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    Coffee, Tea, Family, Friends, Credit, Guitar, pretty much in that order too. lol
  1. how old are these accounts? you might be able to obsolete them if you can get the payment history and first delinquency/last activity info if you never caught back up with payments.
  2. I do both...two LLC's. LLC 1 owns the Asset, the LLC 2 leases from LLC 1
  3. No, he's just a chairman of the "Joke". ...the situation we are in now took many moons to get to the punchline.
  4. And this is just what you get when your money isn’t locked to any standard at all with a group of “economists†that try to decide how best to improve growth, and prevent down turns at all costs. Well, now we are seeing some of the cost….. If our money was locked to gold, silver, oil, or whatever else that might be available to keep fiat money somewhere close to reality land, we wouldn’t have this problem. We wouldn’t have had most of the wars this county has been in either. They just couldn’t afford it without printing monopoly money. The thing that kills me is the fact that they don’t teach near enough about the economy, or how our government works or otherwise doesn’t in the public schools. If they did, I’m almost certain in a single generation we would be rid of the Federal Reserve System; of which we rarely if ever have seen any sort of reserve or system to their madness ….LOL ....let's hope the oil producing countries don't begin to fairly price their commodity either. ....and there won't be any increase in exports to save us because this inflation is increasing the cost to produce. oh well, just some thought's that have been on my mind lately as a regular joe near detroit. good luck everyone
  5. Seeing as there’s been no validation from them since Jan 27th, would it be okay to ask the CRA’s for a delete or do I have to keep pressing the CA to delete? I need to get Liquor liability insurance, and lease some equipment by end of march, so I would like to get these guys moving. thanks for any help!
  6. I have written 2 letters to National Credit Corp, requesting validation. They sent a letter saying they would include the account payment history. They never did… So I wrote them again, informing them that I needed validation. Still nothing… This was disputed as obsolete in January…verified by all 3 CRA’s Should I write a third letter to National Credit or Just send the CRA’s letters disputing that National Credit could not validate so how are they verifying these tradelines?? Or both?
  7. As I very loosely understand it, furnishing any new information can be considered collection activity. If it’s past SOL, then they have no real claim on your debt, because they can’t legally collect anymore. They can stay on your report for the 7 years however, but continued collection activity is a violation. Of course, I could be wrong…lol
  8. But how would you request verification of when an original creditor or agency first notified the cra of the delinquency preceding their actions? Is there a way to verify that the furnisher indeed followed the law and notified the cra during the first 90 days of reporting the delinquency or derogatory status?
  9. but the creditor has to inform via notification the year and month of the commencement of the delinquency within 90 days to the cra they report to. So how would you request verification of when an original creditor notified the cra?
  10. (If this account is verified, please furnish the name and address of the verifying party, method of verification, and the reported first delinquency from the original creditor.)
  11. I would circle the date of the letter and the where the CA is stating in their own words "please allow 60 days or whatever to delete" and that sounds like proof the trade line is obsolete. it's got to be over 90 days since the letter right? on the ACA that's these guys http://www.acainternational.org/collections.aspx?cid=9458
  12. well since you said anyone....Why not send a dispute letter to EX and refer to your response letter from the ca to the bbb, with them saying they would in-fact delete it, and considered the matter closed. Include a copy as evidence that it needs to be permanently deleted. etc

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