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  1. Dont invoke federal laws when trying to utilize the TFC.
  2. You received standard form letter responses they send to everyone.
  3. Cant you just call them and ask what your score was last time they checked?
  4. You can apply for a CLI and/or another card after 1 year with the Optima. I wouldnt close it until you have the approval for whatever card fits your needs.
  5. IT is 5% off everything. How is that just decent if paid in full? It is a great gift.
  6. If they are offering optima grab it. If AMEX says your file it outside with an agency then it is. Sometimes the file bounces back but do whatever you can to avoid the CO.
  7. Call each bureau and ask the comments be removed since you never requested them there. They will ask you to "agree" to the reporting, just say yes. Should be gone in 48 hours from each, but we wary they may reappear, in which case you call the reporter directly.
  8. This is what I meant. You need to know what you want to do and then you need to know how to do it. Learning the laws here entails a learning curve. Spend a ton of time reading, then ask, then provide an example of what you want to do, get it critiqued, then retool, then attack. Things can get complicated after the attack but there is still a process. I've taken it all the way. I've some of the best respected debt collector lawyers in texas tell me TFC really doesn't have any teeth. Guess what? You dont have to use it alone.
  9. Unless I read the OP wrong, it says moved from Illinois in 2013. So point is not in play as long as OP went to Tx in 2013.
  10. You will look like a fool at any time if you do not completely understand how to invoke the TFC to eliminate JDBs. It impossible for me to say without seeing what was sent as a Texas DV. However, the overarching answer to your question is no, you are a texas resident and texas law applies if you choose to use it.
  11. Your question is not completely clear to me. What are you trying to do (if anything)? You are now a Texas resident. The TDCPA applies in addition to the FDCPA to debt collectors trying to collect on any alleged debt.
  12. My friend works for USAA with mortgages, he did his mortgage through Penfed.
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