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  1. How long do the banks hold it against you after going bad on them.
  2. I just tried and it worked.$550 Victoria's Secret .$500 Eddie Bauer and $500 for Peebles..
  3. I had the charge to .I called they are aware of it .my payment date was 5/7/10 so my web fee was $507.10
  4. The Op needs to read,read and read till his eyes bleed..Thats what I did .He needs to understand what hes doing before hand or it wont work out for him.. Good Luck OP..
  5. Dont pay any one unless you get a PFD written letter from them.A paid collections hurts just as bad as unpaid..
  6. The tax lien is more than likely a public record .Means some one from like L/N or some other company reported it to the CRAs . The CRAs hire companys to go out to the court houses and look up public records..
  7. The 1-2 punch if done right helps prevent the CAs from answering the CRAs dispute.. Why give the CRAs the option of dening the second round disputes as frivolous Opting Out is over rated IMO Good luck getting EX to delete any address OP are you still with in SOL if you are tread lightly
  8. Dont dispute using annualcreditreport .If you do the CRAs get 15 extra days (45 instead of 30).Use only the hard copys from the 3. BTW if i were you i would get your Innovis report and see what is on there also.. https://www.innovis.com/InnovisWeb/index.html
  9. When you really think about it real hard $25 to $35 isnt bad for an oil change.By time you go to the auto part store buy the oil buy the filter.Drive home ,jack up the car drain the oil take off and replace the filter.jack the car down .fill the oil back in.Find a way to get ride of the 5 qts of used oil??.
  10. I would send away for all 3 credit reports,dont use the online ones they get 15 extra days then. I would blanket dispute(1-2 punch them all) all the neg and see what luck you had with that first.Monitor all the tracking numbers online the min the UPS says delivered send letters to the CRAs.Dont use "Not Mine" ,its to easy for them to match your name and SS#.
  11. VEC is State .if he owes them money more than likely they have it listed as as tax lien . The VEC is relentless.I know .I have to pay them every 3 months for my employees unemployment ins..
  12. AND WHO ARE THEY??? What kind of credit do they issue??? VEC=unemployment..

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