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  1. Ron

    Two Loans

    I need some advice. I need to get a small mortage loan in a few weeks. It's for an investment. I probably want a home equity loan. The problem is that I need a new car right now. I'm worried that a newly opened auto loan will hurt my dealing for a mortage. My credit is good, FICO 768, 787, 810. I have lots of equity, 3.5 houses and a small commercial building, all free and clear. My only income is rental. Will buying a car first hurt my mortage shopping? Regards, Ron
  2. Ron

    FNB Omaha

    Hasn't anybody dealt with FNB Omaha?
  3. Ron

    FNB Omaha

    Shameless bump.
  4. Ron

    FNB Omaha

    Has anyone dealt with FNB Omaha? I had a Visa card with them some time ago. They closed it after I had some late payments and wend over limit. It is now the only negative on my reports. Its showing four 30 day lates in 2002 and one 60 day in 2000. Will they respond to a goodwill letter?
  5. I don't think you will get anywhere with the lost messages. You can check out Cingular's customer forums at: http://forums.cingular.com/
  6. Do they pull a hard for responding to a pre-approved offer?
  7. *67 blocks caller-ID but will not block the ANI used on toll-free numbers.
  8. LOL! Sometimes getting laid is more expensive than getting laid off. Ron (single in Miami)
  9. Ron

    Amex Delta in FL

    American Express just pulled Experian on me for a gold card. I'm in Miami, FL.
  10. One local bar requires a driver's license and a thumbprint to use a credit card. They also add an 8% surcharge and keep 10% of any tip charged.
  11. Ron

    Platinum mistake?

    Thanks, I guess I read so many horror stories that I worry too much. Regards, Ron
  12. I called Chase and got a $1500 CLI on my gold card. While I was on the phone I accepted an offer to upgrade to a platinum card. They said it would arrive in two weeks and will have a new number. Now, I'm having second thoughts. Will I lose my old tradeline (1992). Will this show as a new account? Did I make a mistake? Thanks, Ron
  13. Make sure that you get coverage you can use. My ex got Sprint because everyone else wanted a deposit. The she got huge bills because she was roaming from her house and neighborhood. If its truly for emergencys only, consider a pre-paid phone. I keep a loaner and backup phone on AT&T's prepaid plan. A minimum $10 payment every 90 days keeps it open. It also gives me a "stealth" number and mailbox if I need it.
  14. Ron

    AMEX inquiry

    I noticed I had a promotional inquiry from AMEX on my Equifax report dated 10/2004. I'm hoping they send me a pre-approved offer soon!

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