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  1. News reports are saying that the bag with the remains weren't found when the area was searched last summer because the area was covered in water. When Equusearch returned to search the area again last month, it had been fenced in. I've been hoping that poor Caylee would be found alive. Hope against hope, I guess. If, in fact, these remains are Caylee's, then I'm grateful she can be given a decent and dignified burial, and her family (especially her grandparents and uncle) can have closure. If the remains don't belong to Caylee, sadly enough, some other poor child ihas been left dead and in a bag in the swampy woods. So very, very sad.
  2. I've done that before -- and I wasn't even drunk!!! LOL! I saw a group of landscapers trying to wave me down and I thought, "Damn, look at all those guys trying to talk to me -- I must look HOT today!" When I stopped at the next red light, someone told me that the gasoline nozzle was hanging out of my gas tank! Duh. It's a good thing modern gas pumps have a flow shut off valve, otherwise doing that could blow up the whole dang old neighborhood! Yikes. The gas station attendant was very nice when I returned the nozzle. I thought they were going to demand my car insurance information or call the police or something. There was only one person working in the station and she just asked me if I would be so kind as to put some of that yellow caution tape around the pump until she could fix it. I was like, "Is that ALL?! Are you kidding me? I'd be GLAD to wrap that sucker in yellow tape!!!"
  3. Interesting, I don't believe I had ever heard about those criteria. I can't help but wonder what happens if borrowers don't fulfil these requirements? The $50 fee is rolled into your mortgage payment for the first 5 years you're in the home. (I believe, but this may have changed.) So you don't have to make a separate payment for this each month. The volunteer activities are VOLUNTARY. You won't lose your home for not participating.
  4. Congrats on your new home and your positive NACA experience! I, too, am a NACA homeowner. We purchased our home in April 2006 at 4.875% 30-year-fixed through BofA. I am constantly singing the praises of NACA! It was pretty easy for us -- and as first time homebuyers, we appreciated having them walk us through the process.
  5. I had my RedCard for a year with no CLI. At 18 months, it was upgraded to $1,000 Visa and last month, I noticed that they gave me another $500 CLI. Interesting because, at times, I had high usage and other times it was paid off. Nobody will ever figure out Target's MO. I think that's what makes some people so tenacious about getting their accounts. It's a crapshoot. YMMV.
  6. Man, that lady ripped a hole in that kid's bee-hind! Hilarious! I saw him on CNN this morning, disgruntled that CNN and other news organizations were reporting the story. DUH!!! What'd he expect when he posted it on the WWW?! Good grief.
  7. Right. Currently, his SS benefits are not direct-deposited into any bank account, only my payroll deposits -- which CAN be seized from our currently joint account. SS cannot be garnished. FJH might be able to seize his account but they would be forced to regurgitate the funds after some incovenience on your part.
  8. You guys are the best. I' just keep re-reading and re-reading these posts. I'm up -- and then I'm down. I'm dying to hear what an attorney will have to say about all of this. Will certainly keep you posted. Clarification: (and I'm not sure if this matters) I am not part of the judgment -- only my husband is. I am the primary borrower on the mortgage loan and he is the co-borrower. I am getting a separate checking account today, so that if FJH seizes our bank account, it won't affect my payroll. DH is disabled and receives SS benefits.
  9. Husband and I are definately going to speak to an attorney today, if possible. Honestly, we were just ignorant. 1. We didn't really realize that he had a judgement and 2. We thought that since the debt to the OC, Credit Acceptance Corp., no longer appeared on his CRs it was gone and finished. I can't believe I didn't know this. I never thought I'd consider this, but could we just pay the judgment off to prevent any problems with our mortgage lender? From the stand point of the lender......you have committed fraud.....The question on page three of the loan application is very specific....."Do you have any outstanding judgements against you?" You more than likely answered that question no....The fact that they are asking for the original mortgage docs should make you very concerned and if you haven't spoken with an attorney yet.......you need to....
