Cash+ to an Altitude Reserve, which gets you the $47K CL, then attempt to close and combine the $15K CL of your current Altitude Reserve to the new one. If this takes another months long ordeal, at least you will have the $47K CL on your "new" Altitude Reserve and IIRC your Cash+ card is also an older account so you retain the age. How is the Club Carlson VISA currently reporting to the CRA's? Is it still open with a $22K CL reporting? If you can successfully get a $62K CL Altitude Reserve, then possibly try to move the $22K CL from your "open" Club Carlson VISA for an $84K CL Altitude Reserve, LOL!
  11. I guess haters are going to hate... If the dude is happy in Costa Rica, good for him and if he is saving money, so what.
  12. Revolut will first launch in the US with Mastercard
  13. As Marcus becomes more central to Goldman’s future, executives have discussed phasing out its name entirely, people familiar with the matter said.

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