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  1. Well if Hege is serious and his account has not been hijacked by GEORGE! Purchase something online for $99.9K and the "credit Hold" will consume your entire credit line. Then apply with BofA and there will be no available CL to Theft! Once you have a decision from BofA, call and cancel the $99.9K order! This is purely a random idea off the top of my head and I have absolutey NO idea if this would be a viable strategy, however I do strongly suggest that Hege GP this....
  2. Alliant CU in Chicago is/was an exclusive TU puller: https://www.alliantcreditunion.org/ Anyone can join Alliant and they are well known here on CB for the "Alliant Loan Hack"
  3. So I wonder if the negative reason code of "No installment loans" will be eliminated? FICO also plans to flag consumers who sign up for personal loans, which are generally considered more risky since these are unsecured and typically do not require collateral like a car or a house. We also know that NOT all personal loans are unsecured, so also wondering if FICO 10 will differentiate between secured and unsecured for scoring purposes?
  4. Just do the Alliant loan hack, so much simpler and cheaper, plus you will have your home title free and clear and not have to worry about any potential action taken by the mortgager the works contrary to your plan. I paid Alliant $1.04 in total interest for 2019 and probably could have cut that in half if I micromanaged the stupid thing, simply NOT worth the time.....
  5. Can't wait for the first epic "Erica is tripping" thread, LOL!
  6. I have an ex-Navy (0-3) friend who included Navy in BK, they told him in no uncertain terms that he will NEVER have another credit product with them ever again, however I was surprised they let him retain his membership and he still uses them as his primary checking, YMMV!
  7. Between 2005 and 2015 alone, unredeemed gift card balances amounted to an estimated $45.7B.
  8. Well IndyMac Bank went BUST! LOL! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IndyMac
  9. Solid plan PotO! And there is NO way that every one of your AU issuers suddenly stopped reporting, this is entirely on Equisux! Definitely include Innovis, I am really curious if they are playing AU games too.....
  10. I highly suspect that the lack of a common surname trigged whatever algorithm Equisux has deployed. I also suspect that with their data breach debacle, Equisux is now desperately trying to differentiate themselves from the competition and deleting AU accounts to adversely impact scoring may just be their strategy! And on a final note, I do hope you sue! The CRA's are simply data aggregators/repositories and they should NOT be in the business of arbitrarily deciding what reported credit info does and does not get included in our credit files! This can also lead to unintended consequences such as wrongfully deleting lawful spousal AU accounts! Go get them and show no mercy!
  11. PotO - If those AU accounts are from your lawful spouse, then dropping them from your reports IIRC is construed as a violation of the ECOA! https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0347-your-equal-credit-opportunity-rights Go sue for each spousal AU account dropped, have some fun and make some really easy money!!
  12. Navy now has all of my primary checking accounts, customer service is truly stellar. Recently called Navy in the middle of the night, NO offshore service center, NO third party contracted call center with limited info and NO sorry we are not currently open/available!! Spoke to a retired CPO now working for Navy Federal in their Pensacola call center. Awesome dude who provided me with some incredible customer service!
  13. Good luck with Citi.... I have NEVER spoken with anyone on the phone @ Citi that had a sufficient enough command of the English language to ever get anything accomplished with them and that always results in a visit to the local branch whose décor and paint was last updated in the 1970's. The only thing missing is shag carpeting.

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