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  1. Isn't the minimum 10k? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk Oops I meant Preferred - I always get the two mixed up. I should be able to get the SUBs too.
  2. Lots of letters and phone calls, what finally got them moving was mass emails to their boards of directors. Everyone has a boss!
  3. I have been hovering around the mid 600s for a while now with 6 big baddies that I couldnt get off (2 unpaid COs & 4 60/90 day lates). Finally got a couple lates off and jumped up to 674 (EX & EQ) 703 (TU) so I decided to pull the trigger and destroy my AAOA by getting the following: Amex BCE: $5000 Barclay Aviator: $4000 Chase Sapphire Reserve: $7500 NFCU GoRewards: $25,000 Probably too much to get in one shot, but these are cards I planned for and will use forever, so Ill take the hit. Im done with new cards forever now, so back to focusing on removing baddies and getting
  4. Ive been going through the same thing, TU just apparently takes longer to delete stuff nowadays.
  5. There are some samples in the newbie section to give you an idea. Just be sure to write it in your own words and make the terms clear. You can post your draft on here and folks will review it so you can be sure you got it down.
  6. Also, you should try clearing off some of those collections before you apply for a card, but if you MUST, use the card pre-qual sites instead of credit karma.
  7. Well the good news is no credit card debt! You should be able to do PFDs on the collection accounts so do that if you have the money. If you can get membership with NFCU or PENFED, Do that, and get a secured card if you have the money. Also if someone is willing to add you as an authorized user to their existing card, that will help. You are actually not in that bad of shape, chip away and be patient and you’ll have success!
  8. Ok let me ask some specific questions and see if that works: 1. Can they put multiple 90 day lates like that or do they have to go 90/120/CO and does it make a difference as far as FICO is concerned? 2. Are OCs required to supply ALL information (scheduled payment, high balance, etc...) I am struggling for things to dispute.
  9. IMHO store cards are only worth getting if you can benefit from the discount and/or benefits offered with the card. If not, secured cards issued on one of the three major networks, Visa, MC, or Amex, mean a lot more for rebuilding. But if I already have cards from major banks, a store card isnt going to improve my score much, right?
  10. How much do store cards help? I dont have any, never thought it would be beneficial.
  11. Hello, you guys have been a HUGE help and I have gotten rid of several negative items thanks to the information and assistance from the experts here. I have two items I am not sure about how to approach and I wanted to see if anyone could take a look and help me come up with a strategy to possibly delete these turds. I got my paper copies and fired off a generic half cocked dispute to the CRAs and then OC last year, and they both came back verified. I tried PFD offers and no luck. I want to dispute again now, this time stating specifically what I think is wrong, but I want to ma
  12. Awesome that makes sense, thanks again!
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