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  1. Target sent a Target Red Card debt to Forster & Garbus for $2100.00 roughly. I DV'd Forster & Garbus 2 weeks ago. Today I get a letter directly from Target "We have stopped collection activity for your target credit card, so you won't receive any further communications from us attempting to collect on the account." Did they give up??
  2. They probably will win, but, I am going to try all affirmative defenses in order to keep it if I can. I filed BK in 2012 and included the home and asked to reaffirm. The bank did not respond, so if they take it, they can only get the home, as I am not responsible for the debt any longer.
  3. Also, I would question what harm the bank has suffered out of this (a Required component to breach of contract) The home is being taken care of, payments are being and always have been made, it is insured, it is just now on its own piece of land which adds value. Just because it has moved doesn't mean they cant repo it still, should I not make payments.
  4. Actually I did contact the bank before moving it and was told as long as I updated the address when it was moved there was no issue (Maybe rep didnt know what they were talking about) After I moved it, I sent a letter to Bofa and received a letter back that said in order to change my physical address, I needed to send them a letter from the town tax authority, which I did. Then I didnt hear anything back about it, 1 year went by, Then I got a letter by bank of america stating that, they put lender placed insurance on the home. I called and asked why because bofa always used to pay my insurance with allstate. The bank then stated, well the bill we got from them had (my new address) I said thats correct because the home was moved, then this all started.
  5. Perhaps. I am going to try the affirmative defense however that the clause for it not to be moved is unconscionable. That is, to buy a mobile home and require it to be in a rented park for 30 years is not reasonable, which would void that piece if the judge agrees, therefore no default and no foreclosure.
  6. Here is my situation, In 2010 I purchased a Mobile Home. It is a conventional 30 year mortgage, it was placed in a mobile home park. 2 years after getting the mortgage, I declared BK and included the home with the intention of reaffirmation. No reaffirmation occurred because Bofa didnt respond to my attorney. In 2013, I was able to buy some land and I moved the home onto my own land. Now Bofa is foreclosing stating that I breached the contract by moving it. Even though I included it in BK, I was never behind on my payments and I am current now. Has anyone experienced this? I am trying to save it from foreclosure, through mediation. I notified the bank before (no response from them) and after the move.(when they told me I breached the contract) It is in the documents that it was intended to not be moved, but the park I was in was sold, lot rent went up and the rules changed and I needed to move. I have not been served foreclosure papers yet, but did get a right to cure from their attorney via first class mail How do you think the court will look at this? I am in a judicial foreclosure state so that means the court has to approve the foreclosure, and it requires I do mediation before court The home is worth much more on its own land
  7. Are you in a situation where you can't PIF? I could, but always seem to leave a small balance 20-50 bucks
  8. I just hit the love button, they doubled my credit limit instantly from 500-1000. Had the card 13 months, pay way more than the minimum every month.
  9. I applied tonight, approved for $500. previously denied twice.
  10. Well, they fixed my login, but now I am only getting transunion, not all 3 reports
  11. I got a call from PR & Associates this afternoon. I wasn't home, Message was left on answering machine. "This PR & Associates, we have left several messages for you (This is first call I got from them) and you still haven't called us back, Listen, it is very important that you call us back today, very important. Please call us at 951-719-8560" I recently got a BK 7 discharge in March 2012, I have no collections on my report, I dont even know who they are calling for, but after googling the number, they seem like real scumbags, so I wont call them. Anyone else get calls like this?
  12. Just got my login credentials today (Signed up last wednesday) But now I get an error when logging in to get my credit report. MPM been working on it all day, still can't get my credit report.

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