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  1. Amazing. I called the # on the back of the card. 800-477-1024. Got some Indian lady I could not understand. She wanted to pull a hard and yadda yadda. I said no. SO I called this number. I got someone right away, I mean no wait. Spoke to a Scott. Fed me the same crap. Also didn't go for my annual fee cancel pitch. Guy was good (in a call center you REALLY want to reach the person that doesn't give a crap, not the damn star/model employee). What he explained was after I give him the go ahead the system figures out if they will just give you an increase or they need to pull a hard and go further. I got a $100 limit right away. I don't even use this card anymore. I mean $100? For 14 months I've paid this thing on time and way past the minimum. Oh well, thanks CB, at least its $100 Oh my balance was $180 out of $300.
  2. Got this with my bill today "Citifinancial Retail has discontinued its Revolving Financing Relationship with this merchant as of this date. Your account will be closed to additional purchases. You will continue to receive monthly statements showing your minimum monthly payment. Please call our toll free number with any questions about your account. I don't care as I'm just about done paying for it off and I wasn't going to buy furniture from them again.
  3. First off I want to thank this forum for all the great advice and I want to give back how I can. This forum has given me the advice I needed to turn my credit back around and also the info to get back into school to complete my degree I recommend it to anyone I can and used the FICO code as well. There have been many threads about CarMax and I recently purchased a wonderful vehicle from there. I've been searching for a very long time and they had the color/price. Let me share my story so it can hopefully help others as I have been helped. To make a long story short I did read about CarMax here. I've actually had a PREVIOUS car financed by CarMax over 10 years ago. It shows paid in good standing. I figured with my better credit and with them financing me in the past, I should be good. Well after test driving the car a couple times I agreed to buy the car. The salesman was pretty poor (which I expected) but friendly. So after the 2nd time I drove it I decided to buy the car. As many have stated, you give them some basic info and your SSN and from 5 seconds to 15 minutes or so, you get multiple offers from banks. It seems its based SOLELY on your credit score(s) and Equifax. My score for EQ at the time rose to a 648. So you sit in one of the offices and give them your info and viola you see your offers. I took a pic with my phone when the guy walked out Sorry its not too clear but I wanted to give you guys a general idea (and protect my butt with the offer) I got multiple offers, I believe about 4 approvals. Most were nuts. The car asking price was 35k. The main ones I remember are -Wachovia wanted 18k down and 14% interest for 72 months -Wells Fargo (I think it was) wanted 15k down and 13% for 72 months -Capital One wanted 6k down and 13% for 72 months -Carmax, TURNED ME DOWN ironically Payments as you can see were between $550-$650). I budgeted $600 I have another car with a $500 payment with 14 months left to pay. Clearly the offer to go with was Capital One. The down payment was not an issue. The offer stands for 2 days if I remember correctly.So I needed to bring 6k in and walk out with the car. The salesman looked at me like I was nuts. I'll never forget. I told him "I am going to have the money and buy the car by Friday". It was late Tuesday. Now here is the BIG CATCH. I drive a modified car and I have no intentions of trading it in. However I made the MISTAKE of flirting with doing it. I know they are not going to offer me anything but I give it a shot. He's seen my car so he is surprised I am entertaining the offer. Well we drive the car I want again while my car gets "EVALUATED". Of course I get a lowball offer but he is REALLY interested in me trading my car in. Thats all he talks about the rest of the night seemingly. I say "I'll think about it". My value is around 8k, they give me $4300 for it. I owe around $6k on it. So the guy takes the car out of the inventory and holds it. That means the car can NO LONGER be seen on the CARMAX website. I felt good. So I call the guy explaining my schedule the next day and when I can come by etc. He was supposed to call back and NEVER does. Finally later in the afternoon he calls. "Sorry but Capital One made another offer. They now want you to trade the car in and bring another $1000 down". So I am like WTF are you talking about what other offer and he explains another offer came in after I left and that is the only one. Trade the car, bring 7k down at a 13.75% interest rate. I was up in arms. I call a close friend who is a lawyer and she tells me that is B.S. If I have a copy of the original offer, they have to stand by that. I call them back and the salesman is of NO help. I escalate to the manager, they are of no help. It then hits me not only do they want my cash and rape me with financing but they want my other car so they can sell/part out for more profit.That is why Carmax "buys cars" and is so willing to take trades. They lowball the hell out of u and then make more money selling ur old car. Now you might ask "why are you going though all this for the car". Well its a very rare car and they clearly undervalued it by 6-8k. Everything came back clean from Autocheck and when I ran the VIN at a local dealership. I literally was getting a STEAL. Out of curiosity when I was making withdrawals I go to both my banks loan officers and you know what they tell me? They tell me "we are not doing unsecured loans anymore" when I asked for 5k. I could not believe it. I've banked for years and the couple times I have asked for a loan I get turned down by my bank. (THen I go ELSEWHERE and get a loan or financed.) (I HATE BANKS) :angry: I explain to them how technically they should be BEGGING ME TO TAKE MONEY since my hard earned TAX DOLLARS bailed them out and keep their doors open. This point seemingly was lost on them. So by this time, you might say "Hey ****magee it just wasn't meant to be" but I was going to get this car. I am not one to give up, especially when I know what I saw, heard and