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  1. Good to know. I have just filed my second tax return as a self employed borrower. Gross income averages out to ~$177k/yr. If that is indeed that calculation they use I should be good to go. Thanks Heg.
  2. Hi everybody. Long time member/staff member checking in with a question. I’ve been super busy and have lost track of the community at large. Anyway, long story short I am self employed, and have been for going on three years. It’s about time for us to upgrade our housing situation, as I have two teenagers, a preteen, and a younger child. We have outgrown our home. Anyway, my main question is in regards to how income is looked at as a self-employed borrower. Current home balance is $52k, worth probably $95k in this market. That would be sold. Do lenders look at gross income before any deductions? Something else? We are very early in the process, I just want to equip myself with the knowledge necessary before going much further. Thanks in advance Creditboards family!
  3. I had a Kabbage line of credit. Had it as a "just in case" type of thing. The limit was $1400. Bank accounts showed over $75,000 revenue in six months time. I recently closed it. Never used it once.
  4. I've got a Capital One that has gone from $750 to $23,000 in 7 years. They absolutely refuse to budge beyond that. I have tried multiple times.
  5. 690. So close to the 700's I can taste it. Carrying a huge promo balance on this real estate flip, hope I can get it finished up and sold soon!
  6. They declined me. They give the reason as "Your credit report reflects bankruptcy." Yet, they will give me a PRG and an EveryDay card. Who knows with Amex anymore? EDIT: Decided to try again today and got a "Our systems are updating, your request could not be processed at this time" error.
  7. Mine was on a mailer. I should have saved it damnit. It was printed really big in gold shiny letters on the envelope. 75000
  8. I'm fairly certain thats what mine was.
  9. When you know how many times I've apped and been declined, absolutely.
  10. Gotcha. Well 50k is still pretty impressive even if that is the case.
  11. I love my Amex products. So, no.
  12. Best part is the 75,000 MR points offer with $5k spend in the first 90 days. Added an "employee card" for my sister so she can help me get there.
  13. Got a pre-selected letter for the Discover it card. This was my white whale. I could not get in with them to save my life! Well, it was instantly approved, $1K CL. I've heard Discover will grow with you. Anyone have any tips for this one?
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