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  1. On the Comenity pay to play.... I have a dozen too many of their cards and they have reported (even days after approval) without any activity. I have several that report which I have yet to use. I used to believe you had to use the card to generate reporting, not so for me. FYI.... HL
  2. I have done this many times. Currently, Best Banc and Woodside Credit Collector Car Financing (took over from Haverty) are the two I see the most. I recall Barrett-Jackson promoting the latter heavily. From what I have read about the 'Net, Lightstream is rather finicky. HL
  3. Herloss

    Wayfair- SCT

    I have both of these cards. While I, like many, may use a V/MC/AMEX/DSC to buy from a website or store, there is sometimes something to be said for the merchant's own card/promotion. Not to mention, as stated, these two cards seem to be easier to obtain and have been known to approve with a larger limit. For anyone needing a positive TL, it's gold. If you don't, then good for you. (To me "crap credit" is First Premier, Credit One, etc. I don't much care for Comenity these days but I'm not of the thought their accounts are crap. Crappy limits to be sure most of the time - it seems).... HL
  4. I'm just finding it ridiculous that - according to the moronic woman in the fraud department - that purchases at CVS and Target were catalysts in my suspension. What a crock. I'm going to get my pound of flesh by relating my displeasure on social media. What else can you do. I'm sure a letter to their EO wouldn't even be read. HL
  5. Comenity took a fit on me the last two days. They slapped a fraud hold after I used my MC at CVS. Called in after declined and learned this. Verified it was me, released the hold. Happens AGAIN hours later. I'm pissed, call in, removed hold. Next day, Friday, TWO more times they block my card. My charges were 98% IN my home town. Small, largest $140. Nothing nefarious, grocery, gas, dollar type store restaurant. One purchase at Target and a gas station - 30 minutes from home. Today, card declined first attempt to charge. Call in, Comenity wants all types of ID verification and one thing the snooty rep said was in addition to the 'red flags' the computer threw up relative to my account, she claims CVS and Target have high fraud markers within their systems. I told her no, I was approved, used my card and since you hassled me for two straight days; I'm not sending in shitt. I hung up. Went a few hours later on a hunch to look at another Comenity issued account - it has no available credit. In fact, every account I have with them is 'frozen' for lack of better terms. While I will complain to them and about them, I'm not going to play their little games. They can keep them frozen until eternity, I'm done with Crapmenity. What morons. HL
  6. I live close to several of the Brown Mackie colleges up here in Northern Indiana and for years heard the horror stories. In fact, in Michigan City, minutes from where I live was -as stated- a now closed campus, as well as a thriving Purdue North Central campus. Students would choose BM over Purdue because of cost mostly. However, their is now an Ivy Tech campus there and they seem to be doing well. I attended Purdue. Cost didn't matter, it was just what I always knew was "good" since family always attended. Glad to see BM going. HL
  7. I couldn't say one good anything about FNBO. Cancelled their trash and wouldn't carry another for any terms. My worst experience - they watch every charge you make and their "fraud" department will drive you past insane. I truly recommend steer clear of these clowns. HL
  8. Any year they will finance in some form. I financed a 1967 GTO some years ago. After being so old, other Credit Union's I have used transact as a personal loan, FYI. HL
  9. I feel the same way! So many stores that used to be.... Then when you are staring at 40..... SO depressing... HL
  10. I have several that I have covered with a vinyl type decal. Used to have a K-mart card (good 'ol 90's) that I always marked Target on... My Wally-World says K-Mart and a few others I have changed. The looks I get when using at the store are priceless sometimes. One says "Millionaire's Club Charge" - it's a BOA card, and generally initiates a conversation. Always good for a joke. HL
  11. I actually recall a merchant taking an imprint of my card when their machine was down back in late 90's. I could - as the article suggests - have used an invalid card or completely exceeded my limit. They simply said we will run it later. Wow. No such thing anymore to be sure. E.T.A: I live in a small rural town where I personally have merchant charge accounts where I can charge and they bill me later. Grocery, hardware, lumber yard, gas station.... Nice to just sign and pay later on your name - to a local business. Used to have many more merchants, time and closings have reduced them. Sadly. HL
  12. I know a man he is 88, been with Amex he says since they had a card. I know he also still even has a great deal of Traveler's Cheques - claims he uses them on occasion. He has a bunch of old expired cards of various types (Amex thru visa/MC and tons of dept. stores) and I did see an original Sears Discover. He is a pack rat and won't part with any.... It sure is cool to see some of those old cards. I have come across buyers and sellers of old charge card plates, it was surprising to find them a commodity. HL
