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  1. The search isn't working for me and I am sure this has been asked before. As I understand and read online, FHA doesn't require PMI if you put down 20% or more? The mortgage broker is telling me FHA requires PMI no matter how much you are putting down. I'm looking on the FHA web page but the answer isn't clear. Do you need PMI no matter how much you put down on an FHA? What is the maximum loan for an FHA on a townhouse vs single family homes? tks
  2. My utilization is up and down, but very low, say max $2K-$3K balances among 2 credit cards (credit union which has a $5K c/l and is about 2-3 yrs old) and this barclays, which just until this happened had a $4K c/l, and total available credit about $15K, maybe $18K, among all the cards. That utilization is practically paid off almost totally (80 - 100%) every few wks or monthly, as I pretty much only use them for business, so when I get reimbursed a couple of weeks later, I just pay off the card. I figured, it would show a lot of movement and prompt payments. The letter for the $4K apple Visa indicates the reason is "recent payment with insufficient funds". This was my screw up, as I made a double payment. But going back and reconciling the credit card statement, I made the minimum payment which is set on auto ($20), then made a pmt of $1,100, and inadvertently didn't put the later date I needed...so that screwed me up. The week later I paid it off in full, as I had intended. So even though I made their minimum payment on time, My good intentions of paying off bit me in the butt... I am not sure if a call is going to make a difference using the following argument: Card has basically been paid off monthly. Use is for business and I get reimbursed regularly, so they see it's not a cash flow issue. Beg for "mercy" that I need it for work... lol.. ok, this one is a longer shot.. The # I am planning on calling is the 866+483+3735 that they list online.. Any thoughts on this? Or should I forget about it... Oh, and the $1K US AIR c/c, they claimed it was closed for "part on extended inactitvity"!!!!!! So, much for having credit cards in the sock drawer, lol..
  3. .. What's the story with Barclays? They cancelled my US Air c/c with $1K c/l last month and now reduced the $4K c/l on the apple m/c to $2.5K... Zero balance on the US Air.. and I've used the apple a few times and paid off asap, just to utilize... This is the wording they sent to me on their email when I inquired... The only negative I guess is an inquiry or two I had around the same time frame for a citi AA m/c... Is it even worth calling them to reconsider returningi the $4K line to the apple m/c? When they approved me for the apple m/c earlier this year I called and asked if they could transfer the $1K line from US Air to the Apple, but they said no.. whatever...then I figured fine, "cancel my US Air" but that killed some of the history I had, since that card was almost 7-8 yrs old.. Has this happened to anyone or any ideas why? Worth calling them? I'll wait for the letter, in the interim. thanks Thank you for contacting us regarding your Barclaycard Financing Visa Card. We can certainly address your inquiry regarding your credit line. Upon review of your account, we have decided to reduce the amount of credit available to you. You will receive a letter detailing the reason for our decision to the address on file in the next 7-10 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any other questions and concerns, please reply to this message. Sincerely, Customer Service What happened to my $4K credit line? Was it my prompt payments that penalized me?
  4. I just got a response to my citi AAdvantage application recently and the reason for decline is "the credit privalage on your existing account(s) are currently restricted." Any idea what that means? It's not the fico score, it's not utilization.... I read somewhere online that it could be that they had pulled my credit within the last 60 days, which they did when I had previously applied about a month ago (They rejected that one b/c the wrong city was on my EQ and so I had that corrected and reapplied). I also read that your credit report is restricted for pulling and they don't bother calling you, they just decline, but I have no restrictions on my reports.. Any ideas?
  5. My EQ report lists the city as (for example) "Brooklyn, NY" when it should be "New York City, NY". The issue is that within my zip there are two towns, "Brooklyn" and "NY City". It is incorrect, but some creditors pick it up as "Brooklyn". Should I bother changing this? I recently had an issue with Citibank having a problem "verifying the accuracy" on my EQ report and am wondering if this city is issue is the problem. Has this happened to anyone else? I am thinking of just changing it to "Brooklyn" even though "NY City" is correct..
  6. Ok, looking at my latest EQ report the only thing I can imagine not matching are employers listed and the city where I live in. Employers: Lists 3 employers from 10+ years ago. Address: Current address lists a different city than what I put in the credit app. My zip code contains two cities, mine and the one on the report; so it's not wrong. I've gone through the report in detail and can't find any other reason they would have a problem verifying the accuracy. Those seem simple issues, not really significant. I just got the Barcklays Apple card with $5K a few months ago and they ran this same report. I'll work in correcting the above with EQ by way of dispute, but I can't imagine it would spit out a decline b/c of that. Is Citi that "sensitive" in credit info?
  7. Ok, after talking to a supervisor she said "they were unable to verify information" , which is the same thing that the letter said "we could not verify the accuracy of the information provided"... and "they depend on outside resources"; yet I can't verify my own info with them, even though I answered correctly the secret question I have on one of my credit reports. They said to reapply, but what's the point?? I guess I'll look at the info on the credit report..Based on the credit pull database, it looks to be experian. Any ideas on this that I won't have to do another application , another inquiry, to "see if I get lucky"?? It was for the Platinum card, btw.
  8. It's an FA. I called the second number i posted here and they seemed more helpful. She said a supervisor would call me back within 24 hours and let me know what needs to be verified... standing by for the call
  9. After applying for one of the Citi Aadvantage cards last month I got the decline letter indicating "We are unable to establish an account for you at this time. The reason for this decision is that we could not verify the accuracy of the information provided on the application" .. I talked two an agent and a supervisor at one of the #'s I found in my search here, 800-763-9795, and they said that they couldn't tell me what couldn't be verified, lol... and I could apply again. I suggested I could apply on the phone so I could verify whatever is needed but not an option. I think I have a fraud alert on one of my reports and they asked me for the password and I gave it to them last night on my first call.... Any help / ideas on how to get past this "verification" issue? I just saw another # on another thread, 888-201-4523, app status line, but not sure if that will help. Going into the branch and having them verify "what" , I am not sure would be an option. I'm stuck, as it's not a bad credit situation ... Any ideas?
  10. I am entertaining applying for one or the other. I checked some of the advantages on the Amex, but lots of info on there at different levels. Obviously, the annual fees, would be a a potential deal breaker, unless the advantages outweight it. I can get an amex with american airline points, so that would be the same as getting a Citi AAdvantage m/c I think. Here are the comparisons to the Amex. Any thoughts? Any of you have one or the other and regret it? amex comps BTW, i travel 4-6 times per year or maybe more, usually on American Airlines, so points towards that would be nice.. You would think , "well just go with the AAdvantage m/c", but some of the Amex also offer miles. Also member of hilton honors and I know some offer points towards that.. I'd probably prefer points towards hotels.
  11. The bill will help low and moderate income earners after college as well as those entering public service. Police, Fire, Social work are notoriously underpaid. If you're earning $50k in public service and have a family to support you'd welcome the relief. If you're earning $100k salary with $60k in loan debt, I don't think you'd need a bailout. Hope the plan sinks then.. Would rather them allow to include in bankruptcy... Even with my score, I'd be filing tomorrow, lol
  12. Just contact them and pay it.. set up a payment plan to knock it off.. I mean, you did get the loan...
  13. Relocate to another country and just say screw the student loan, lol...
  14. Well this won't work for those not in poverty, and owe a big balance on their student loans. 10% of your gross for 10 years; that's 120 payments..... So, let's say you have a $60K student loan for higher education and earn $100K gross annually: 10% = $10,000 annually or $833 / month. You would have it paid off before the 10 years.. So what's the point, in this case, other than a lower interest?
  15. Have they done it to you by escalating the call?

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