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  1. I might have been wrong about that. I only said that it wasn't updating because it didn't update on the date that it said it would. Of course, if you never use the card, eventually it'll be closed, so you should use the card from time to time for that reason alone. P.S. Check your PMs Haven't used mine in probably 6 months, maybe more, maybe less, not sure. Either way, no score option under any of my tabs. Got a CLI a month or so ago. Might be time to buy a DVD.
  2. Curious to see the responses of those with AF and those without. Like many here, I opened mine years ago when it was first introduced and my scores were 200 points lower...has close a to a 5 digit limit too. About a year ago they stuck me with an AF, charged monthly. I thought about closing but have run up utilization on a few cards so I like having the cushion. Debating buying 2 items I want that are about $60 each, paying in full, and returning 1 after statement cuts $0 balance after the monthly fee is charged. Smaller limit and the card would have been canned a long time ago.
  3. Had never heard of this so I called in. I have 3 accounts and for 2 of them the rep said I was "credit qualified" for an increase. She stated that they are usually $1500 increments. For both she said that she needs to forward request to credit department and that I should receive an answer in the mail. She did say that there shouldn't be a hard because both accounts had notations for increases. Will update if/when I get them and whether or not there was a hard. Tried automated and was passed to CSR.
  4. It's a new club...or perhaps, a threshold =)
  5. Hey everybody....haven't been active here in awhile. Just wanted to send a quick thank you to everybody who contributes to this site. For the first time since finding CB years ago, I am pleased to announce that I am officially in the 750 club!! Only one baddie on one report and it is way beyond 7 years....need to get back on the horse to have EX finally delete so I can be completely baddie-free. Hope everybody is well. Thanks again CB....couldn't/wouldn't have done it without you.
  6. Anybody have a phone number for EX? I have never been able to talk to a human being (if they exist) there.
  7. What number did you use for EX? My last baddie fell off the other 2 in March, but is still on EX. Down to 2 INQs on EX, so I could use the clean report. TIA.
  8. First weekend following the 25th month after the INQ was placed on the report. Something like that +1 Usually the 1st weekend of the 25th month. I have some from April 2008 as well. Expecting them to drop after this weekend since the 1st was on a weekend this month. My last baddie is coming off this weekend too!!
  9. I had one about 4 years ago. It reported as secured and was unsecured at my request after 1 year. CLIs every 6 months for 18 months and after 3 years was approved for another USB unsecured with 3x the limit. Scores were low-mid 600s initially and low 700s for the 2nd card.
  10. They do keep track. Citi took AA against me a couple of years ago and one of the reasons was the frequency with which I hit the luv button.
  11. I went from $200 to $5k with Visa upgrade over about 2 years and applied online. If there is a notation, it is probably for cards after 2006. NO CLI in a couple years.
  12. WHY??? DO THEY NEED TO PULL EXPERIAN FOR SOMETHING THAT IS 100% NEEDED LIKE A MORTGAGE??? Hey George....long time no see. I want a low APR BT card and am willing to take a couple of INQs if they end up on EX....don't really want a denial based upon "inability to check credit references." Had plenty of those a year+ ago with EX frozen. Only 1 app in a year+ so EX can handle the hit.
  13. I had a hard drive crash and was not able to retrieve the file that had my EX PIN# for unfreeze...it's been on ice for over a year. Does anybody know how to retrieve this information from EX? I would like to unfreeze my file. Thanks in advance.
  14. In the low 300s of days since an app. So nice to see EX INQs dropping like flies.

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