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  1. Thanks for the information! I do have a John Deere account. I PG the account 2 years ago.
  2. We are looking at purchasing some landscaping and tree service equipment. Does anyone have recommendations on a good company. I plan on using a PG. Also, any companies I should avoid? TIA
  3. I bought my truck 18 months ago through business with Ally. They required a PG but it does not report to personal. I assume it is through Ally's business loan product. The dealer is the one who ran it through.
  4. No they don't report on personal. US BANK will give auto CLI. Mine started at around 10k a few years ago. It is now up to around 30k now. I have never asked for an increase.
  5. I have had my truck since last Oct/Nov and it does NOT report to personal.
  6. Bought a Chevy Diesel work truck a few months ago. Citizens bank financed it with a PG. It does NOT report to personal.
  7. I know this is an older post. Did you apply at the dealership?
  8. If I PG with one of these will the payments and debt report on my personal? I know my Chase Ink business doesn't report on my personal. I'm not sure how the car loans work. That is really the main reason I don't want to PG since I am going to be attempting a SBA loan soon to buy another office.
  9. Thanks guys. My business is 5 years old. Brings in around 200k. I have good business credit with several tradelines but no big tradelines. I have a couple of business credit cards that have between 10-15k credit limits but not even sure if that helps. I want a Ford truck. So who would you suggest calling for me to just give it a shot? Otherwise I will buy through a dealer and eat the extra cost.
  10. I am getting a truck for my business. I was going to go through a dealer but found a good deal and wondered if you can get non pg financing without using a dealer? I checked ALLY and there website stated to check with dealers for their non pg financing.
  11. What is recommended when an unauthorized inquiry is made? I have the one from citi bank. I have not applied for anything. I called Citi bank and they have no record of any application with my information. They told me to call the credit bureaus. Seems as though I am sol
  12. Thanks guys. I have not called yet but I am thinking this has to be the case. Tigger: Just shows as an inquiry. I am pretty sure Oilcan has it. I am trying to search how to check my report through the back door. I forgot how but otherwise I can get my current report if need be. Edit: I just checked the back door and it is on there also.

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