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  1. Howdy everyone! I used to be very involved here but got swept away by life stuff. I have a financial goal so I'm back to clean the cobwebs out of my credit. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  2. AFNI are habitual FDCPA violators. I've sued them twice. I would recommend taking an aggressive stance against them and catching them in FDCPA violations and then demanding they remove the collection account from your CR.
  3. I pre-qualified for an Orchard card, so I thought I'd go ahead and get one. My application was declined and the reason was: "You cannot have more than one account of this type." I do not, nor have I ever had an Orchard card, nor HSBC (which I believe is their holding company?) My credit reports do not reflect a card, so I don't think it's ID theft. Any ideas?
  4. Used to use TC back in the day, but apparently I can only update my TransUnion report daily now. What are people using to pull all 3 every day?
  5. Post the VIN and I'll run a check for you.
  6. Thanks Marv, I contacted them and they do--they're taking my information and trying to get in touch with a rep who can verify the pre-approval.
  7. Well that's good to know. How do I approach the dealership? Ask if they have an agreement with Wachovia, and inform them I have a pre-approval? I take it I would not be contacting Wachovia directly, is this correct?
  8. Wachovia bank. The dealership I visited got me an approval, but the car I went to look at basically fell apart in the lot.
  9. How would I facilitate this? Should I contact the bank directly?
  10. I was approved through a certain bank for a loan at one dealership. This was a pre-approval for a certain amount, not a specific vehicle. Is it possible to contact the bank directly and take the loan/pre-approval elsewhere or is this simply not done?
  11. I was in this situation once, and I disputed the accounts with the CRA's as duplicates. They were both removed. YMMV.
  12. You also may want to include a copy of the Wollman opinion in your response: http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpa/letters/wollman.htm
  13. As what constitutes proper validation is not spelled out anywhere, it's largely considered (at least by supporting case law) that proper validation includes the necessary documentation to convince a layperson that a collector is not only a legitimate entity but also legally entitled to collect a valid debt.
  14. That is laughable. There is no real specific definition of validation, but I would say they need to provide: Original documentation from the OC showing what you owe and where you failed to pay/went delinquent, Proof that the debt has been assigned to the CA, Proof that the CA is legally entitled to dun you, License information/registered agent information from the CA, At the very least--all original documents. ANYTHING on letterhead is bogus.
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