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  1. Since child support varies by state, there is not one universal age at which it stops.
  2. I have TMobile's $30 plan and am happy with it for the price. Be sure to talk with other TMobile customers about coverage in the areas where you are likely to need it.
  3. I have the Asus RT-N66U, and it looks like it works much like the e3200. I just tested it to be sure, and I can enable or disable LAN access for each guest network.
  4. The problem is more just being connected to the internet. WiFi security is actually pretty decent except for WEP. Operator error is a big issue. A common problem is using "guest mode" WiFi access ports. Guest mode doesn't restrict users from the LAN part of your internal network. You have to use two NAT routers to do that and some port forwarding stuff needed for games doesn't work too well through them. This is not true for all routers. I know mine has the option to allow or disallow LAN access.
  5. I use Auto Call Recorder. It's free and it works fine.
  6. The one I see recommended regularly is the Anker Astro 3e. I purchased it and use it regularly for playing Ingress, and it performs splendidly.
  7. How do you figure G+ is struggling?
  8. I used to have a standard $40 wireless router and had frequent problem with the connection, even within our house. I replaced it with an Asus RT-N66U and haven't had a problem since. Strong signal throughout the house, including the third floor (router's on the first) and the opposite side of the house directly on the other side of the brick fireplace. Signal also remains strong throughout our town lot and across most of the adjoining lots. I don't have an opinion about whether AC is worth the extra cost over N, but I'm very happy I spent the extra on quality gear.
  9. If you have Win8Pro, your license allows you to downgrade to Win7Pro http://www.pcworld.com/article/2015107/downgrading-from-windows-8-to-7-what-you-need-to-know.html
  10. I would ask your state tax department directly, as each state's sales tax rules are different. I suspect they'll tell you that you owe sales tax on the items because your are purchasing them for personal use. When you go to sell them, you'll want to watch your COGS, as your business basis may not be the purchase price (due to the personal use before converting to business use).
  11. I would stick with Win7 over 8. Is a 1 year warranty enough for you?
  12. I have a hard time believing they would approve double taxation. The worst I think would happen would be taxation of earnings, and even that would likely receive significant opposition. One change that does seem possible is changing the code to include ROTH distributions in determining taxable social security.
  13. It sounds like support will still be the sticking point. The IRS has a handy worksheet to help you determine support here: http://apps.irs.gov/app/vita/content/globalmedia/worksheet_for_determining_support_17.pdf If you complete the worksheet and find that you provided over 1/2 of his support, I would keep the worksheet and supporting documentation with your copy of your return in case of audit. You may also want to research multiple support agreements, as that could help if your brother continues to provide at least 10% of your father's support.
  14. I understand that you're talking about 'Kiddie Tax'. Before you even consider that, you need to know how much unearned income the person has. To figure how much capital gain there is from the sale of the car, you need to know the basis in the car. You keep asserting that the basis is $5, when it most likely much higher, probably higher than the sale price. If that's the case there is $0 net income from the sale, and that sale won't impact Kiddie Tax one bit.
  15. They basically got the car as a gift, I think they bought it for $5.00 The person who originally owned the car could no longer drive. The current owners are in the process of trying to see if they are going to keep it or sale it. In Indiana unless you buy it from a dealer, you pay the sales taxes when you change the title. Sounds like you had a part sale/part gift situation. With only $5 of sale, you were basically gifted the vehicle except for the $5. I believe your basis will be the giver's adjusted basis in the vehicle. Since this is probably higher than what you sold it for, your sale would not need to be reported as there would be no taxable gain. When the gift was made, a gift tax return may have been required, but very likely not. I suspect it would only be required if the fair market of value on the gifting date was higher than twice the annual exclusion amount.

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