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  1. You are correct. Capital One Bank, who has branches in Texas, uses Chex. Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) does not. Wrong I got my Chex systems report and there is TWO inquries from a Cap One 360 Checking and then Savings. I opened the accounts in the last month and I was a previous ING customer.
  2. I have never got a Auto CLI from Barclays. I stripped down my Sallie Mae to make my Aviator at $9,000. Mainly because I am carrying a balance and it brought down my ratio which was hurting my score. Went from 88% UTIL to 55%. Hopefully, that gives me a score boost around the 25th of this month.
  3. For businesses that pre-ordered the EMV accessory for the Sqaure Stand a few months back got a email today with two options. I chose option #2 and get the Miura M010 for only $39.00 and it retails for $129.95. What a steal! It works with the Square Stand and allows customers to use PIN's. Option #1 was just to get on the preorder list for the Apple Pay/EMV for free. Which I already signed up for that. Here is the email: Hi there, A few months back, you ordered a chip card (EMV) accessory for Square Stand. We’ve since heard from our sellers that accepting NFC payments like Apple Pay was important for their business. The accessory you ordered would only have given you the ability to accept chip cards. We’re cancelling shipments of that accessory (and not charging you) and giving you two options to better equip you to accept every form of payment your customers are carrying. Accept both chip cards and NFC payments like Apple Pay. It’s available for pre-order now and will ship in fall 2015. It connects to your device wirelessly or plugs into Square Stand for instant setup. We are making this reader available to you at no cost. If you’d like to start accepting NFC and EMV payments sooner, you can order a Miura accessory that works with Square Stand. The accessory retails for $129, but because you pre-ordered the original chip card accessory, it’s yours for $39. The Miura accessory will ship in July.
  4. You gotta get some CLI's and combine those JJ!! My one cc is 23k and the other is 12k. I want to grow those cc's. I love their cash rewards cc. not a check book? No check book a credit card. This was 8 years ago so don't know what their process is now. I still have the credit card and know for a fact.
  5. With me its the opposite the CU's are my high credit lines and the major banks gave me cheesy limits. Some accounts are over 1+ yr old and still no auto CLI's. But, BK still reporting on EX. But, I had a BK on record at first! Navy has been my prybar to get where I am at today.
  6. I recently made a large payment and carry a 0% APR balance on the card. I do not know if that helped me or not. Definately not FICO score based. 640 is horrible I know! I am working on getting it back up.
  7. I logged in and still stuck at $300. Card over 1 year old. Kiss my a** TDBank. It takes a lot of willpower not to close this card and flush it down the toilet. Its the lowest credit line I have!!!!!
  8. Well I don't have any patience. I called and he exictely said yes you are able for the upgrade. I just got my Red card in the mail today. I now have a Silver World Elite Aviator Card. With a 640 FICO score according to Barclays! It was in the 670 range last month but a old paid charge off was taken off my report and with 3 new accounts I took a 30 point FICO drop. Hopefully it will recover in the next few months.
  9. Well I haven't got mine yet Calling CS they could not tell me nothing.
  10. I had this before in 2007. They reported it as a SECURED MORTGAGE LOAN. Even though I never owned a house back then and they could not have a lien on a house I had. Make sure to read the fine print before you sign up for this credit line. It was many pages from what I remember. I was approved for about $25,000 and they send you a credit card in the mail to use the credit line.
  11. Out of my 12+ cards they all now have chips. The Barclays Sallie Mae is the only card left without a chip. Talk about being behind the times. I called them on it and they have no timeline on when its coming out. Does anybody have a chip Sallie Mae yet? Navy Federal, USAA, Penfed, Citi, Dillards Amex, Walmart CC, Discover, Barclays Aviator, Chase Freddom and Capital One are all on top of the game and way ahead of the October deadline.
  12. Has anyone been successful in getting their Red upgraded to Silver with a score range of FICO 640-670?
  13. Get your business ready for EMV. Square is offering a FREE wireless EMV reader for a limited time. The offer started June 8th 2015 and they are giving away 250,000 of them. My busienss qualified and saved $49.99. http://t.co/s5hbf3hrZf
  14. A little off topic, but I received my $50.00 checking bonus for opening a checking account about 3 weeks ago with Discover. This offer is only good for current Discover credit card customers. You will receive a invitation in the mail for the offer. They are good on their word. Such a easy $50.00! Since I opened my Discover credit card over 1 year ago they have yet to make any money off of me! I never carry a balance with them.

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