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  1. The perfect credit card for all those global elite types who fly around in private jets screaming that we all have to reduce our carbon footprint!
  2. No hard pulls from AMEX is SOP for existing card members and has been widely reported here! Congrats on the new card.
  3. Exactly! I will never use Mavis Tire again either!
  4. Yes, it is supposed to reflect the original open date even when sold/transferred to another lender.
  5. Paging Hege to follow-up on the complaints he filed.....
  6. After joining Navy thanks to Konrad2012, I soon moved my primary checking to them due to their outstanding customer service and the fact that they provide true 24/7/365 customer service! When you call Navy, regardless of the day or time, you always speak to a CSR who is either based in Pensacola, Florida or Virginia. There are NO offshore call centers, NO outsourced third party call centers and NO "limited info" after-hours Navy run call centers. About the only thing you are limited on in the middle of the night is getting a response from a credit underwriter as they work more tr
  7. Nothing has changed for me when I login to the USB website..... Interesting, USB has still NOT updated their reporting for me for December, they always update at the end of the calendar month and the updates typically take 2-3 days to post and here it is the 11th of January with no December updates?
  8. BINGO! The move makes CapOne the first major financial firm to push back against the quick-growing BNPL segment which has seen startups such as Australia’s Afterpay Ltd make inroads offering interest-free shopping with no credit history required. Australian BNPL companies have seen their share prices soar in 2020 as COVID-19 lockdown measures and government economic stimulus payments for individuals spurred online shopping.
  9. Very good point, since USB is more of a major regional bank, I bet they actually do segment their free checking options based upon geographic markets.
  10. U.S. Bank Because You’ve Earned It™ Program – Eligibility is determined using the TransUnion® VantageScore™ 3.0 credit score. This score is for program eligibility purposes only and is not used by U.S. Bank to make credit decisions or cross-sell other products. Funny that USB is utilizing the FAKE FICO here and even they don't use it for credit decisions, LOL!
  11. Closed AMEX Centurion, not worth the $5K/year with the lock-downs and NO travel. No retention offers/deals, plus my Centurion Concierge, who was awesome, resigned over the holidays, however I rarely used her last year due to lack of travel and all the lock-downs.
  12. I don't do anything with US Bank except have one credit card and maybe two if I pull the trigger on the Altitude Reserve, however they are always promoting to me the fact that as a US Bank cardholder, I am entitled to free checking? And I would never pay fees for either a checking or savings account, that is laughable, but not unexpected from the banking cartel.
  13. That happens all the time, actually very common.... It forces people to confront their mortality and it makes many of them very uncomfortable, especially if they lack any true faith.
  14. So can the AR be converted to another USB card after a year? And potentially be upgraded back to the AR again at some future date?
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