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  1. Explain pay the fee, please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Marv, It's been a long while since I've been here. Eight years or so. Lot's have happened since. I have a client who wants a $45K Mercedes and willing to put down $20K. I haven't pulled his FICOs yet but CreditCheckTotal scores are N/A for Experian; 521 for Equifax and 556 for TU. DNB hasn't been uploaded to include new tradelines. Can he buy something with this? His plan is to pre-pay it down within a year. What are the options? Thanks..
  3. Sorry for bringing up an old theme but hopefully someone can help me. Like others several years ago, I was impacted by that Transunion/Truecredit debacle where they accused customers of exccessively accessing their reports in attempts to fraudulently tamper with the credit scoring system. Mind you, they knowingly sold said service but, whatever! My question is - has anyone had any success removing that permanent lock? I can only get my annual reports now. It would be nice to get access again. I'm planning on using Credit Check Total as an alternative as I work on cleaning up some issues. Time to get busy!!! Thanks!!!
  4. I have a clothing store and am looking to get factored by CIT. Does anyone have any experience with them? What are their requirements? Which reports do they prefer? I'm trying to make sure I have everything ready before I submit my application. thanks.
  5. creditxpert & CBUser101 - it's a shame that they don't report. Oh well, at least it makes it easier to get additional leases without PG. Thanks.
  6. For those of you with a BMW lease, does it report to DNB? I'm unclear about this. I've read posts where it is supposed to report to Experian but it hasn't hit mine yet. How many months should it take to hit? I am assuming that PGing it and having that large account balance reporting should help me get me get more business credit. Thanks.
  7. Well, CITI is strongly promoting that card now anyway. They might think the campaign's very effective. For those who just apply and don't try too much fancy footwork to milk their CL, they might not notice as much. Even as much as I love CITI, I'm a fly on the wall this time.
  8. I am working with a realtor. I am just testing the waters and doing my research. I have no doubt that I/we can get a lower purchase price. That development has been sitting for a while. They have sold several units but haven't broken ground. At some point, they will have to do what is necessary to move inventory. I've been watching them play this out in two developments. Believe me, I'm doing assessing every move with all four eyes wide open. Besides, I need the time to bump of some inquiries and make our reports as clean as possible.
  9. sugaville

    NVR Mortgage

    Do anyone have any experience in dealing with them? Their building arm, Ryan Homes, has cut the prices on some homes and I'm getting a bit interested. They are throwing in $100k in "free" options and $20k in closing assistance. I'm actually going to wait till the summer and see how much lower then can cut the price and what more incentives will be available. Just curious what you guys thought about such. Thanks.
  10. Not sure about that. I've had as much as five at one time, not including store branded cards. Perhaps the others can give you more insight but I'm not aware of a hard rule that says you can have only a certain number of cards. Beside, getting additional cards is usually the only for some of us to get "CLIs" from Citi.
  11. thanks, I'm going to have to call them. Went into the service center and got conflicting information.
  12. Does anyone have one? I have the credit card and wondered if I can get the LOC with the same pull w/in 60 days. Thanks.
  13. Personal: Delta, Blue, Jetblue Biz: Plat charge

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