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  1. This they are brewing possibly as they are coming out of the woodwork after 3 years later.. want to be proactive and not reactive at this time.
  2. If a debt that was charged off in a state (Ohio) that has a 6 year SOL on credit cards, and you move to South Carolina after the charge occured in Ohio. Would Ohio or South Carolina SOL apply? So if the debt charged off 01/2014 in Ohio, and you moved to South Carolina in 02/2017, then is the individual out of the SOL for open accounts, as I didnt see South Carolina had a residency requirement in how long you have to be there for it to apply?
  3. Debt was incurred in Ohio, lived in South Carolina for a year, then/now Tennessee.
  4. Patelco continues to report, last payment 11/2013.. Charged off 01/2014 per their reporting... Bridgeport shows starting to collect in 07/2014, and did not start reporting until 12/2014.. no calls, no letters.. >$22K total balance... over 3 years old to date..
  5. Friend last payment was 10/2013, lender listed it as immediately charged off on 10/2013, no 30/60/90 day trend, just pays as agreed in 9/2013, and 10/2013. Friend acquired alleged debt in Ohio (6 years), moved to South Carolina for a year, then moved to Tennessee (SOL is 6 years).. so in this case the DOLA/DOFD 10/2013 as one in the same, I know it doesn't make sense - but it is how it reports... no statements since then. No letter from Jefferson just reporting on CRAs.
  6. Last by not least... Friend has Jefferson Capital Systems collecting on a credit card charge off for >$10K that appears they have purchased. Still within in SOL, SOL for 6 years, charged off 10/2013... DOLA 10/2013. Any experience with dealing with them? Appears to be reporting to all 3 CRAs. I know I posted three separate threads, but I have limited experince on these CA's as I have dealt with the NCOs, LVNV, Weltman, etc.. but the 3 I posted to help friend would like to get more educated from recent experiences as I have been researching on here as well being a member dating back to 2003.. so yes I know the seach feature is my friend.. lol.. but just looking for any more recent experiences or advice as times have changed a bit with recent case laws, statuates, etc.

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