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  2. I have 4 accounts with one CA company. Can I send them validation letter with 4 accounts in one mail or I need send out 4 validation letters with 4 different mails?
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  5. Should I resent the 623 letter? If so what will be my argument? FYI Arrowhead CU never sent this account to Collection Agency.
  6. "I have some contractual obligation to pay you the reported amount." Isn't this enough information why I'm disputing my debt?
  7. Re: Errors in the credit report of, SS# xxxxxxxxxxx, Account # xxxxxxxx To Whom It May Concern: Please consider this letter a formal complaint regarding select information contained in my credit report. I am advising you that the information you are reporting is inaccurate, incomplete, and totally without merit. Please provide the following documentation to me at the address listed below 1. A copy of any legal instrument, bearing my signature, which supports your basis for the continued reporting of this alleged debt. 2. An itemized accounting of all credits on the alleged account for the entire history of the account. 3. The assignment or purchase agreement for the alleged debt between your company and any other entity. 4. An itemized accounting of the alleged debt after it was supposedly written off including all debits and credits. 5. Complete documentation of the amount that was written off for federal tax purposes. Just to restate my request in more general terms: I am not requesting a "verification" of my mailing address. The fact you have my name and mailing address has been well established through numerous disputes already. I am requesting a "verification" of this alleged debt; that is, competent legal evidentiary matter that I have some contractual obligation to pay you the reported amount. Under federal law, and as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, you have 30 days to complete your investigation and supply the documentation as requested. Failure to do so will constitute an unfair or deceptive act or practice in commerce in violation of section 5(a) of the Federal Trade Commission Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a). Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx ______________________ Please provide me the requested information as verification and complete your investigation to have the erroneous information deleted within the next 30 days, pursuant to the FCRA, Section 623, Responsibilities of Furnishers of Information. This section details your requirements and provides an individual cause of action for enforcing its provisions for which you have liability as the furnisher of information for non-compliance and violation of the FCRA. _______________________________
  8. Little information on this account: This car was repo back in 6/2006 and on Oct/2006 they auction this car for small account. There is still large amount balance due. I decided to write them 623 letter and they received it on 12/2/2011 with Cerf mail. What should is the next step? I received this mail on 12/13/2011. Letter I received from the Lender This letter is to confirm that Arrowhead Credit Union has received your request for supporting documentation verifying your contractual agreement with your organization. Due to the privacy related to these documents and in order to protect your personal information we are unable to complete your request without first receiving additional identifying information including your hand written signature. Please make sure request included the following in order to be completed: What do you contend is being miss-reported? What is the time line for the negative reporting being contested? The loan documents you are requesting detailed. Any history research/statements will be assessed a standard research fee prior to processing Documentation verifying your identity - prior name/address information pertinent to the account in question with the Credit Union. Your hand written signature-that matches records of the Credit Union You're return address and any other address information that may be on the account to further We will review and provide a reporting/verification status on the requested trade line only.
  9. myang080

    CEO Emails

    Does anybody have Bofa or Capital One CEO email address?
  10. I will this same method will work with Capital One and Bank of America? I haven't try this yet.
  11. GOOD NEWS: Just got letter from Chase Dear XXXX: This letter is in response to your inquiry addressed to Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at JPMorgan Chase & CO. I attempted to reach you by telephone on XXXXXXXX; however, I was unsuccessful in reaching you. I welcome this opportunity to assist you on behalf of Card Services Executive Office. Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the manner in which the account listed above is reflected on your personal credit file. Please accept this letter as confirmation, I have requested the credit reporting agencies delete this account from your credit file. We encourage you to obtain and review a copy of your credit file after allowing sufficient time for the credit reporting agencies to update your credit profile. If a discrepancy is found you may wish to advise the agency reflecting the error

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