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  1. Lick a few anuses and you'll be just fine. But don't ever speak your mind on here. LOL. You can pick up some useful credit tips but these people are a mixture of white trash and ethnic minorities with chips on their shoulders. There's also some guy who's dying from Aids. And Pam, who thinks owning this site makes her important. LOL.
  2. Tee, don't people of your ethnic persuasion wash? I heard your sweet tea stinks like ten day old tuna. No wonder you people are discriminated against - so you should be!
  3. Caramel deserves to be declined and she needs to lose some *Admin removes vulgarity*ing weight as well.
  4. Since you haven't got a *Admin removes vulgarity*ing life I'd say every 30 seconds. In between licking Pam and LKH's anuses.
  5. *Admin removes vulgarity* off! Chow....
  6. I'm trying to think of a more delicate way to say this but couldn't: There are about 5 of us on this board who you should give a ***t if we feel the need to question your experiences and make fun of the methods you used. We're the ones with the power to decide if you stay or go. I'll tell you what Pam. You can stick this board up your crusty old pirate. I do not want to be a member of a site "owned" by such a petty, childish mouse as yourself. And as for the rest of you losers. Kiss my flowers. Adios! I've picked up all the information I wanted so I could not give a *Admin removes vulgarity* if you ban me now. Enjoy your pathetic lives - and don't forget to pull PG every day to see who has sued you lately. Caramel Pinay - I hope your baby is not as dumb as you.
  7. let me say this I sure wish I had your scores and cards yourmy hero!!!!!!!!! You're not your.. I sure wish I had your spelling ability and grasp of grammar, Will. :wink:
  8. I tried to think up a more delicate way of saying this but couldn't. So, to be blunt, I don't give a ***t if some of you feel the need to question my experiences and make fun of the methods I used to get the credit cards I want. I'm the one who is enjoying pretty good credit right now and I'm extremely happy. So, haters, keep talkin' (although for some of you, your energy might be better spent cleaning up your own credit - just a thought).
  9. This thread is indeed unbelievable.
  10. creditmania even though your advice is usually a little off, I try to let you do your thing ..... But, in this case please tell me which card you have that has a 65 dollar annual fee..... :?:
  11. Niobe, I got my green card recently too and they put the $65 fee on there just as my statement closed. I just called the number on the back of the card and they credited the fee back to my account the very next day. Good luck!
  12. Your charge-off is pretty recent so I doubt you'll get an unsecured card for some time. Unless, of course, you get the charge-off deleted from your reports. In the meantime, I think you might as well take out a secured card. What's to lose?
  13. If you already owe $19k + in revolving debt, the last thing I think you need is more revolving debt. If you need new clothes is it not at all possible for you to simply pay for them now? If not, do you have friends or family who can give you some of their clothes for the duration of your pregnancy?
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