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  1. Navy changed their policies this year, I believe it was the end of March. There is NO more combining of cards or re-allocating credit limits between credit cards. This change was primarily due to some bimbo posting tons of videos online on how to game the system at Navy, so they simply shut it all down!
  2. Where have you been? Alliant went to an all digital business model in 2018 and closed all of their branches that year. There are NO more branches including at their corporate HQ. And Alliant still makes for a great hub.... Alliant also enhanced their VISA Signature card by dropping the AF. Not sure why Alliant just dropped the Platinum Rewards VISA (Effective 10/13/21, but you can still request CLI's) however I suspect their focus is shifting to higher net worth/higher spend members and they will now be directed to the VISA Signature card with 2.5% cash back. Alliant Visa® Signature Credit Card with Cashback (alliantcreditunion.org) And Alliant still maintains a stellar Five Star financial rating from Bauer Financial, whereas Citibank has a Four Star rating from Bauer. https://www.bauerfinancial.com/
  3. I don't know how long that online form has been available, however there has been a procedure for the last several years to contact AMEX and express your desire for an invitation to apply for a Centurion Card. Once submitted, AMEX would typically review your credit, total spend and spending patterns and reply with measures that could be taken to enhance the chance for a Centurion Card invitation. The most common recommendation was an increase in total spend with AMEX. Had a client who did this, he was averaging $40K/month on his Platinum card and surely thought he was worthy of an invitation, AMEX told him they wanted to see a minimum of $500K/year in spend and that he had to up his game, LOL!
  4. All of my low rate CU cards are currently SUB 5% and part of my highly diversified credit card portfolio strategy. Never had to use them or carry a balance, however it's available. If I do want to ever carry a balance, I have plenty of zero fee 0% APR BT offers or if there is a decent SUB, I will open a new card with a 0% APR offer such as this card, however I am not stupid enough to engage in ANY banking with wHells Fargo!
  5. I suspect that cv is a HUGE Suze fan......
  6. What a moron! Whenever I open a new card, I always immediately establish online access, set-up alerts and add to my Password Manager......
  7. The perfect credit card for all those global elite types who fly around in private jets screaming that we all have to reduce our carbon footprint!
  8. No hard pulls from AMEX is SOP for existing card members and has been widely reported here! Congrats on the new card.
  9. Exactly! I will never use Mavis Tire again either!
  10. Yes, it is supposed to reflect the original open date even when sold/transferred to another lender.
  11. Paging Hege to follow-up on the complaints he filed.....
  12. After joining Navy thanks to Konrad2012, I soon moved my primary checking to them due to their outstanding customer service and the fact that they provide true 24/7/365 customer service! When you call Navy, regardless of the day or time, you always speak to a CSR who is either based in Pensacola, Florida or Virginia. There are NO offshore call centers, NO outsourced third party call centers and NO "limited info" after-hours Navy run call centers. About the only thing you are limited on in the middle of the night is getting a response from a credit underwriter as they work more traditional business hours. And I almost never have to wait on hold, last month during the middle of the holiday season I had my longest hold ever with Navy that almost hit 5 minutes...... Navy is also the only financial institution that I have found that truly provides actual 24/7/365 customer service without any of the nonsense I mentioned above and the CSR's are incredibly nice and professional and always refer to me as sir. Now in regards to ATM's, Navy is also part of arguably the largest ATM network available which is another plus and NO fees! Actually I am rather shocked that nobody in this thread has posted this yet, but Navy is part of the Credit Union CO-OP ATM Network and to be fair, most credit unions participate which is why this is such a huge ATM network. CO-OP ATM Shared Networks for Credit Unions | CO-OP Financial Services (co-opfs.org) The closest Navy Federal branch to me is about 45 minutes away, however I have only had to visit once in four years. And there are so many credit union CO-OP ATM's around here (you have to learn locations) it is literally easier accessing my Navy accounts at an ATM, than it is for either BofA, Chase, Citi or US Bank.
  13. Nothing has changed for me when I login to the USB website..... Interesting, USB has still NOT updated their reporting for me for December, they always update at the end of the calendar month and the updates typically take 2-3 days to post and here it is the 11th of January with no December updates?
  14. BINGO! The move makes CapOne the first major financial firm to push back against the quick-growing BNPL segment which has seen startups such as Australia’s Afterpay Ltd make inroads offering interest-free shopping with no credit history required. Australian BNPL companies have seen their share prices soar in 2020 as COVID-19 lockdown measures and government economic stimulus payments for individuals spurred online shopping.
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