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  1. The FICO scoring thresholds for CrapOne well predate the Kung Flu......
  2. Credit card debt typically carries punishing interest rates -- even for borrowers with the strongest credit scores. Especially true if you are revolving a TARP Bank card! I have a few CU cards in the portfolio that are all currently sub 6% with a couple sub 5%. These are standard rates for both purchases and cash advances (NO Fees!) I don't really use them except for the occasional 0 fee/0% BT, but they are there just as one small part of contingency plans.
  3. According to public filings, as of the end of this year one-third of Capital One’s cardholders had a credit score under 660
  4. Maybe look into a mirror.....
  5. The bank, the first newly chartered bank to launch in Southern Nevada in more than a decade, has enjoyed the support of community members and businesses, which has been the primary driver of the bank since August. In addition to providing a private banking style relationship, Lexicon will utilize industry-leading technology in-branch, online, and through the Lexicon Bank mobile app–which will allow for mobile deposits, payments, and other convenient transactions. It will be interesting to see how successful Lexicon Bank becomes. Their timing was unfortunate, opening just before the great Kung Flu lockdown that had Vegas Casinos shut for months, but good luck to them!
  6. Don't feel too bad, nobody is really getting approved for anything in the current environment. Try getting a HELOC or Jumbo Mortgage right now, good luck! We will most likely be seeing TARP ver. 2.0 with these banks soon......
  7. The US Supreme Court today struck down a provision in US law that let debt collectors make robocalls to cell phones, ruling that the law violates the First Amendment by favoring debt-collection speech over other speech. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 prohibits "almost all robocalls to cell phones," but Congress in 2015 amended the law to add "a new government-debt exception that allows robocalls made solely to collect a debt owed to or guaranteed by the United States," the Supreme Court noted in today's ruling. The opinion was written by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. "As the Government concedes, the robocall restriction with the government-debt exception cannot satisfy strict scrutiny," the ruling said. "The Government has not sufficiently justified the differentiation between government-debt collection speech and other important categories of robocall speech, such as political speech, issue advocacy, and the like." Government-backed loans affected by the ruling include student loans, home mortgages, veterans' loans, farm loans, and business loans.
  8. Cashless society has been a key part of the globalist elite/totalitarian game plan for decades. Welcome to your dystopian future America.....
  9. Letter recently received from First Bankcard (FNBO): "From December 2, 2019 - February 2, 2020, stays at Best Western Hotels & Resorts purchased with your Best Western Rewards MasterCard credit card were to receive double points. Due to a technical issue, we identified that your account did not receive double points on these purchases" The extra points were finally credited, about six months after my stay!
  10. Path to Apple Card apparently requires up to four months of “personalized steps” and monthly credit reviews. Depending on how the Path is customized for your circumstances, you may be required to make payments on time, lower your debt, and/or resolve past due balances, with the threat of immediate program termination in the event of a new bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession of secured property such as a vehicle, or an account either going to collections or getting charged-off. While none of this is hugely onerous, it’s a lot of hoops to jump through for an Apple Card. LOL! @ a lot of hoops!
  11. They are also considering using unemployment data -- such as cellphone records that show unemployment office visits and benefit-deposit data -- that could help them figure out how to account for future loan losses, according to people familiar with the lenders' discussions.
  12. Up until about March, I was literally receiving 5-7 envelopes per week in the mail from multiple lenders. Citibank was by far the most aggressive, and one day I even received 3 different envelopes from them with checks! Nothing since then and upon logging in to several accounts recently and perusing just for fun, I see no current offers....
  13. One of your first mistakes was dealing with Chase, especially to this degree, in the first place. Of all the TARP banks, Chase is generally the most likely to take adverse action, however in your case, I don't blame them. So lets see, almost half a million in total credit with a low FICO score? Of your total credit portfolio, 50% of all cards are with Chase along with 39% of your total credit lines, way too much concentration with one lender, regardless of who they are, you needed much better diversification. There is a significant reason why utilization is such a major component of your FICO scores and you were running a high level of aggregate utilization at 55% and a staggering 113% overall utilization on just your Chase cards. In addition to the Chase utilization, it sounds like you were also carrying these balances with no real pay downs or PIF activity. And you really have to ask why Chase shut you down? Your profile reeks of risk, especially in light of the "new normal" of our decimated shutdown economy. Unless you pay off all those Chase cards ASAP, your aggregate utilization is going to skyrocket and your FICO's will tank! You DO NOT want balances reported on closed cards!

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