  10. OMG. I wasn't actually scared before, but now I'm getting there. Liens? Forced sale of my home?! Mortgage fraud?! Oh my. I believe the judgement was entered around '97 or so, I'll need to get a copy of the case file from the courthouse. We obtained our mortgage with Bank of America through the NACA program. NACA was very thorough in making sure that our application was completed fully and accurately -- to prevent old debtors from doing just this. To me "fraud" implies intentional deception. We thought this thing was settled. Over. Done. I guess we were naive. I guess I will seek legal counsel immediately. The judgement was only for about $4,400. They would really do a forced sale of our home to recover a judgement for that amount? Scary. Damn Fred Hanna. And Credit Acceptance Corp. I couldn't sleep at night if my livliehood involved on preying on people they way they do. @$%$$^& Seriously. Thanks, again, everyone.
  11. Thanks, All. It seems I have a lot of reading to do. Does the fact that my husband's bank accounts and property are JOINT with me matter at all? How can Hanna attach something that I own when I am not in debt to them?
  12. Interesting. That seems grossly unfair. Then, it would seem, that judgements really do never go away. I'm going to get the casefile and check all of this out. I mentioned to someone else that Fred Hanna & Associates are like the fleas on my dog -- itchy and a real pain in the butt. Frontline for JDBs -- now there's something the world could use!
  13. I don't have any advice -- I just wanted to wish you luck. Hang in there.
  14. I've been doing some checking and understand that the judgement is the problem. The SOL for written contracts in GA is 6 years. That's the amount of time an OC has to take us to court over a debt. Since the OC, Credit Acceptance Corp., did take him to court and won a judgement, then they have 7 years in GA (5 if the judgement was from a state where we did not reside) to make good on that judgement. But that 5 or 7 years has passeed, so I don't believe they have a case. -- I suppose Hanna is probably trying to see what our assets are in order to repo something. But since the only paid-off vehicle we have in my name only -- I guess he can't touch it. Also, none of our accounts belong exclusively to my husband -- he is mostly the co-borrower on our joint accounts. It has been suggested that the best way for me to get a complete picture of the situation is to head down to the courthouse and get the case file. So while I'm there having my notary license renewed later this week, I plan to do just that -- that way, I'll know what, exactly is going on and if this you-know-what, Hanna, is trying to execute a garnishment or lien against my husband (and me). Thanks to the Creditboards community, I'm not afraid of a fight with these bottomfeeders -- I just need to know what we're facing. That's empowerment I didn't have before I joined this community. There used to be a time when this would have caused me to have a damn-near breakdown! Wish me luck. I'll give updates in hopes that I can help someone else along the way.
  15. I have been a member of the Creditboards community for a couple years. Creditboards has helped me and my husband immensely. When I first came here, we had been the renting the home in which we lived for 8 years. My credit score was 500, and my husband's scores were so low, they didn't even show up! Anyway, now we own our own home (with a sweet, 4.875% APR, 30-year fixed); my FICO is in the low 700's, my husband's in the 690's. We've learned a lot. We use credit scarcely, but responsibly and I owe it all to what I've learned here. Now for the reason for this post: In 1994, my husband purchased a 1988 Olds from a buy-here-pay-here lot. The car, of course, was a dud and he tried to return it, but they wouldn't take it bacl. Eventually it was repossesed and he was sued by the finance company, Credit Acceptance Corp. They won the judgment and garnished our joint bank account, which only contained about $35 at the time, so that's what they got. Haha. Hardly worth their filing fees. Anyway, we thought that was the end of the story. Years later, Fred Hanna & Associates bought the debt and started digging into our (my husband's) credit reports. Note: the orginal account is 12 years SOL and doesn't even appear on my husband's credit reports any more. I even sent them a CMRR letter about 6-7 months ago, informing them that the debt was outside of the SOL in our state and that any attempt by them to collect on it was illegal. And then just last week, our mortgage lender, BofA, sent us a letter and documentation showing that Fred Hanna has sent them a summons/subpoena for documents concering our account with them. I am the primary borrower on our homeloan and my husband is the co-borrower. What is Fred Hanna trying to do(besides get easy money from us)? Is this legal? What should we do? Can they put a lien against our home? Please advise. I don't know where to begin. Thanks so much.

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