what I agreed too. I check online and they put the car back online for anyone to buy. So Thursday I call Capital One lol. I find some CarMax loan department number for them on the internet. They sound pretty surprised when I called. That said, when I gave my SSN, my info INDEED PULLED UP!!! So I was in business. They don't want to take any blame or anything or take any responsibility. They are telling me to go to CarMax, this is their problem as they made the offers. The guy on the phone told me the 2 offers. The first one was the one I agreed too. The second one was another one they made the next day. EITHER OFFER STANDS WITH CAPITAL ONE Its crazy b/c one offer is clearly much better than the other for the consumer. So I find on the internet some corporate executive complaint number for CarMax lol. I call and speak to a lady and explain how I was given an offer and they took it back and then are trying to get me to trade in my car and go with a WORSE offer. She was kind and of course didn't want to take any blame. She said someone would follow up with me later that day. I also explained the irony I was buying a Car at Carmax, I have a previous paid account with them and they turned me down. SHe of course didn't care. So I go to my favorite place when I need to ponder HOOTERS!!! Its about 7pm and my phone rings. Its the salesman; "Hello ****" -yes its ****magee "Hey I got good news, my manager approved the first offer so if you are ready we will stand by it" -excellent (I go over the exact details of the first offer) "Yes that is correct, we will go with it" -See you tomorrow morning Let me again say he was an awful salesman. No follow up, no call back nothing. Usually I would have walked but again, I was getting as smoking deal. I was ecstatic. I had the money and I had some time to get the car Friday morning. Friday I go back with 6k CASH MONEY. I don't want to hear a thing about a check blah blah blah. I walk in and he shows me the offers again. I explain out of frustration it didn't have to get to this point as its plain to see either offer is in my face. The process takes about 30 min (paperwork etc). Pick up the car and drive home grinning. I hope this helps you understand the CarMax process more. To be honest this is likely my first AND last purchase based on how unethical they were and what I had to do. The car is driving like a charm though so I am very happy with the product. My advice is to start and KEEP a relationship with a local dealer/salesperson and get to know the finance manager. It saves a lot of B.S and time in the long run and they really look out for you as a consumer from purchasing to service. I have a GREAT relationship with mine but sadly they never had this car in stock for over 2 years.
  4. Now thats what I like to hear!!
  5. Funny but I bought a used car from an Acura dealer 10 years ago and it was financed by CarMax. I am looking at buying a vehicle now from them though. They don't haggle but have a large inventory.
  6. 621 should get u financed at 0% or so. They actually just released they will allow sub-prime borrowing again. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/04/02/gmac-re...bprime-lending/
  7. lol I find that I can't find a login b/c they are just advertising for new members. Annoying.
  8. I'm confused why would they do a hard pull? All you did was lose the card. They should have simply closed the old card and sent a new one with a new number. Am I missing somthing?
  9. I believe pre owned RXs have 1.9%... For Lexus 700 is the key. However if you have a 20-30% down, they can get you through Toyota credit or another bank
  10. Well I got my Orchard card last April after reading about it here and I've had great history, never missed a payment, always overpay and they have reported positives on all 3 CRAs. A couple people I know are re-establishing so I told them about this forums and about Orchard. We pulled their FICO's first so I could see how bad it was. Both were horrible Person A Income over 100k, no current open credit cards. Lots of baddies paid off they never bothered to fight (but will do now). Only one big Wells Fargo negative. Applied online and they got a Gold Orchard with a $300 limit. Stated income at 140k. APR is 14.99%. (mine is 9.99%). I informed them this is to build your scores and maybe just use for gas and pay most of it off every month (they are VERY liquid) Scores are all in the mid to high 500s, EQ was highest at 594, lowest is 550 or so Person B Income around 25k, no current open credit cards. Even more baddies (10+) but pays everything cash the last 3 years. So when I filled it out it was tough, this person is a "contractor" and thats what I put as job. I also put 140k as income Appled online, got another Orchard and was approved. This was needed to pay a $19 processing fee but I told them don't be discouraged, this is your new start. Scores are in the lower 500s, low as 520, high of 560 (TU) WHen Paperwork comes in, I will update what her terms are. I wanted to share b/c I know a lot of people might not think they have a chance to get at least 1 card to start over and here, 2 people got approved by Orchard and both have some similarities and GLARING differences.
  11. Go to equifax.com/fcra, enter your info and choose the free report for denial of credit. Dispute the inquiry online as unauthorized and it will be off the next day. I followed your advice thanks a lot. THIS IS ODD Looking around, I go to "Inquiries" and on Equifax it states that the Scottrade does both. It does affect and does not affect score. I DID NOT APPLY NOR WANT CREDIT FROM SCOTTRADE. I wanted to open an account. Inquiries A request for your credit history is called an inquiry. Inquiries remain on your credit report for two years. There are two types of inquires - those that may impact your credit rating and those that do not. Inquiries that may impact your credit rating These inquires are made by companies with whom you have applied for a loan or credit. Name of Company Date of Inquiry SCOTTRADE Show Details 03/15/09 Inquiries that do not impact your credit rating These inquires include requests from employers, companies making promotional offers and your own requests to check your credit. These inquiries are only viewable by you. SCOTTRADE 03/15/09

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