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  1. Chris in OK

    Kabbage Line of Credit

    I had a Kabbage line of credit. Had it as a "just in case" type of thing. The limit was $1400. Bank accounts showed over $75,000 revenue in six months time. I recently closed it. Never used it once.
  2. Chris in OK

    Capital One CLI's

    I've got a Capital One that has gone from $750 to $23,000 in 7 years. They absolutely refuse to budge beyond that. I have tried multiple times.
  3. Chris in OK

    Wally March FICOs are up!

    690. So close to the 700's I can taste it. Carrying a huge promo balance on this real estate flip, hope I can get it finished up and sold soon!
  4. Chris in OK

    Question about Amex 61 day cli

    They declined me. They give the reason as "Your credit report reflects bankruptcy." Yet, they will give me a PRG and an EveryDay card. Who knows with Amex anymore? EDIT: Decided to try again today and got a "Our systems are updating, your request could not be processed at this time" error.
  5. Chris in OK

    AMEX Open Gold Rewards

    Mine was on a mailer. I should have saved it damnit. It was printed really big in gold shiny letters on the envelope. 75000
  6. Chris in OK

    AMEX Open Gold Rewards

    I'm fairly certain thats what mine was.
  7. Chris in OK

    Finally IN with Discover.

    When you know how many times I've apped and been declined, absolutely.
  8. Chris in OK

    AMEX Open Gold Rewards

    Gotcha. Well 50k is still pretty impressive even if that is the case.
  9. Chris in OK

    Amazon.com Rewards Visa

    Someone fill me in. What is 5/24?
  10. Chris in OK

    Would you tell AmEx bye-bye?

    I love my Amex products. So, no.
  11. Chris in OK

    Amazon.com Rewards Visa

    Yes! 888-338-2586
  12. Chris in OK

    AMEX Open Gold Rewards

    Best part is the 75,000 MR points offer with $5k spend in the first 90 days. Added an "employee card" for my sister so she can help me get there.
  13. Chris in OK

    Finally IN with Discover.

    Got a pre-selected letter for the Discover it card. This was my white whale. I could not get in with them to save my life! Well, it was instantly approved, $1K CL. I've heard Discover will grow with you. Anyone have any tips for this one?
  14. Chris in OK

    AMEX Open Gold Rewards

    They've been sending me letters about every 1-2 months for the last year for this card. Decided to try for it, instantly approved online. This is good because I closed my personal PRG card on account of the annual fee a few months back.
  15. Chris in OK

    Target store card potential closure letter

    I got a letter too. Charged $20 and paid it off the next day.

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