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  1. Hi All, I am the relative of a person who has outstanding debt. The collections agencies over the years have called me along with other family members. We wish it would stop, but whatever, we're at least used to that tatic. We can call back, and tell them not to call a particular number again. Today I had something different. Someone called my wife looking for the relative. I called them back to tell them to stop calling. The person on the other end said that (paraphrasing here) "they are not the ones calling. It's some group that they hired, so they can't make them stop." The guy would not give me the number of the the supposed people who called, and things took a downturn from there ending in the guy using every swear word and insult his little brain could come up with. Is this the tatic now? Is this how they get around it being a harassing phone call? By hiring someone else to call, but when you call the number they left, you reach the people who hired the callers, and you're calling them, so they can do and say anything they want? That company deserves to have some legal action brought against them. What can I do here? Thanks for any advice.
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