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  1. I want to re-initiate those disputes on the tradelines, but was not sure if anyone else had similiar circumstances. Trying to decide what is the best approach to take with Equifax, "hey you did not finish the dispute and left them hanging" or just re-dispute via CMRRR, and see if they notice the notations to self-correct. But the paper from Equifax and the online version match as if these are all "pending". I just hate calling, rather have documented communication.
  2. I have not done anything yet with Equifax on this one, life happened and I forgot about the dispute on them and found my original disputes for them when I submitted online with no results to show for them and still "pending".
  3. It is showing on both, the paper reports issued by Equifax, and corresponds to the online version. So if you attempt to dispute online, you cannot as it appears to be "pending an investigation".. 2 tradelines been like this for 2 years and wondered if anyone else had this issue.
  4. Anyone experiencing any trade lines that have been disputed with Equifax having the "Under investigation from previous dispute" and the under comments "Consumer disputes - re-investigation in progress" that just stay there? I disputed 2 trade lines over 2 years ago and they are still in those status' updates, so I am unable to dispute as if they are pending. Recently disputed, another set of disputes via online (I know the problem with this), but now they are "stuck" I have 2 installments appearing to be stuck, and 2 revolving stuck in these status.. just wondering if anyone has experienced this and how they got it corrected? I assume writing or calling Equifax will just get them to "re-dispute" and not get an easy delete that they didn't complete within 30 days.
  5. I am helping a friend of mine with 3 Cavalry Accounts, all within SOL for credit cards defaulted 2017-2018 time-frame. I plan to help with them with DV and disputes, but want a back-up plan to see if anyone has had any recent experiences in recent months with PFD for less with Cavalry. I know they like to sue, so I am trying to make sure I don't poke the bear for them.
  6. Interesting how the Collection Agencies are treating Utilities SOL's .. here is a link from CA: Weltman. https://www.weltman.com/publication-statute-of-limitations-in-utility-collection-cases-protecting-receivables They are standing behind the Statute in Illinois as 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/13-201 et seq. for 10 years. Just a heads up! Have not researched case law on this to see if its been used for them. I know this is not your CA but FYI for others that may be dealing with Weltman (sue happy CA).
  7. This they are brewing possibly as they are coming out of the woodwork after 3 years later.. want to be proactive and not reactive at this time.
  8. If a debt that was charged off in a state (Ohio) that has a 6 year SOL on credit cards, and you move to South Carolina after the charge occured in Ohio. Would Ohio or South Carolina SOL apply? So if the debt charged off 01/2014 in Ohio, and you moved to South Carolina in 02/2017, then is the individual out of the SOL for open accounts, as I didnt see South Carolina had a residency requirement in how long you have to be there for it to apply?

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