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  1. That pertains specifically to you!
  2. The analysts increased their 2021 estimate for Discover Financial Services’ DFS, +11.37% loan loss provision to $5.28 billion from $4.1 billion. The cut their 2021 estimate for earnings available to common shareholders to $1.21 billion from $2.74 billion and EPS to $3.90 from $9.68. Gabriele and Posadas have a neutral “perform” rating on Discover’s shares.
  3. Boynton acknowledged the risk of a mortgage like Wilson’s. Among the red flags, Wilson had lousy credit, borrowed the down payment from her grandfather and included income from her husband, who wasn’t living with her, according to Wilson and her loan documents. Boynton points a finger at the government, saying the company is merely following rules that allow such borrowing. Now, she said, the FHA should consider changing its approach to reflect “a little more caution.”
  4. All good points Shifter... No, I don't rock the boat with BofA nor engage in any M$. They also have my two oldest (by far) accounts so I don't want to jeopardize them, hence this thread. Currently, I simply request a modest CLI every 6+ months and it's always granted, but at some point I should probably stop.......
  5. Thanks for the data Hege and just to confirm, you are reporting total HHI to BofA? That kind of makes you an outlier (in a good way), hopefully others will chime in, just curious how far I should realistically push BofA as a percentage of total income, especially in these turbulent times.
  6. Hege - I remember you posting that you were in Palladium, sorry you missed the peak, it almost hit $3K/ounce! Were you at least tempted to liquidate a portion of your investment then?
  7. Palladium just getting crushed, along with Platinum, however not really unexpected with the rapidly declining industrial demand. Both Gold and Silver are trending downward, however all of my dealers are telling me that physical supplies of both metals are rapidly dwindling and the U.S. Mint is now out of Silver Eagles. The paper markets for both Gold and Silver may soon meet the realities of the supply/demand situation for physical bullion. https://www.apmex.com/palladium-price
  8. When you applied in FEB/2019 were you already a member of SDFCU? And did SDFCU ever pull credit for the secured VISA? This is good info for rebuilders, another secured card option that graduates and if no hard pull, even better.....
  9. Congrats, however you don't clarify which credit union SDFCU is and I never assume! Would this in fact be State Department FCU? https://www.sdfcu.org/ Well if this is State Department FCU, then this is significant news as it has been widely understood for years that they do NOT graduate their secured cards! Guess they do in fact now graduate, right here: https://www.sdfcu.org/savings-secured-credit-card Use card responsibly and you can be automatically graduated to a Visa Platinum Credit Card
  10. Really? A Bankruptcy is a matter of public record and will live forever in hundreds of databases of which some are considered CRA's and some are not......
  11. Well you responded in the negative..... So just to clarify, you did in fact include a Citi account in BK and they incurred a financial loss? If this is in fact correct, this will always be a relevant fact/issue with Citi underwriters. You need to do a better job of providing correct and relevant info in your posts..... There is NO "mystery" denial here!
  12. Phone companies would be required to deploy technology that prevents spoofing of Caller ID under a plan announced today by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai. Pai framed it as his own decision, with his announcement saying the chairman "proposed a major step forward... to protect consumers against spoofed robocalls." But in reality the FCC was ordered by Congress and President Trump to implement this new rule.
  13. I have NO idea what BofA uses for income in their underwriting, hopefully we can develop some info regarding that here.... You missed my point on income and never questioned your 10% figure. If I am at 50% of income and you are at 10%, does not really makes since unless there is a substantial differential in income. If a newbie reading this thread sees that Hege "only" has 10% of HHI as total limits with BofA, they may subsequently think that with your 800+ scores and thick file then 10% is the realistic max for them too, yet they are making say $50K a year and thus expect a max of $5K in credit from BofA, which would be an incorrect assumption.

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