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  1. I just asked my 9 and 11 year old if they knew what the Titanic was. They both knew it was "real" and where it sunk and quite a few other facts. And both knew about the ship sinking earlier this year. They didn't know the name but recalled the event. We almost always talk about current events with the kids at the dinner table though.
  2. Learn to sew! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to learn to do some basic sewing at a minimum. Be stricter with the household budget to build savings up more. Join a new (cheaper) gym.
  3. Probably nothing special. Dh works New Year's Eve and New Year's Day so..... Oldest ds's birthday is New Year's Day, but he didn't know what they were doing, so we'll have them over for dinner and cake later in the week and make something special for dinner then.
  4. The kids and I went to Target and just got some half off wrapping paper and some gift tags. That was about the only sale Christmas stuff I bought. I really wanted to buy a Christmas tree for upstairs in the game room too but didn't see one I really liked.
  5. We had a good Christmas. I was a little bummed because last Christmas we went back to Colorado to visit my family and I wished we were there again this year. But... I got a Dark brown leather Coach purse from dh. A new "beginner" sewing machine from FIL, and a portable steam cleaner I've wanted forever (Little Green Machine), MIL gave dh and I GC's to Lowe's (lots of home projects we want to do), my mom and step dad gave us a few hundred dollars (probably home projects with that as well. LOL) Dh got money from me for a gun build he's been saving for (since I had no idea what kinds of things to buy for it). The kids made out well too. Lots of GC's and cash. Oldest ds wanted a baby food maker for Christmas (LOL) so we got them that a some other little type things for each of them. The grand-baby got tons of stuff. LOL Ds got a new bike (he outgrew his last one), and dd got new bedding (it's what she really wanted! LOL)--lots of toys and DVD's. Dd also got tons of Scrapbooking stuff (she wants to start doing that this year) and ds got more advanced model stuff vs. the easy snap together models. We had a very blessed Christmas.
  6. I've only had to use an inhaler on two different occasions (both during a really bad upper respiratory infection). The one I was given ran me about $38 with insurance. After Dec 31st I believe the OTC inhalers will no longer be available. Inhalers
  7. Congrats! That's great news!
  8. Yes, you can buy them on the vitamin aisle. I have to take them on certain occasions. There are other foods you can get lots of potassium from besides bananas though. Here's a link. Another food high in potassium is yogurt.
  9. Some nearby school district must have off today as well because I was out doing errands today and there were school age kids in the all the stores.
  10. Yearly. Sometimes it's closer to every 9 months. Depending on scheduling. I have a chronic kidney condition (since childhood), so I've always had to go for blood work and check-ups. I go in between as necessary for sick visits--because of the above mentioned condition, I can't let illnesses go unchecked for long.
  11. Commenting because we just received a letter today saying our Citi mortgage was sold to Midland Mortgage as well. I dislike change so I hope the process goes smoothly.
  12. Mine are off all week next week and they've done it that way since they've been in school. (4th and 5th grade now) Christmas vacation is 3-3 1/2 weeks, I believe.
  13. Wow! So many kids that are allowed to wear costumes to school. They don't allow it here. When I was in elementary school, I was always so excited to get to wear my costume to school. Ds is going to be Master Chief (Halo) and dd is going to be a witch. Quite the colorful witch. Green/black tights, purple/black dress and a bright purple and black hat. Oh, and a sparkly black/silver broom.
  14. The ceiling fan is always on in the bedroom.
  15. This. My dd came home yesterday and told me they are not allowed to wear their jackets or sweaters in the classroom anymore. (She's in 4th grade) I asked her why and she said there was a group of boys "playing" with their jackets during class. Wearing them like capes and throwing them around the room. So now, the whole class has to suffer. Why not just punish the troublemakers and not make everyone else suffer the consequences for the actions of a few? Because they don't want to deal with the parents of those troublemakers. I hate that kind of crap. If my kid isn't doing anything wrong, why should she be punished because the teacher can't control her classroom? Forget that business. And the thing is, the teacher will still have to deal with the troublemakers because they aren't going to follow the "no jackets" in the classroom rule either. The kids that can behave will follow the new rule, just like the followed the old rule of wearing their jacket instead of monkeying around with it. And on top of that, dd said they lost recess because of those boys. When I was in school, the whole class didn't lost recess because of the someone else. That kid(s) sat outside against the wall while the rest of the class played.

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