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  1. I think that I will continue to avoid both entities....
  2. Or machine it into an AMEX Centurion card, LOL!
  3. I really like all of my Ti products (no credit cards) and especially my knives! PotO is probably the only other person on CB with a Ti knife from Mission: http://www.missionknives.com/index.php/why-titanium
  4. PotO - I sure hope you did this and has been posted here, don't trust Comenity! And even if you could trust Comenity, I highly doubt they would even permit you to have an aggregate total of over $100K unsecured....
  5. Sorry, thanks for playing.... This is based upon my own empirical experiences, which occur way too frequently and ironically always at the most inconvenient of times, yet I digress. The only experience worse than this is the octogenarian writing a physical check to make their purchase!
  6. Don't even think about that with any bank card..... Get a couple of solid, very low APR credit union cards that have NO cash advance fee! Save these for an emergency when you really need cash and have NO other better options (for whatever reason). My two lowest rate CU cards without cash advance fees currently have rates of 6.90% and 6.99%, which I doubt the Apple Card will ever become close to competitive with.....
  7. Fortunatley I have had CrapOne on a lifetime blacklist......
  8. LOL! I heard that cv is also eagerly awaiting the return of disco, however his polyester suit is white and the thick platform shoes have pink rhinestones.....
  9. BINGO! ^^^ Whenever there is a line hold-up somewhere, retailer, restaurant, etc. you know it's some hapless consumer attempting to use Apple Pay.... All in all, this is a very mediocre card, however it does provide some unique card portfolio diversity, where else are you going to obtain a credit card issued by Goldman Sachs (at least for now)? The Apple Card rewards are also marginal, a 3% to 5% overall return is a good target range, however you can do even better. Heck, even my Logix Mastercard is 3% on ALL purchases.....
  10. Will be upgrading to Bonvoy Brilliant soon anyway, problem solved!
  11. I don't know of any other WEMC that does NOT have an annual fee, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, maybe we are all just getting set-up for a fee in 2020? This card is the only relationship I have with U.S. Bank, the CSR's are all awesome but this bank is real "quirky" to say the least.....

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