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  1. Does anyone know if the 1-2 punch still works or did they come up with a way around it? When I did my credit repair I was also advised by several people helping me NOT to sign anything that was sent out. Is this still true or not
  2. She just called me and told me she got a dunning letter from these fools in the mail today. If this is out of SOL Im going to try and hit it with a 1-2 punch and see where it goes.
  3. In 2006 when I cleaned up my credit I used the one-two punch on several accounts like this and they worked but I dont even see it being referenced anywhere. Did something happen with it? I cant remember all of the details on it. Am I missing it somewhere or something or does it not work any longer at all
  4. Im not actually not sure what type of debt this would fall under for SOL Missouri has this SOL: MISSOURI STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS |in years| Sale of Goods: 4 Open Accounts: 5 Written Contract: 10 Money & Property: Domestic Judgment: 10 |Revived every 3 years| Foreign Judgment: 10 |Revived every 3 years| Any idea how I can go about finding the date of delinquency as stated by the OC Im actually not sure on the age of this account so I want to be very sure before I proceed.
  5. Im working on one bad entry in my morther in-laws credit. Apparently this is a bill for a cellular bill through US Cellular. This debt was evidently given to her ex in the divorce. The entry in her CR is by Debt Recovery Solutions. It was just put on 3 months ago. Payment history showing June- © Collection May- (ND) No data reported April- © Collection Its showing Date Opened 12/2/2012 Reported Since 04/2013 Date of Status 5/2013 Last reported 6/2013 Type Debt Buyer Terms 1 month Under status its showing "Collection Acct $2069 past due as of june 2013" Status details "Thi
  6. Car repo'd 4 days ago. Am i safe dropping it from my insurance now? BK13 pending
  7. OK now this is some good stuff here hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Got a nice letter back from them stating that the account is placed in a HOLD status and my credit file will be updated showing a disputed status. It will remain in a disputed status until proper validation is sent to me from their office. Its not on my report nor has it ever. How can they report a time barred debt in disputed status to the CRA when it was never there to begin with and how can a CRA allow it? Isnt this a violation? Wonder how to proceed from here?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Send them a DV and see what they have and now I have a copy as well. Im thinking DV it is Thanks
  10. I got my dunning letter today with nothing more than the orginal creditor, an amount and an account number nothing with dates etc. Should I go ahead with the verification or just FOAD TIME BARRED them? anyone?
  11. You think I should even wait for them to send me the info in the mail or just hit them with the C&D right away and refer to the Time Barred Debt?
  12. Thanks for the response. Ive looked and I cant find a C&D letter. I read a post on another site somewhere. In this post someone referenced that the SOL in almost ALL states were changed to 15 years on credit cards specifically. Can anyone confirm or dispell this. First thing I thought was oh horse@#$% that has to be a post by a CA Anyone???
  13. Wow, my bad its been 4 years since we finished up
  14. Hello all, Its been a heck of a long time since Ive posted on here. I havent really needed to. I did like everyone else and read for 10 days and then had at it. For those of you starting THIS DOES WORK and follow the advice you are being given, be patient but determined. It took me 13 months to clean up mine and my wifes credit and trust me it wasnt pretty. We havent had anything derog on our reports since I finished this process over 2 1/2 years ago. Anyhow, I get a call from a Zenith Acquisition with a ref number and to call them back. Ok my wheels are turning. WHAT? there isnt anyth
  15. Yup, last week. I have 3 Amex cards and wife is A/U on them and they were appearing as such on wifes credit. One day last week I do a TC pull and they have duplicated those 3 and given them 3 new account numbers. You can imagine what that did to our utilization as one of them is $11k. Disputed it through TU (it was appearing on TU and EQ) online and within 8 hours they were removed. Not only removed from TU but from EQ as well. Cant figure that one out. Also noticed that all account balances have been staying in synch we each other... not 1 penny off on any of them
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