  13. Used to have them in my small town. Was ultra conservative, branch manager was an Flower Pot... For Instance: Cousin of mine took his mortgage through them. Had a 20k limit card, he never used more than five grand when he was building his place. He says he PIF weekly. They ended up chopping his limit to 8K, claimed he had too much available credit. On deposit with them he had over 100k cash. I never dealt with them more than an overdraft loc for checking. HL
  14. I completed a signature loan some time ago.... $22,000.00 credit card consolidation. The terms were that I close all accounts I was paying off - the V.P. of lending mandated this. His reasoning was so I did not then run up the balances and bury myself in debt. Of course all I did was request new cards ( the bank actually wanted my cards, ahhha )..... Cool that NASA wasn't that ridiculous to you. Congrats! Hope it helps you!!! HL
  15. Agreed. The CRA's are largely the problem. The laws need to tighten up on them forcing actual investigations and also forcing creditors /ca's to actually investigate. ..... HL
  16. First, I would check out if the credit union completed a proper repossession. Look up under your state's IC code. If they didn't follow the law, see them in court. HL
  17. Very few consider it debt. The word "memberlicious" comes to mind. Yep, generally limited to a small number of CUs with a few exceptions. Oh yeah credit unions are so totally into that... HL
  18. As I posted in another thread. Many, many underwriters and loan officers that manually review credit DO consider total available credit as a debt (for lack of better words). They figure if you have 'x' number of 'potential debt' available, you are a riskier customer. I believe this holds true for people with large available credit and don't have the income to support it. A person earning 50k per year and the other earning 200k and both have 100,000 available.... I don't advocate their practices or beliefs. Obviously, I am a longstanding member here... But there is something to be said about income vs. total available credit - and the way that it could become an issue. Arcane beliefs when scores are tied to the hundreds of minute variables on a report. Of course, I personally ran into that problem back in college. Told to close cards as too much credit available. Gave them the cards, they cut them up, I requested new cards. Problem solved. HL
  19. I had the account for some years with GE. Got into it couple weeks ago with arrogant GS.... Closed my account. F them. HL
  20. Do you recall how you obtained the Email address? Sure would appreciate finding a valid address for recons and someone in actual authority.... HL
  21. They sure don't. I clearly remember a local community bank finally upgraded me to their Gold Card. It was a big deal to me. You got a minimum five thousand limit and the card benefits. The bank sent the card in a big mailer with coupons for free dinners, discounts and I believe I even received a $25 savings bond - and free safety deposit box rental. This was cool to me being like 21 and knowing I had a "cool card". That bank issued and serviced their own cards. Now, everything is a Gold Card. Shoot, maybe I better get me Credit One Bank Platinum.... They look so good. Right. HL
  22. Thank you... What concerns me is the language they use to advise "up to a $5,000.00 credit line".... I get him to sign up and he receives a tiny line... Ugh. Wish the $5k was a given, so - to - speak... HL
  23. Since you didn't mention HELOC or 2nd mortgage I'll assume those are not options. Bridge loan. Would any creditor you work with help with one? I thought even some bank / lending broker will sometimes loan against a firm contract you are receiving. Like offer a letter of credit against the upcoming receivables... I didn't see if the debt is all personal or some in biz name too... I'd allow the biz only accounts - if any - to slip before any personal or even pg's. Lastly, besides cutting your expenses to the absolute - total absolute - minimum... Knowing you will recover in a few months... I would try the rob peter to pay Paul method. Payment to card one, withdrawal to pay card two, etc. It CAN in an emergency help - a little - but if the card allows cash or check withdrawal, it can perhaps make the difference. Hopefully others have ideas or solutions that continue to offer good advice. Best of luck. HL
  24. Marathon card (for my Lil brother in case of emergencies... Won't dare allow him to have any of my co-branded so PL Marathon it is).... PenFed offer for one of their cards. Haven't looked at specifics.... Local bank debit card... New book of PenFed checks and lastly my HSA Account checks. Busy mail day (and a dozen misc items and magazines. Yes I read paper magazines. Love 'em. And newspapers.) HL
  25. Yup. Keep it for sure. It has been exceedingly beneficial for me. HL

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