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  1. They've been double pulling for me for the past year or so. If all reports are unlocked then they'll pull EX and TU and I'll get instantly approved. If either is locked they'll mail me a letter saying they need me to unlock it before they can evaluate my application.
  2. This scoring model is weird as hell. It says I'm 759 out of 950 when other models have me at about 780 out of 850. The reasons given are: 1. Amount owed on revolving accounts are too high. 2. Proportion of balances to credit limits on bank/national revolving accounts is too high. I am carrying a little bit of 0% interest debt but my overall utilization is 5%. I'm surprised the reasons given weren't related to new accounts or inquiries as I've been churning a lot over the past couple years. Anyway, just thought I'd throw some info out about N
  3. Well when I logged into my old account, the report showing was from 2016 so at least at one point they were able to show me my score.
  4. This apparently doesn't work if your report is frozen.
  5. Do you use your card a lot? I use my Target mastercard maybe once every other month and my limit is still only $6500 after having it for 12 years. They have been giving me a small increase every six months for the past couple years but the limit is still far below my average credit line. I keep it for the 5% and free shipping though I hope one day it will crack $10k
  6. I had forgotten about this. I'm off the Chase blacklist now as of 2016.
  7. haha but thanks! As far as non use- account was at least used for a minuscule amount every month unless I wanted to take advantage of the 5%. Which was usually 3 months out of the year Um based on this I'm definitely in line for a closure. Please let us know if you get a letter in the mail with any more details.
  8. I was using it because the extra 25% back on rewards toward student loan payments made it a 2.5% card for the special categories. Oh well.
  9. I must've missed this the first time around. But it has taught me that if anyone ever asks me about credit monitoring, the answer should be an emphatic yes.
  10. Letter saying my Citi Forwards are being converted to Thank You Preferreds January 3, 2018.
  11. A girl I graduated high school with (early 2000s) apparently owns her own travel agency as of a couple years ago. I'm very curious as to how she supports herself with that. I'd figure most people using an agent would already have one at this point.
  12. I got an offer for an extra 2% ( so 3% total) on restaurants and gas for the quarter. I'm using it for gas since I haven't picked up another decent gas card since the Sallie Mae program was ruined.
  13. I would say crippling student loan debt because you picked a major that has no practical real world application and poor job prospects (I am staring at you philosophy majors...) It can be crippling even with a practical major. I'm an accountant so the job prospects are good, just sucks that for the first ten years of employment a good chunk of my income goes toward loans. I could get payments lowered but then I'd end up paying more overall so I just suck it up.
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